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Thread: Baz's Maple & Walnut box
11/01/2010 13:43:51
Maple and Walnut do go well together. You will find that American Oak is aslo a good mix with the other Two. I made a Picture frame For a collection card of American coins, so I used three North Americaan woods for the frame. The only trouble, most people do not see the connection between the frame and the coins.
Thread: copywright law
11/01/2010 13:33:48
As a matter of interest should you design or write something and wish to prove your copyright you need to be able to prove you had writen or produced the design on or by a specific date.
The cheapest and easiest way to prove your copyright is as follows.
Take your manuscript, having made copies for use, Place the manuscript in a stout envelope and seal it with wax. Seal it on all joins of the envelope. Mail the envelope to yourself by Registered Post. or the modern day version. When the envelope arrives do not open it. Keep it safe. If ever you need to prove your copyright in court allow the court to open the envelope. The court can then see if your design has been copied and when you had made the design or document..

Edited By Roger B on 11/01/2010 13:37:01

11/01/2010 13:25:47
Change the design so what you make it not the "Same" as the one you saw.
Printing pages from the Internet for personal research would be hard to do you for copyright. The pages have been put in the public domain, and the copyright owner must expect people to print off copies on occasion. Using a design to fertalise your creativity is not wrong. Plagerising someones elses ideas is wrong. However if the design has been published for instance in a magazine with measured drawings, the publishers expect people to make the design so is in efect copyright free. (Copyright refers to the printed wordor ilustration).
A made ited might have a Patent taken out to preserve the designer / inventor interlectual property rights. Sometimes you will see the term Registered Design which roughly speaking is similar.
If I may make a suggestion take the hand holds off and change the shape of the ends slightly and in my oppinion you are home and dry. Not that my oppinion is worth anything.
Thread: Wolfie's magazine rack
09/01/2010 17:58:38
Please stop posting such nice projects. SWMBO now wants one. GRRRR.
Thread: Ron's quiz 5
09/01/2010 17:54:22
My answer is as Sparky said Elbow and the 3 types of work are "Inlay".
What is the problem with the Computer Sparky?
Thread: dbkeighley website
06/01/2010 11:55:07
If you want to send an e mail you need to use the e mail server address and be using an email system. If on the other hand you want to look at a web site then use software like Internet Explorer. You may find that puting the email address into internet explorer it will say it can not find the web site as it is not a web site address.
I tried the email in my version of IE and the search engine found DB Keightly Machinery Ltd.
So I guess it may be a problem with your software. What is your Web Browser and what email software are you using?
Thread: panel saws
06/01/2010 11:47:15
Look at the Scheppach range. I bought the small one and found it very good
Thread: Ron,s quiz
06/01/2010 11:07:37
Very good George Only you got it wrong it should read "illegitimi non carborundum"..
If you want Latin try this for size "Estne volumen in toga, an solum tibi libet me videre?"
Oh how great for a classics education!!!
Thread: Knocked this up
04/01/2010 23:05:19
I have something similar in the Caravan. The Caravan one is cheap plastic. This is great, I only have one complaint. Why didnt I think of it.
Thread: JSP PowerCap ip
04/01/2010 22:57:56
I cant speak about this particular device. However I use one made by Martindale. The secret of a good unit I believe is it of course must filter the air to be breathed. It should also blow it over the visor to help stop condensation on the visor.  I should also have a fabric seal to keep the dust from entering the sides of the unit.
It is also preferable for the power supply (batteries) Filter and Blower unit to be on a belt. This keeps the weight of the head and thus does not become tireing to wear for a long period.
Having said all this the choice is yours.
Thread: Segment accuracy
01/01/2010 13:57:50
The only time I have made a Port Liner I also found it a bit of a problem . The Ports were not round but had rounded corners  and straight sides Top and bottom were Parallel one side was vertical with the remaining side at an angle.  I ended up making a jig and then laminated the corners using Veneer offcuts. The corners then had to be finished with a rebate and one edge rounded over.  Needless to say it took one hell of a time. I vowed I would never "do that again".
I think the idea of two halves is good. I assume that any small discrepancy is lost when the four final surfaces are trued up. I like it  I am now realy cheesed off because I didnt think of it.
But lets face it thats what this Forum is all about. Not getting cheesed off but helping one another with good ideas. Pit some of my ideas are not so good.
Thread: Advent calendar
01/01/2010 02:09:37
My father once entered a competition in a magazine. THe magazine contacted him to see if he would like to win the competition for a lesser actual prize. All a bit iffey. Mind you I understand this was in the 1920's or 30's. That sort of thing would never happen these days would it!!!
By the way my father I understand refused the kind offer
Thread: Happy New Year folks!!
01/01/2010 01:52:27
Many thanks Marc
And my wishes to all for a great new year, the last in this decade.

Edited By Roger B on 01/01/2010 01:53:09

Edited By Roger B on 01/01/2010 01:53:37

Thread: Tony's Horse portrait
30/12/2009 21:14:15
You should see my 'Shop for a mess. On second thoughts perhaps not.
A great Horse. Its eyes are alive
Thread: Stepping stool
30/12/2009 17:34:18
As a Mod can you ask if Good Wood has any contact with David Free these days. They were one of the sponsors on his Web site. I was just wondering if he is still around after the terrible way Discovery channel treated him.
30/12/2009 17:30:14
Have a look at your Personal Messages
Thread: sharpening
29/12/2009 19:07:38
I also have a Schepech Tiger
 It is much better than a Tormek. Design is very similar does the same job jus as well but a lot less in price. That put it to the top of my list. I also didnt like the attitude of the people at a shw who were trying to sell Tormek. (Not the Demonstrator he was great).
Thread: Workshop Heating
29/12/2009 19:03:48
Will sugested using Salt to absorb the moisture
I would recomend Silica Gel. Salt if it get on the tools will promote rusting, part of  the reason to get rid of the moisture. The Silica Gel can be re vitalised in the oven whel it is moisture laden it is pink when dried it is clear.
Thread: Wood burning stoves.
29/12/2009 18:58:59
If you are woried about CO from a heater fit a flue and get rid of the smoke and gasses.
Thread: Labour of love
29/12/2009 18:49:26
My Wife was taught to brush paint by a Master Boat Builder. The secret is inthinning the paint very slightly then puting the paint on the substrate and then laying it off. I am afraid its a bit hard to describe the exact method but she painted a boat . All 32 foot of it . When it was launched the yard guys said "I thought this was a Wooden boat not a plastic one. She had made a very good jog no brush marks at all.
Oh the brush was a good quality Harris which had beer run in for about 4 hours on some concrete to wear the tip nicely and get rid of any loose bristles. She still has it in use after 16 years.
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