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Thread: IMG_1965.JPG
03/03/2008 20:21:00


What a great project.

Wessex Resins used to show a wooden car at the boat shows. That of course was put together with WEST Epoxy. What did you use on this one?


Thread: Steam bending
03/03/2008 11:02:00

Hi Derek

Kerfing is an often used technique most commonly found in buildings where the kerfs can be hidden. in your case it sounds as though you packed the Kerfs on the outside. Have I understoog corectly?  I take it that the bent timbers were used as runners, did you reinforce them with any metal?

03/03/2008 10:41:00


 OK point taken 7 ft is a bit long for most kitchen ovens. 9 inch is also a bit wide for a drain pipe steamer. I think under the circumstances I would go for a Lamination solution.

When I had to bend 2 inch square Teak round a tight curve on the stern of a boat I cut the timber to 1/2 inch pieces which pulled round without any splits forming. The Teak was of course well seasoned.

The crucial thing is whatever method you use is to have a good jig which will allow lots of clamps to pull and hold the wood while it dries.

On the drying front when a boat (Plastic) has a moisture pproblem and needs drying the method is to erect a plastic sheet round the area and place Infra Red lamps to warm the area. It works well however sometimes takes several weeks to dry to the required level.

It will be interesting to see how the project goes. I hope you will share the results with us all

One thing I didn't mention even if laminating it is a wise move to soak the timber to help the bend. The glue to use in this case is Poly glue so a double layer of disposable gloves is also a good idea. When doing up clamps I find the gloves can get torn hence doubling up on them. Saves becoming a member of the black hand gang (appologies to the Jimmy Clithero reference)

02/03/2008 19:57:00


As I said previously the wood steams much easier if it is green. However as Derek states the people in High Wycombe are using timber which was felled in places like South America or Indeonisia some time ago so will be seasoned.

In your case make a Jig to bend the parts on once a part has been steamed and placed on the Jig slap the whole thing in the Oven for a couple of hours nAll this was covered in NYW Bent wood Hat Rack If you cant get hold of it to see let me know via email

Thread: The Great British Woodshop
01/03/2008 21:11:00

Paul and Chipper

I agree the fact I didn't include them was because I was only making a general point and reinforcing it with "Evidence" from one or two shown.

I dont know what the answer is. However the power of the purchaser bust be worth something. would all the "viewers" write to the advertisers and tel them that we were not viewing a particular station untill they showed the shows we want. Well one or two people might put pen to paper, but not enough to matter thats why we have to put up with House renervations being Tattoed on fishing people.

My choice now is to buy the DVD's from the states and watch the man I would like to emulate.

Thread: Steam bending
27/02/2008 18:45:00
The frames on a traditional wooden boat will probably have the shape of one side of a wine glass. with the opposite frame having the mirror image. At the bottom they would come together on the Keelson, the first timber above the keel At the top they would be attached to a timber just below the deck, whish in turn will hold the ribs of frames together and stop them tryong to bend in or out. Other timbers will help to hold the shape. One piece on its own is nothing but all together well that is the beauty of the construction
Thread: dust extractor 001 copy.jpg
26/02/2008 22:44:00

Two things Sparky It does not matter haw big the workshop is you always run out of space. Even Norm has a window he can put timber through when using the Radial saw. and he has 900+ sq ft.

We have a couple of House Cats so have a need for Cat litter.  This means the Planer Thicknesser is in fact a Kitty litter production Plant. The nice pieces of wood which emerge from the machine are purley a coincidence!!

Thread: Steam bending
26/02/2008 22:20:00

The Drain pipe steam box is a good system if some wires are fitted across the width at points down the leingth you can keep several pieces of wood apart. Use tongs to get hold of the wood and use heavey gloves the wood is very hot to say the least and it will scald badly

There are several points to bear in mind.

1. When steam bending the wood may split if the grain is not straight down the piece. You can ensure the grain is straight by spliting the wood with an axe and then planing and sawing, and planing.

2. In the case of some woods such as Oak and home grown species it is easier to use green wood, (recently felled and not dried).

Boat builders have been bending frames for boats for many many years and these lessons have been learnt from them. Norm made a Bent wood Hat Rack some years ago and he used the drain pipe method and the Axe splitting  He also had a jig to fit the steamed component on to, there is not much time before the effect of the steam wears off and the wood stifens up. Norm used a method of placing the jig with the component on it in the kitchen oven to dry it. You are liable to get some relaxing when the wood is removed from the jig.

On a Boat frame it is put in place clamped, Wedged and held in place the rest of the boat is built round it so it gets little chance to relax. but again the boat builder has very little time to get the wood from the steamer and in to shape in position , may be as little as half a minute.

