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Thread: My workshop photos
18/12/2009 19:09:48
To keep people of the Travelling Borrowers fraternity at bay take a multi way plug strip and a rubber mat. Re wire the plug strip so the earth connects to Live. then leave the tools pluged in and on the mat , Just remember to switch off before moving them. If you end up with a pile of dead unwelcome visitors you may have to explain how they ended up dead. In my book though it would serve them right. We should be allowed to defend our homes as in the USA. Shoot the Iligimate sons of ********.
Thread: Wood Shavings
18/12/2009 18:47:55
By the way is there something about disposing of waste on site, in all these "new" regs.
18/12/2009 18:46:11
What ever I still recon between the Cats litter tray, the composter and the garden I can cope with all I produce and a bit more.
Thread: that dreaded dust
18/12/2009 18:38:43
When it comes to building Dust Extraction there is a lot to be said for using Plumbing fittings. They are reasonably priced and easily found. They also seal up with ease and there are fittings which have access holes(ports) for rodding out the odd blockage. I dont know how I would have built mine without grey plastic drain pipes and white tiolet pan connectors.
Thread: Dennis's Wine stoppers and a fruity Apple box
18/12/2009 18:32:57
Thank you it makes sense now. I was being Dim.
Thread: Axminster/Rycotewood event
18/12/2009 18:06:55
If I go it will be a case of taking the Caravan uo there and spending a few days in the area. So the question has to be what will the weather be doing.
I must admit it would be nice to meet up with Jason and Colwin they are very good Instructors.
I will wait untill closer to the time before I make my mind up.
I have tried to check just where it will be held and by the look of it the location is the middle of Oxford. Before I make up my mind I will want to know if I can park at the location. These days I am afraid I dont do walking, or cycling.

Edited By Roger B on 18/12/2009 18:24:57

Thread: finished at last
17/12/2009 14:57:23
At least you noticed it before any one else. not that it realy matters. The thing I like is no one points fingars at silli spilling musteaks.
Thread: The Bargain Hunters
17/12/2009 14:52:49
Be like the PM he has just got an Electric Mini for the Politicians to use for Official  trips round London.
Thread: planer set up
17/12/2009 14:49:59
You can use the magnet Jig to hold the knife but use double sided sticky tape to hold to the Table.
I have never come accros this idea but I like it. Yet anothe job on the list.
Thread: Olly's Template Terror
17/12/2009 14:45:03
It would be interesting to know how you made this error. Did you set the bit wrong or was it loose and got pushed it to the Collet. Or did the plunge rise through insuficient clamp pressure.
Thread: Olly's underframe
17/12/2009 14:39:54
Hearing you guys having problems with the cold. I think the New Yankee WOrkshop had the right Idea. They installed under floor heating.  I wish I had it would have been so easy to do in my case. I could have taped int to central heating.
Thread: Teak and Cherry boxes.
17/12/2009 14:34:28
The question regarding Teak. The wood does contain some Silica I believe it is it is this which can take the edge off a tool. Regarding the removal of the Oils in teak using Meths is one way. However the stuff you get in a chemists contains Dye etc, the best thing to use is Acetone. The advice is to use it in a well ventilated area. This should also be done anytime you use Teak before gluing up.
Thread: Dennis's Wine stoppers and a fruity Apple box
17/12/2009 14:24:02
A realy nice piece. It gives me ideas.
One question why the little pieces sticking up. I am probably missing something.
As for Laburnum being posionus My understanding is the Flowers are. As for the wood I dont know but erring on the side of caution I would save the mateial for a Non Food or Child project. Unless you like to make something for my horrible ********** edited by the writer.
Thread: bathroom cabinet
17/12/2009 14:14:48
DOnt worry no one will notice. I agree though you know and it will always annow you.
Re the tightness of the mirror. It might be worth raking the mirror out easing the rebate and then staining it. The reason, It is in a Bathroom, a damp atmosphere the last thing you want is for the door to move and break the mirror. Having said that it probably wil be OK but I am an eternal Pessimist.
Thread: that dreaded dust
17/12/2009 14:09:28
The system Baz is using looks great. However any system will depend on the source of the suction being used.
I would reccomend if you suffer from any breathing problems to consider using a Powered Mask which filteres the air and blows fresh filtered air over your face and the inside of the Mask stoping it from steaming up.
If you are less sensitive to dust an ordinary fabric mask may be good enough for you. Either way you should not be breathing in dust  of any description.
Thread: Why no 115v router table over 1850w?
17/12/2009 14:00:53
May I also welcome you to our literary gathering.
I would strongly advise sending it back as the Spec states it should not be used on a No Volt Release Switch. If you are fitting a Router on a table it should be controlled via a no volt switch for safety.
There is also no mention in the Spec at to wether the motor is built for 50Hz or 60Hz
It may be that it does not matter in this unit but it should be stated. Some motors designed for use on 60 Hz will over heat when used on 50 HZ this in turn can cause the machine to burn out and fail before its time.
The possible reason for the table spec stating not to use the more powerfull Routers could well be one of Table strength.
The surface of the table has to resist the turning force of the Router. THis in turn can set up stress in the metal or plastic which could cause the Router to come loose. Needless to a Router running at full speed gyrating round the Workshop on its own could be a little undesirable to say the least. The manufacturer of the Table know how strong or weak the table is. If it was made by a C*** shed in the depths of China and is made of cast Alli' it might be full of casting flaws and thus limited to its use.
Dont get me wrong I am not saying that this is the reason just that it could be.

Edited By Roger B on 17/12/2009 14:02:03

Thread: Toys for a good cause
17/12/2009 13:44:25
Is this something the Magazine group could deal with  collect items during the year and then get them distributed in time for Christmas. If it was registered as a charity it could perhaps get some Tax reward.
There is enough time for the Editors to look at it and if a Goer launch it at the Show in March.
Thread: £1000 Curtain poles
17/12/2009 13:40:22
I will under cut you at £945
Thread: Wood Shavings
17/12/2009 13:37:06
By the way there is one aspect we have not touched on. Some boards use glue which when burnt may give off Toxic fumes. If it is in an enclosed Wood burner that may be safe but on an open fire may not be I dont knoe the answers. I know one thing, if someone on here does know the answer , we will soon be told.
17/12/2009 13:34:06
Ben and Marc
A good idea having a thread on the Forum. However the readers of the Magazines produced by this gropu do not all have computers let alone any access to this area. If all the questions could perhaps be used as the basis of an article written by Steve. He would then be getting something for his professional efforts and all readers would benifit. It could also be of interest to the Gardening Readers.
Will you put me on commission if you can get printed in Good Wood, Woodworker, Practical plus others a fee from each WE could be in the money.
Just joking on my part but you could get a bob or two for your troubles.
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