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Thread: Router table top
18/01/2010 18:23:45
I am certain you will not be disapointed. One of the best things I have built for the Shop. It does not get used an awefull lot but most usefull when it is used.
I intend to split the base Drawer on mine and make it in to two drawers. I also cot the plinth off mine and fitted four locking 100mm wheels. Made from Birch ply it is so heavy.
Thread: MDFluff filing cabinet
18/01/2010 18:18:07
Thanks for answering my question
Thread: Alan's Step Stool
18/01/2010 18:13:13
A very nice piece. I like the legs just as they are, but that is a personal taste. A good job we dont all like the same things.
Thread: issue 223
18/01/2010 18:09:32
They dont even have to go to Dads tool box Mums kitchen Drawer has very nice potential Offensive Weapons. Another Forum I am on has been having a discussion on knives / offensive weapons. following Mylene Klass waving a kitchen knife at some Scroat attemptint to break into her garden shed. Because it was on private property the knife is not an offensive weapon and if she picked it up in fear of her safety any reasonable use was self defence. Nice one I will remember that when chasing next doors ginger Tom!!
In 1995 or 6 there was a knives amnesty and people could put their unwanted knives in a bin in the local Police Station. I said at the time it was a waste of time I didnt believe it would save one life and I bont believe it has. As per always these measures only preach to the Law Abiding.
The only way to stop peopple carring knives is to give them a damned good thrashing ( the Birch) if they are found with knives without good reason, e.g. a chef on the way to or from work.
Thread: UPS Virus
18/01/2010 17:51:51
I keep on geting these emails. I just delete them It cant be from my bank as I dont have one. 18 months ago I went Bust so gave up any Bank account. Although very tempted I have resisted to give them my old credit card details. Halifax and BOS caused me a lot of anguish on top of my own stupidity I just feel it would be nice to get a little of my own back on them . No I must not think like that naughty naughty.
On antivirus I use Avast its free for home use and appears very good. It has picked up a couple of potential atacks with no damadge.
Thread: Alan's Chair
17/01/2010 21:51:21
I am totally lost for words. A splendid piece THe others have said it all.
You now have a lot to live up to very well done
Thread: Ron's boxes
17/01/2010 21:42:34
A lovely piece. I always cut inlay by hand and eye.
Thread: Mortice- a fundamental question
17/01/2010 21:39:58
The big thing about any craft. You will not know how to do something untill you have learnt how to do it. The best and fastest way to learn is to ask. No question is silly. People only ask to find out so that makes it sensible. Most of the people on here are only too ready to help with advice.
As a point of interest I wonder how many years of experience we have in total I can start at 50 and I refuse to admit to anything over that even if it is about another 6.
Thread: Site access speed.
17/01/2010 21:31:48
Hi Alan
What you said makes sense. I see the German authorities are advising the use of G C not for speed but because they believe IE is open to malware attacks. THis may or may not be the case. I would not wish to debate that subject.
What I will say I have not bothered with Vista, and so far I have not considered Windows 7.  I have three machines here running XP all are licensed (not multi instalations) It would be too expensive to switch all the machines over. SWMBO has a laptop with XP and we have a Notebook for when travelling also with XP.
One point about memory. If you have a graphics card with memory on it that memory can grab the processor and in efect disable some of the memory installed on the Motherboard. So if for instance the Operating system can address 4 gigs it may only be using 3 gigs. Please dont quote these figures they are only used for illustration.
I am no expert I only know what I have picked up using computers as a tool since 1971 and building my own machines since 1988. Things have changed a lot and now are changing too rapidly for my liking.
Thread: MDFluff filing cabinet
16/01/2010 20:40:59
One question what is MR MDF. I know MDF but dont understand the MR bit.
Thread: Router table top
16/01/2010 20:38:43
The Router table I built some years ago had a top 25 mm thick. I used 2 thicknesses of Melamine chipboard. I used a hand electris planer to remove the Melamine from one side of each sheet then glued the bare surfaces together. The top was edged with Oak.
The Mitre track came from the USA and was routed in to the top. I also built and fitted a fence.
The design I used was the New Yankee Workshop design, It was their first design since then they produced a De Lux version with some improvements.  Derek's design looks similar but not as tall.
I have found the Melamine surface to give a very good surface for the work to glide on.
Thread: Router Table progress
16/01/2010 20:29:06
What are your plans for dust collection?
Thread: Anyone else snowed in?
16/01/2010 19:25:13
Sub contractors dont work for nothing. They would have to be paid. That would impact on the Council Tax. Locating Tractor mounted ploughs with Farmers in Potential White Spots would cost very little per year. The plough would have to be bought and then some extras bought each year untill the numbers are as required.
If one county can do it then all can
16/01/2010 10:51:18
What we should all remember about the weather is this.
Our Weather is generated by heat, the source of heat is the Sun. The more Heat / energy the more energy / violence that can get put into the Weather systems. We are at the moment seeing some weather lhe likes of which we have not seen for some years.
It is winter and we should not be surprised at having Snow and Frost.
Snow ploughs located with Farmers should be all over the country not just in odd counties.  A snow plough to fit on a tractor is a low cost alternative to a Grit lorry with a plough fitting on the front.
Here in Devon we have had Farmers ditching 1000 gallons of milk a day because the tankers are unable to get to the farms. If the farmer had a plough he / she could get the road clear and keep the tankers moving and their product moving to market.  Without incentive some councils will do nothing. If the farms were to be allowed to deduct the loss of revenue from their Council tax ( it would require legislation) the councils would have a serious think about what to do.
I hope all of you who have had problems with the Snow are starting to get back to more normal conditions.
Thread: Site access speed.
16/01/2010 10:36:36
I use I.E. I have a reasonable speed machine and the access to this site and others could not realy be faster. Whilst Alan T's friend may be corect in principal, there are other factors which slow down a machine, besides the obvious processor speed. For instance RAM size is one factor. The cheapest way to speed up a machine is  to increase the size of the RAM.
Another thing which slows down machines is too many small programmes running and being loaded on boot up. As time goes by people often install new software. Over a period of time this can swamp the machine making it slower to start up and slower to operate.
Having never bought a ready built computer, I always buy the bits and pieces I need and put my machines together myself. Thus the software build is under my control. Once the machine is configured as I want it I make a Ghost Image of the C: drive. Then in the future if I have a problem I restore the Ghost Image and the machine is back to square one and running as it should.
Too often people play around with things they dont realy understand and wonder why things go legs up.
Whilst on the subject. I think the best anti virus is a pair of wire cutters. A machine not connected to the outside world is less likeley to be infected with Malware. If you use a machine for creating designs etc. use a second machne for your email. I have three machines in front of me. One for editing Video. One for Digitising Designs and one for the Internet. All three machines operate a speeds suitable for their use. They all have their own display but share one keyboard and mouse. Two are on an Uninteruptable Power Supply (UPS)
I would not claim never to have a problem but when I do it can be sorted in a short time, usually within an Hour.
Thread: Anyone else snowed in?
15/01/2010 23:04:25
The answer to the Salt on the underside of the car is as follows. I used this method many years ago. My neighbours thought I was Mad.
Tahe the garden Sprinkler and place on the road. Connect hose and turn it on. Now drive the car up and down over the Sprinlker. This will wash the salt away.
As I said earlier it may get you taken away my the men in white coats, but it does work.

