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Thread: mdf kitchen
13/01/2008 20:14:00

The new season 20 on the New Yankee Workshop has the first 9 shows dedicated to building a complete Kitchen They are offering it on the web site for $100 for a 3 DVD set of the 9 shows. I plan on geting it at the end of March when the rest of the Season will be available.

Try James LAtham for the materials They do have a Web site.

Thread: Cyclone extraction for UK
13/01/2008 19:58:00

Try this link to the USA site I bet they expect us to pay £ what the USA pays in $

The UK site is coming soon!!

Thread: storage
13/01/2008 19:24:00

Have a look at Norms CD storage Unit on the New Yankee Workshop Web site

Thread: A Head for Heights
09/01/2008 23:26:00


You keep just as late hours as I do and there are still not enough hours.


09/01/2008 22:35:00


I would like to congratulate you on your rise to new heights. All the best for the future at Magicalia


Thread: Mint & boxed
09/01/2008 22:31:00
I wish I had had the chance to make one as an Apprentice. However I did make a Tool box when I got to about 24 or 25. The front hinged down and slid under the draws. I had all my electronic tools in it. My dear EX wife mislaid it whilst I was working in Spain one Summer.
Thread: Designer Woodwork
06/01/2008 20:50:00
I agree as well. As with Norm and the NYW I have all the plans and videos but I will never build everything. However it does ging me a lot of inspiration and saves me trying to reinvent the wheel.  Magicalia and GMC publications are also a great sources of inspiration.
Thread: New Yankee Workshop
05/01/2008 23:14:00

Hi Sparkey

Sorry trust me to get it wrong. My excuse I have been suffering with some nasty virus.  OK a lame excuse


04/01/2008 18:33:00

Well you may not be surprised to learn that good old Real Time are not giving us any Norm either NYW or TOH during the next 2 weeks. It all appears to be exterior decoration of people and interior design of houses.


Re your comment above about DVD I think you will find hat the NYW DVD's will be exactly the same where ever they are sent. DVD Formatting is not the same as VHS whee the data for the UK is in PAL , France  SECAM, The USA NTSC, etc. The DVD Format is the same worldwide in the same way Audio Compact Cassetes were the same. The one diference that was introduced with DVD was region code. The idea being that if a DVD player was sold in the USA (region1) it would play DVD's carrying the Region 1 code, or in the case of some DVD's they are not coded or multi region coded.

I dont know about the TV systems on DVD PAL SECAM etc but that does not appear to give me a problem with replay.

In the case of the NYW DVD's I dont know if they are Non region if there is such a thing or multi region. What I do know is they will rum on my DVD machines and my computer. Using a programe called Any DVD I have just scanned my drives with a NYW DVD in it . Any DVD reports that my drive is an LG DVD-ROM Hardware Region 2 It also reports that the DVD label is Carved Wooden SIgns The Media is CSS protected the Video Standard is NTSC media Locked to region(s) 1 2 3 4 5 6

That would appear to confirm that the DVD is multi region even if my player is not.

If you are uncertain if you can play a NYW DVD I am happy to loan you on to see if it will run on your machine before you go to any expense buying from the states

I hope that helps


02/01/2008 13:05:00

Hi Chipper

Great to have you on the thread. I also have the luxury of a Sky + box. Although these days it doesnot help that much. Some 10 years ago when I first discovered Norm I started to record him on tape. When we upgraded to + I started recording and then downloading to the Computer and then Burn the Show as a VCD ( In those days DVD writers were too expensive) Now I have all the shows from the start onn VCD. The last 2 seasons 18 and 19 Have been purchased from the USA and Previous seasons 16 and 17 I am trying to catch and remake my disks as DVD. I am afraid Real Time appear to work against the best laid plans etc.

I also have the full set of plans now thanks to some help from a magazine last year. I dont use the plans to specifically build an item but I use them for inspiration and it saves some reinvention of the wheel.

Whilst I can not suggest you pirate the DVD's if a small group combine together that can make quite a saving in delivery costs and may give the chance to see shows which have not been screened in the UK. Or at this rate likeley to be shown here.

Have a great new year and Best of Woodwirking to you


31/12/2007 20:02:00

Hi Guys

Two things to remember.

1 We live in Rip off Britain. We are expected to pay in £ here what they pay in $ in the USA.

2 Brimarc are the import and distributor fro NYW. It is now public knowledge that Axminster are buying them out. As far as I am concerned it will be an improvement. Mind you there is no gurantee that Axminster will want to continue with NYW. I do hope they will

If you register with Rockler for their weekely email they will tell you when they are having a sale on delivery etc.

