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Thread: sharpening turning tools
31/01/2010 15:42:28
Here is an Ebay listing number which might help
It details the DVD
Good luck
31/01/2010 15:37:51
Tormek used to sell a book detailing all the techniques. I think they also did a DVD. You might find it on Ebay.
Thread: Lamp table design ?
31/01/2010 15:33:45
I once made a standard lamp for my first wifes mother. That did not require any turning. The basic materials were not that expensive.
The base and stand were made from Mahogony and consisted of two pieces in a cross shape to form the base. The Up right was a square piece  about 4  foot long fixed to the base. Attached towards the top of the upright was a garden Broom and on the end of the broom handle was the light fitting and Shade.
Les Dawson gave me the idea for this as his Mother in Law worked in the same broomstick factory as my mother in law. They were both Test Pilots.
Thread: Derek's baron pen
31/01/2010 15:23:43
We did a similar exercise with bowls etc. Then we looked at what some were selling their work for. We decided if people want to give away their work let them do it but I am not going to make christmas presents for peopl I dont know.
I am happy to make things for free, for friends and Family, but not total strangers.

Yes I am a miserable Grumpy Old Man and I am proud of being so. It has taken me over 66 years to refine my grumpiness to this point. I dont wish to throw away all the hard work, now.
Thread: 2x2 Posts
31/01/2010 15:14:07
Have a look at taper Jigs Rockler do one.
Thread: Broadband - How Fast?
30/01/2010 20:31:05
To try and answer your question . The speed checkers do give differing results. what should matter to you is do you have to wait for a page to load or does it appear quickly If you ask for a page and it is there then you cant better that. If you have to wait for 30 seconds for the page then that is too long
The only time a superfast connection is a must is if you download DVD's or are into online gaming.
Otherwise dont worry and dont sign up for UP TO silly numbers for a higher price save some money
30/01/2010 20:25:59
As i said in my earlier post.. The speed you can communicate has only a small ammount to do with the quoted ISP speed.
First lets look at the History of Telephone Line communications. Before we all started to get PC's Industry was using telephone lines to connect computers to Terminals in remote offices. THe first two companies in the market were Autonomics and IBM. Autonomics were the first to get the customers on line in 1971. However they went Bust before IBM got their system up and running. The data rate then was 300 Baud. Thats 300 bits of data per second. In 1990 Modems were allowing communications at 25 K Bytes, a byte consiste of 8 bits. SO the data stream was moving 25 thousand bytes of 8 bits each per second. At that time it seemed a lot but the modem soon was upgraded to give 56K. Then when broad band started we had 512 K (1/2 Meg). Quite recently 2meg was good then the systems were ungraded to 8 meg and so on. Virgin are a diferent story because they use the Fiber cabes laid for cable TV, so does not count.
To get the higher speeds several things had to happen. the long distance comms between the exchanges had to go over to fiber. The exchanges had to be fitted with Broadband cards which in the early days were only capable of the slower speeds. As time has gone by the techonology has improved and the speeds have gone up. This has cost money because the cards fitted in the first place have had to be replaced. This has now been done in a lot of exchanges but may not be in every exchange.
You are still governed by the speed of your computer and the speed of the server sending you the data. that may well have more effect on the data speeds that the ISP or the exchange. The quality of the phone wire and the leingth of the wire to the exchange also has a big part to play. The longer the wire the slower the comms.
Does that make sense. Any questions?
Thread: sharpening turning tools
29/01/2010 18:23:37
Once you have used the ink method as above you can make a jig to always get the tool to the same setting. The jig consists of a piece of wood lay the gouge flat on the wood with the jScheppech jig pushed up against the edge of the wood. then glue a strip of wood accross the first piece up against the edge of the gouge.
In future you will place the gouge on the wood up against the wooden stop you glued in place and slide the jig down untill it buts up to the wood clamp it up and thats it. Your tool is always set to the same position regardless of how short you grind it over the years.
Sam you say you have the Jig. OK but you will find there are lots of them and most of the Scheppach ones are fine but some of the Tormek ones are better and are patented so can not be copied. It is worth looking before buying. The machine is the most costly bit and you have the right one in my oppinion.
Thread: Broadband - How Fast?
29/01/2010 18:10:50
The fibre is now nation wide to most exchanges. however it is not down to street level. The reason is Fibre can carry a massive ammount of data and calls. the copper is perfectly adequate for most domestic use.
We mst not read into claims data which is not there. When an ISP states a speed Up To, it means exactly that. The speed might be up to that speed if you ar on top of the exchange. The further away. the more connections in the copper a failing filter a slow computer (because you have put a load of rubbish on it, you will not consider it as rubbish) A slow server which you are accessing. All this goes to slow down your data.
When I first started working with computer communications in the early 1970's the best we could get was 300 Baud and that was with dedicated lines that were ballanced. Into the bargain the Modem was about 16 inches cubed weighed half a hundred weight or so it seemed. Things have improved a little since then.If you have 2 meg then you are probably doing quite well and for unless you are downloading videos should be fast enough. If you are downloading Videos then I ask if you should be ( thinking about copyright)
