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Thread: Another quick quiz question from Ron
11/02/2010 23:24:39
Talking of Smog I was having a discussion with my sister about the prewar Smogs. THe mirrors in the house got a smog film on them as well as the buildings. The last Smog I remember was in about 1962 or 3.
Thread: Box Making, Part 1
11/02/2010 14:34:58
Applian do some software which allows you to capture video streamed on the web. Once you have captured it in High resolution you can then watch it easily at your leisure. I have seen stops and starts being smoothed out. the capture appears to collect all the frames in sequence where the PC streaming live if it has to ask for the last message to be repeated will display a pause. I dont know if I am making sense but I think I might be on the right track.
If you need more info ask
Thread: Low antique furniture prices
11/02/2010 13:55:06
I think the real question is how many of the Woodworkers make furnature?
SOme people are doing work to their homes rather than moving. That will mean that the Kitchin and Bathroom people will be getting some work. SO it is fitted tat furnature not the Quality stuff. I guess some may be having new Dining room and sitting room, even new bedroom furanture.
Wether any of this is quality kit I guess we will have to wait for others to tell us.
Thread: IT'S BACK
11/02/2010 13:48:05
Try going to Washington DC. My youngest daughter lives there. On Sunday she returned home from a couple of weeks in Zurich. She was delayed for 2 days before she could fly as the Airport in DC was closed due to Snow, they had 54 inches. When she managed to fly on SUnday she got home to find the Snow outside the House was waist deep. Try to Imagine an atractive young lady wearing Heels and trying to control an Old English Sheep Dog, attempting to get from Car to Front Door,  I am afraid I laughed when she described the fun and games.
If you want to go over and sample I will put you in touch with daughter MkIII.
Thread: Another quick quiz question from Ron
11/02/2010 13:41:35
The leaf looks very similar to Maple.
I wonder how many times I have looked at one and thought it to be Maple.
Thread: Follow on from Alan Holtham's shed door cock up!
10/02/2010 18:34:00
Yes we have all done it. Thats why I am glad I have a Scheppach Tiger to regring all my problems!!
Thread: Idiot 'experts'
10/02/2010 00:26:18
If I can come clean on a misteak. A couple of years ago I was doing some PAT testing for a firm nearby. I was working at a transport company . I found a Paper SHredder  that was faulty so wen to cut the plug off.  I then moved on to test something else only to realise the plug I had cut off was on the tester not he Shredder. I still haven't lived that one down.
Thread: Ollys Table
08/02/2010 20:10:00
The match in the chairs is very good. You could have saved the cost and made them all
Thread: Slow Site Tonight?
08/02/2010 19:54:54
Same for me as well
Thread: Bad News
05/02/2010 10:15:39
Hi Sam
I also have a limp but have not Had my hip worked on (yet).
Thread: Getting Turning To the Competition
04/02/2010 21:57:38
As a matter of interest what is the Charity being supported. If one has not yet been designated may I suggest the Royal Air Forces Association. They never get enough funding and do so much for ex servicemen who need help especially in later life. They operate sheltered accomodation and Nursing Homes, amongst many other things.
Whilst I am a great supporter of Help the Heroes they get a lot of funding I understand since they were set up they have received £1 m a month that is an increddible ammount.
Just my thought on the matter
Thread: Bad News
04/02/2010 21:48:09
Hi Ian
Please accept my sincere wishes to you. It is probbly little consolation but over the years I have met quite a few people who have been diagnosed with various things. They were told they will never do this that and the other. Due to pig headedness and shere dertermination they have overcome their problem and become much stronger people.  Dont listen to the medics who say cant, there is no such word in the English language.
Tell yourself I can and I will. If you do that then you stand a chance. If you say I can not then you will not.
My best wishes to you for the closest to a recovery as you can get.
Nil Iligetamie carbourundum

Edited By Roger B on 04/02/2010 21:50:25

Thread: Broadband - How Fast?
04/02/2010 13:56:49
Thanks Marc.
Mine is showing 100 mbps that is because I am connected to the Router via a cabled network. I believe I am reaching close to 2 m in the real world. Plenty fast enough for me. Most things happen quite quickkly.
Last week I was having a problem my connection was poor to say the least. At times I could not get on to the Email or internet servers. My ISP, Eclipse were great. (their call center is in the UK, Eceter to be precise), they checked my connection and informed me the Router was connected. and had been for some time the noted the times I had reste the connection. Hence I knew theywere checking properly.  In a nut shell after carrying out some checks and thinking it was the network facility on the motherboard, I tracked the problem down to a faulty LAN Switch. I replaced the switch and everything got sorted. Speed appears to be better than before.
Simples as Alexander says.
Thread: Getting Turning To the Competition
04/02/2010 13:44:47
That is a great idea. I wish I could help. However I will not be going anywhere near to Ally Pally, as I hate the place.
Move the show to NEC.
Thread: When you subscribe...
04/02/2010 13:41:11
As a matter of interest. about 18 months ago I went bankrupt so noe I dont have a cheque book or credit cards. That I find is absolutly great.
I do have a pre paid Master card. It does cost about £5 each month but if I want to pay for something with it I draw my pension at the post office and put the cash I need to on the card. I can then use the card when the funds have cleared. That takes often only 24 hours, but can sometimes take up to 5 days. It works well for me.
04/02/2010 13:36:54
Sounds like it might be an idea to subscribe to a different bank while subcribing to the Magazine.
The feindish financial organisations are getting too ready to cut costs services and anything else they can at the expense of customer service. They should just remember without customers they are nothing.
Rant over.
Thread: 2x2 Posts
03/02/2010 19:50:27
I didn't realise there were so many Norm fans on this Forum.  I am not one for beint impressed by the "Rich and Famous" but Norm is one exception. When he came to Exeter some years ago I just had to go and meet him. I think it was a surprise to a lot of the organisers just how popular Norm was and still is.
In the USA this is the first time NYW has not been on the TV screens. THis Old House is still going strong, Rus Morash has not produced it for some years. There is talk of the WOrkshop being put in the Smithsonian. A kitchen Rus used for a cooking show is already there. Pity they are not in Boston Lincs as opposed to Boston Mass.
Thread: Ollys Table
02/02/2010 11:42:22
Very pleasing to the eye
Thread: 2x2 Posts
02/02/2010 11:35:29
To the best of my recolection Norms jig had a fixed back stop as per the jig displayed by Derek I will check the NYW plans.
Just checked and it is as I said. Although the plans show an Aluminium angle on the underside of one of the arms presumably to stifen the Ply. I didnt put it on the jig I made. In fact today is the first time I have noticed it.
Just for those who are as sad as me "Jigs was the first project in the 13th season of New Yankee Workshop and was first screened in about January 2001. The Plans and  DVD are numbered 0101 on the NYW site / Shop for those wishing to buy .
01/02/2010 11:45:50
If the Taper jig is used in the right way the offcuts will not be against the fence.
The way to use the jig for the arrow point cuts as asked is to mark the wood for the cut then put a coresponding mark on the taper jig clamp the wood to the jigand make a cut turn the wood 90 degrees and make next cut etc.
You guys realy should catch up on New Yankee Workshop. This is a technique Norm has used on many occasions and he even did the Jig on one of the shows.
Derek has been watching them as his jig looks like a Norm one.

Edited By Roger B on 01/02/2010 11:47:16

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