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Thread: Stepping stool
29/12/2009 18:40:58
By the way NYW are having a Sale 3 of their DVD 's and Plans for $75 instead of $90.
 got to be a bargain.
29/12/2009 18:39:14
Norm Abrham in the New Yankee Workshop did one It was project 302 ( Season 3 project 1 ) It was called Shaker Step Stool
Thread: Jan's carvings
26/12/2009 16:54:01
As a piece of Sculpture it needs a name. Might I suggest "Bottoms Up".
Nice work
Thread: Jan's carved spoon
26/12/2009 16:50:56
The whole point of a Love Spoon was as a gift to a loved one otherwise it would have been any old Spoon.  So Ged's comment if perhaps a little too subtle for some, is very much to the point.
Woops now I may have upset the Mod'
Thread: Workshop Heating
24/12/2009 18:36:50
I guess I am now going to have shreiks from all.
I use a Calor Gas Heater when it is absolutly required.. Yes it makes some moisture. Here by the coast it does not appear to make much difference. Yes it could cause a dust explosion. The answer is to not get dust in the air. Manage the risk.
Thread: Oak Meter Box
24/12/2009 18:24:17
Re the hinges
Build another kitchen for someone!!
23/12/2009 22:58:23
My wishes go to you all as well
Have a realy great Christmas and enjoy many posts in the New Year
Thread: Wood Shavings
23/12/2009 16:18:22
As a matter of interest what is the method of making briquettes. I guess a Mould and pressure, but what is used to bind the shavings?
As a child, we used flower and water to make paste. I wonder if a flower and water thin mix would help bind the shavings. I can think of several ways to make a good press using readily available materials. and a hydraulic jack.
The other thing is to extrude pellets as in kitty litter.
23/12/2009 16:10:45
THe wood burners I have seen are enclosed so any fumes go up the chimney. That said perhaps one should consider what is going up the chimney. Many years ago on a boat I had a charcoal heater. To put fuel in it you had to open the top and put the charcoal inthen replace the top. Well as you can imagine it was very messey so I used to fill paper bags and then open the top and very quickly pop a bag in and get the top closed before clouds of smoke filled the cabin. Needless to say the heater was replaced with a Diesel burner. The paper bag idea works you can use newspaper to make "Fire Bombs"
Thread: Lathe chisel angles???
22/12/2009 15:33:29
As no one else has givenyou a welcome , May I welcome you to our Forum I hope you will find us a pleasant crowd
You might like to fill in a Profile This is sometimes a help when offering advice.

Edited By Roger B on 22/12/2009 15:34:46

Thread: Blue Tape
22/12/2009 15:22:59
I think you will find the ordinary Masking tape should be removed as soon as "the paint has dried". The adhesive will transfer to the material it is supposed to be protecting and is some cases will lift the paint if it is left too long
The Blue Tape is made with an adhesive which can be left in place for I believe a week.
There is a third type which has a low tack and is used where you dont wish to damage the substrate you are trying to protect. Under normal circumstances I only use the good old Buff version .
I hope this helps.
Thread: Chrimbo project
22/12/2009 15:15:22
Are you taking orders?
Thread: Hand Saw Setting
22/12/2009 15:08:37
Whilst locatong a Saw Set you might also find a sharpening Jig. Basically a file holder which sits astride the saw and helps you keep the file at the right angle.
If memory served I think I got mine from CRM Saw  at Waterlooville in Hampshire.
Thread: Workshop Dehumidifier
22/12/2009 15:05:08
The only Dessicant units I have seen were pretty useless. They absorb moisture but are limited by the vovume of dessicant. The Dessicant then needed to be dried. This could be done in an Oven.
An electric dehumidifier should be OK even in cold temperatures. It is doubtfull if any unit can cope with sub zero temperatures as the moisture in the air becomes solid (ice) this has the effect of removing the moisture in the air. If the temperature of the air is raised above 4 degrees the moisture should then go back into the air and thus will be removed by the Dehumidifier.
You dont say what the problem is you ae having so I hope my stab in the dark is of help
Thread: Newbie
22/12/2009 14:54:29
Hi Gwyliam
That is some great Workshop you have built. I also like the projects you have created.. If that is an example of your work you deserve to do well. I do hope so.
Thread: My workshop photos
21/12/2009 02:37:37
If you are goint to fit a 100mm pipe in the Apex of the roof, If you use Plastic soil pipe you can fit a screw end which will allow you to clear any blockages. My system is of this type and at the suction end it drops down the wall to about 4 ft from the floor. At this point it turns 90 degs and goes out through the wall into a Dust collection Shed. At the elbow fitting there is a rodding port again to clear any blockages.  You can run a single bare copper wire through the pipe and connect it to the mains earth. This will stop ant Static electricity build up. However I have never heard of anyone having a dust explosion in a home workshop. Does not hurt to be on the safe side.
Thread: Oak Table by Andrew Goodfield
21/12/2009 02:11:27
Sorry Marc Off topic I know but I am sad when it comes to Norm
21/12/2009 02:10:22
Re Norm. I am afraid he has made his last NYW show in 2007. It was screened in 2008. The 2009 seasin was a season of 26 shows made for season 9 and 10 with new introductions. I saw the first two and decided I had in efect got them so have not included them in the collection. Some years ago Norm had said that 20 was a nice round number.
I wish him well in his partial retirement. He is still working on This Old House. I guess part of the equation also was Russ Morash is not getting any younger and probably wanted to hang up his Directors Chair. He is also a very nice person who I wish a long and happy retirement.
Thread: Teak and Cherry boxes.
21/12/2009 01:57:42
I think you will find that Nail Varnish Remover whilst being Acetone based has some oils in it to stopdryoin out the skin and nails. Thus it is intended not to damage the component parts of the user. Acetone can be obtained with ease from companies who supply the Fiberglass industry. Wessex Resins of Romsey Hampshire although not supplying the public will tell you wo they supply to. You will also find it at a decent Chandlery  Probably your nearest ones will be at Burselden onthe A27 next to the Hamble River Bridge

Edited By Roger B on 21/12/2009 01:59:40

Thread: my workshop
19/12/2009 23:25:54
A realy nice set up Sam. mind you its surprising how the space can disapear when you are working. I cant get in my Shop for the project I am trying to finish. It will have to wait for the weather to warm up a few degrees.
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