28/01/2010 19:57:46
The problem you have hit is a real chestnut. How long is a piece of string. As you know there are a lot of speed test sites. I supose you need to say are you buying or selling. If you want to have a good grouse at Talk Talk then use the slow one. If you want some bragging rights use the fast one. If you want to be super fair. Use them all and average the results. That has to be a reasonable answer.
One of the major problems is not your speed but that of the server you are connecting to. You can only down load data as fast as they can give it to you. If they are slow then you  will think it is your connection. 
As for the distance you are from your Exchange as you say 1 mile straight recon 1.5 miles of copper. That may be the case or it could be even more. In the past when phone lines were scarce the cables could be routed in all sorts of obscure directions. Sometimes because a developer was building a new esstate. so a new cable got put in that direction and then there was an extension going off towards somewhere else the branching back in another direction. Its not impossible for a 1mile to be 3 or 4 times that distance. Not always but sometimes.
Then there is the quality of the connections if you have overhead wires they blow around in the wind and can suffer some stressing.
The underground cables can suffer from all types of peculiar problems from Rabbits Rats and Ants. I have seen ants fill a terminal frame with dirt and that will not help your connection. 
One alternative is to have a system like my daughter has in the USA they are in Colorado and they have a Satelite link for Broad Band For phones they use their Cell phones No landline where they live. Their speed is not as good as I have but it is consistent.
As a matter of interest I used to have OneTel which got bought up by Talk Talk their service was C**p so I went to Toucan and after a year or so they went the same way as One Tel /Talk Talk.
I am now with a company called Eclipse  and have been with them for over 2 years. I have not had one complaint the price is right and they do not use foreign call centres. Their call center is in Exeter and they are 100% good. For any one thinking of a change they are worth considering.
Thread: sharpening turning tools
27/01/2010 18:30:19
You have a good tool in the Tiger. I went for that one as well.
It will also take the Jigs made by Tormek. some of which are patented so Schepech cant copy them. The best bet is to go to a show and watch the Tormek guy demonstrating the sharpening methods. They also do a video and a book but the important thing is to be able to repeat the angles and that is dependant on the distance of the tool stivking out on the Jig.
Have a look on Ebay you might find a copy of the Tormek book there.
THis probaly has not been a great help I could explain but it is easier to see how it is done.
Thread: Extreme birdhouses
27/01/2010 18:22:23
Those are not bird houses they look more like Avian Castles. Very nice.
Thread: Workshop floor
27/01/2010 18:15:25
The best idea is to talk to your local planning Department regarding the proposed "Garden Shed". The town and country Planning act allows for building under "Permited Development". You can build a Garden SHed, Greenhouse Summer house and COnservatory as long as certain conditions are met.
There must not be any clause on previous planning aplications prohibiting further development and the like. The roof if flat must not be higher than 2 metres if apex it can go up a further metre. If you call it a Garden Shed then it might come under Permited development, Call it a workshop and you could open a can of Worms.
I wanted to build an Observatory with a Domed roof. We ended up with a summerhouse with an Apex roof which slides off on to a Pergola. All covered by Permited development.
There is also rules regarding area of property and the area being covered. also distance from roads etc
Google Permited Development and read up.
If it were me I would put in a Concrete base with DPC as previously suggested. I would put in an insulation layer and cap with a screed  round the edge a concrete edge the height and width of a brick on to which the Shed can be placed The side boards can hang down over the edge on the concrete causing any rain to run off and not under the wall. If you have an Apex roof the heighest point will be roughly 9 ft 9 ins. The width you are planning will require some streingth to hold the roof up.
One way could be to have the Apex across the narrow dimension and the slope across the longer dimension. That way the Timber on the apex will not have to be as heavey as if it is the other way.
If yoy talk to the Planning department and ask for their advice as to what is allowed and if it can be done in Permited development . I have always found them very halpfull.
In my case I put up my Summer House and got a complaint from a Neighbour. (who had been consulted) Having had the Planning department involved they told the neighbour what the score was.
What ever you do dont make it sound as though you are going to run a business from it . Storeing garden tools and Hobby turning etc. The ride on Motor Mower if you dont have a field to cut might be a bit hard for them to believe.
Good luck
Thread: Router Table progress
26/01/2010 01:33:22
Having made a very similar table I find although the top does lift off I naever do so. Hence I put the Plug and socket in the same space as the router hangs in. I have not found it a problem I have in fact found it a bonus, as I dont have to Lift the top to unplug the router.
On the choice of Router. I bought the bigest Router I could afford. At that time it was the Trend T series. Although I made drawers for 1/4 inch bits and 1/2 inch ones I never use the 1/4 inch in the Table. They are only used for hand work with the Elu router I have.
   That is just the way I have ended up using it  I dont say there is a right or wrong way it is peraonal choice. However you use it you will find it a great bonus and you will wonder how you managed with the old one.