Alan $21 for shipping from USA to UK is quite reasonabl thats what my daughter spent sending me my Christmas present this year.

Have a good 2008


26/12/2007 18:20:00

Hi Steve

When discovery Real Time hav a Forum it carried more comments about Norm than any other Thread. RT Sacked their moderator and it appeared that they gave the job to a computer. That just about says it all for the way RT think about their viewers. I agree with Sparkey they are showing some of the shows early in the morning. Not a problem if you have Sky +. The problem is they dont appear to be showing all the seasons. recently I saw season 16 and 17. As I have said before on this thread the only way to keep up with NYW is to buy it from the USA.  So far I have every programme which has been screened and all the Plans. Yes I am a Sad Bunny.

It has been announced in the trade press that Axminster are buying out Brimarc. As Brimarc are the UK distributors for NYW perhaps a lot of calls, emails and letters to Ian Styles at Axminster might precipitate a visit by Norm!!!.

Also calls to Channel 4 and 5 might get some response in the right direction. Lets give it a try.

Hope you all had a good Christmas


Thread: Which lathe?
24/12/2007 17:42:00

As I said before look at variable speed e.g. The Top of the Range Record. Axminster do them as well. It might be worth looking at ebay see whats there.

Have a great Christmas


Thread: New Yankee Workshop
24/12/2007 17:34:00
A small group of us are going to buy the DVD's if you are interested in chiping in. See my post of 19/12 for details.
Thread: Which lathe?
21/12/2007 05:06:00
If you live close enough I would reccomend a visit to Axminster they do courses in turninhg. However they will show you various machines and give you good advice. From time to time they have used machines available. My choice is for a variable speed machine. The top of the range Record has an electronic variable speed control. The machine I got a few years ago had a better control than the ones they now use. That is my personal oreferance and may not be everyones cup of tea (or coffee). If ou have the space I would also suggest the largest machine you can afford. You can always do small jobs on a large machine but you can't do a large job on a small machine. With Record the larger machines tend to have a biger motor.and longer bed bars The motor will not come to harm if it is being used for kight work However if you are loading a machine to the maximum capacity it will suffer from more wear and tear. This is a bit of a generalisation but I conside a fair practice.
Thread: Aldi release power tool range
21/12/2007 04:54:00
I find that I have a conflict of interest. On the one hand I want Low prices. and on the other I want quality. It is difficult to get both at the same time. As Richard said a lot of the tools ane now made in the Far East. The quality has been an issue. I equiped my workshop with what I could afford over a period oof time and tried to get the best quality for the money available. I am now in what I consider as the maintenance phase and if a machine or tool needs replacing this is the time to upgrade. Possibly even buying a good second hand machine. I needed a Band saw with a large Throat I was lucky enough to find a Minimax.
Thread: Tall onion form in Maple and Mahogany
20/12/2007 12:53:00


Axminster Power Tools do some very good courses. They do a 2 day course and have some local bed and Breakfast houses they can put you in touch wiyh if needed. I did one of their courses it was very good.


Thread: Workbench Top
20/12/2007 12:49:00


 A very good point


19/12/2007 16:20:00


Please bear in mind that the following is only my ideas on the subject. Others may think differently.

A woodworking bench traditionally was built so you could put a lump of timber on it and wollop a chisel with a mallet to cut a mortice ( amongst other things) Well the same holds true today. The stronger yoy make it the less it will jump around when doing violent jobs. (Forgive my terminology).

My Guru for woodworking is Norm Abram. The second project he built on his first TV Season was a workbench. Norm used a single sheet of 3/4 ply he also put a sheet of 1/4 hardboard on top as a sacrificial surface.  If you are uncertain in one thickness will be enough you can always put in more cross membersin the frame.

The plans for the workbench can be obtained via Brimarc's Retailers.

I bult a bench for a friend and he wanted one sheet of 18mm MDF. That is OK for him.

As a point of interest I have used a quarter sheet of melamine covered chip board between two trestles . That has worked  not ideal but better than doing the job Japaneese style , on the floor.

I hope this helps

Thread: New Yankee Workshop
19/12/2007 09:31:00

Hi Sparky and Rich

I built the first Router Table. Although Norm uses Birch Ply I would suggest 18mm WPB with a modification to the base. Remove the skirt from the plan and fit 4 x 100mm Locking castors from Axminster. Axminster can also supply the insert plate. The track I brought over from the States.

If you would like to contact me on 07717 649 527 I will discuss the DVD's. I trust you will understand why I dont put a landline number on the Forum. I look forward to hearing from you.

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