15/01/2010 01:05:52
Of course its you expecting officials to use common sense and prepare for Snow in winter is totally unreasonable You realy should know better.
Thread: copywright law
13/01/2010 11:09:14
A year or two ago I commenced to builld a New Yankee Workshop design for The Woodworker / Good Wood'. The Design which was chosen was the Sail Boat. I contacted The NYW and I was given permissin to build the boat for the magazine and publish a Series featuring the build.  This just shows that permissions can be obtained with comparative ease depending on the circumstances.
Unfortunatley following a change in Editors the project was killed off hence you have never seen the boat. There are designs in the public realm such as Windsor chairs. These chairs have been made for profit by many good people and businesses over the years. I have never heard of any court case over infrimgement of design.
On the Patent score. Paents can be applied for all sorts of things. However it is only usual for a patent to be taken out on something which has commercial value. My grandfather designed a Buckel which he never protected. The design was copied and used by lots of companies and poor old grandfather never got a penny. He still ended his life owning a small plot of land in South London, (measuring about 6 ft x 2 ft 6).
Over the years I have worked on many designs for companies which have ended up with patents all I have got was my sallary. That was the deal I was employed to work on a project and many people did their bit. THe employer got the profit or they would if they had been better business men. As it was they went the way of lots of companies in the UK . Financial problems, Take Over, Company name dissapears. Take over company runs into problems and gets taken over and the whole thing goes round and round.
All of this is my way of Illustrating , as long as you dont intend plagerising someones work dont worry too much. Just apply a little common sense.
Thread: workshop hell
11/01/2010 18:32:07
At this rate Toothy you will have the Penguins complaining. I understand that we have some in zoos here in the UK that are finding it too cold for them.  I think they are the SA variety. My youngest daughter spent 2 years in SA working and came home with some great photos. SHe still has a Horse near Cape Town.
11/01/2010 13:52:05
Alan T
You ask whats happened to Global Warming. I dont propose to go into detail here as it is Off topic, However global warming will and is causing more extremes in the weather and in some places like the Mid Latitudes it will cause cooling at times (due to the ice melting and cooling the sea).
The term climate change is realy more appropriate.

Edited By Roger B on 11/01/2010 13:52:42

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