Edited By Roger B on 26/01/2010 01:38:37

Thread: walnut jewelly box construction progress
26/01/2010 01:22:43
It all comes down to taste and style. Some like to make a box in one piece and then cut the lid off as previous posts. Others make a contrast of the grain and even the wood. Do what pleases you. Try things and experiment. Look at designs and allow the work of others to fertalise your creativity. Look at plans then change them to suite you.
Build your box your way and when it is finished some people will like it some may not. That does not matter, what matters is you have made it. For your first project I think you are doing very well.
In the future you might try building a box in one piece and then cutting off the lid. But you should only do it that way because you want to not because others have said so. That might in some circles be considered as cheating. In the one piece method the top must fit. Your way requires you to work carefully and far more acuratley. If yours fits well it will have taken a lot more skill.
Good luck and most important enjoy yourself.

Edited By Roger B on 26/01/2010 01:24:07

Edited By Roger B on 26/01/2010 01:25:13

Thread: Router Table progress
24/01/2010 17:42:08
The Design is a very good one I can vouch for it. It will work well.
23/01/2010 21:55:00
I dont know if you have considered this. I built my Router table based on the same design.
I have put a 13 amp socket on the inside of the Router compartment. I used a nonswitched one as the zero volt switch removes the power. I cant remember what the NYW design showed.
Thread: advent calender prize
22/01/2010 19:32:29
Wether it was the Snow or not you can bet it will be blamed
Thread: savanna and cub
20/01/2010 19:09:55
The death of a big cat is always sad. At least she did not die at the hands of man.
The more I look at your Pyro the more gealous I get at your great skill. again words are not enough to do justice so I will refrain.
Thread: trend tradesmen sets
20/01/2010 19:02:17
I am 100% in agreement except for the self centering bits. I lave had no groblems with them. Perhaps the wood I use is dryer and les cloggy. Flat bits are not as good as augers but over the years I have aquired some and I find it better to use a flat bit of the right size that I have rather than go out and buy an expensive drill whici I may not use again for a long time. So the flat bits do get the occasional use. I find a bradawl to make a small starter helps the centering and as soon as the spike bulges on the rear turn over and finish from the back avoiding breakout.
I have found flat bits very good where I have wanted to drill a curved hole to pass wires through in particular Coax which does not like being kinked.
Hell I am starting to sound like Norm. I suppose it could be worse I would never wish to sound like the loud mouther people in a particular Garage.
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