A few years ago I had to bend some Teak 2 x 2 round a tight bend on the stern (back ) of a boat. With the high price of Teak and the fact that I was unable to obtain it green I chose to cut it into 1/4 inch strips and Laminate it with Poly Glue. It worked well and was hard to see the joins as the wood had been machined and kept in the same order so all texture and grain was the same.

Good luck on the project.

Thread: Norms deluxe router station 0301s.jpg
26/02/2008 22:00:00
I built Norms first router Station. I think there are som good points in the De luxe version However I would keep the Power switch on the front so it does not get knocked when moving the Cabinet round. Also a set of 100mm castoring Wheels with locks makes moving a lot easier.
Thread: dust extractor 001 copy.jpg
26/02/2008 21:55:00
I overcame the Dust extraction problem by puting a small Garden Shed at the end of the Workshop and fitting the dust extraction in it. I ran a Soil Pipe (Grey Plastic ) down the workshop and have blast gates at convenient points . A remote switch allows the Extracion to be switched on from inside the Workshop.  The noise is kept to a minimum and the SHed is insulated for the neighbours convenience and mine so I dont get complaints.
Thread: Cutting & Jointing MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard)
26/02/2008 21:48:00

Like Derek I have found that ysing tape does the trick. In fact I do all my marking out on Ply and other Boards on masking tape. I do make mistakes and if I have drawn a pencil line in the wrong place it creates a lot of work cleaning up the board.

With masking tape you just rip it off and put on a fresh piece. and mark out in the right place. and with Melamne it reduces any chipping.

If you cut a little over size and then use a Router to trin to the line that also gives very good resultd. You do need a good straight edge to work to.

Thread: The Great British Woodshop
26/02/2008 21:36:00

I dont think that leaving Sky is the answer. Sky dont have any direct control over the programming of the Channels they carry. Most of us used to post our feelings on the Real time Forum. The String about New Yankee Workshop had more views and responses than any other. However RT would not do anything about showing the last two seasons of NYW. The only way to see the shows is to buy the DVD's from the States. A small group of us have done just that we each buy a DVD and then share it between a couple of friends that way we get to have some of the Shows and we see all of them.

It would be much better if one of the other channels took the show. So put pen to paper or fingers to key board and make your feelings known. It would be cheaper than importing.

Poor David Free did a good show which was well received and all the thanks he got was to not have a second season commisioned. He can now be seen on the Woodworking Channel which has / is being revamped.

Thread: knock-down Bed Rail Fasteners
26/02/2008 21:19:00

Hi Guys

I buy quite a few bit and pieces from Rockler. I find the shipping reasonable if I am not in a rush. However I now steer clear of using US postal service. Their goods come into the UK via the Royal Mail depot in London with resident Customs. I bought in a Tennoning Jig. I cant remember the exact prices but it was something like $100 for the Jig $60 Shipping £70 duty payable to the Royal mail on collection from the local sorting office. I now prefer UPS. Or I get things sent to a daughter who lives in the states and she brings it when she comes over.

Thread: Another weekend of under-achievment??
26/02/2008 21:07:00

What a lovely play on Shakespear. I also am retired and find if hard to manage that much in a week let alone a weekend.

On the router table front I can reccomend the New Yankee Workshop version. I built it some years ago and fing it great.

Thread: Small Planer-Thicknesser
14/02/2008 00:07:00
I use a Scheppach Tiger wet stone grinder. there is a jig you can get to hold the knife and re grind it  I have found this invaluable when I have comited the serious crime of trying to plane a nail.
12/02/2008 00:28:00
Consider the Scheppach I bought one some years ago following a review in the Woodworker. There are no drive roler marks and the cut is very fine the knives spin at a high rate and do not make noticable ridges. I vote it 12 out of 10
Thread: The Great British Woodshop
28/01/2008 08:01:00
A further thought Why are we thinking Discovery Real Time. We all know they dont give a **** for us the viewer. Why not focus a campaign on the other Channels , 4 or 5 might be interested. We all knowthat to be on Real Time you have to be a Property Developer with a Highly Decorated Body who spends his / Her non viewing time Fishing.
28/01/2008 07:56:00

Hi Ben

The popularity of The New Yankee Workshop and The Great British Woodshop is a point I have been trying to make for over 18 months. I am glad that the message is starting to get through.

If Magicalia was to book Norm to visit the Ally Pally Show I can gurantee the place would be packed out as the Axminster Show was a few years ago. There were some people from the North of England who had come just to meet Norm.

To say they are popular is an understatement.

Thread: Mortice chisels
17/01/2008 21:28:00

Before cutting the Drills make certain on the dimensions. A good start would be to insert the drill in the chuck fully then withdraw it by a small ammoune say between 1/4 and 1/8 of an inch. Then fit the chisel over the drill and see if it will locate and the lock screw hold it in the corect place if it will then I would suggest there is no need to do any cutting. If the chisel does not locate then that should confirn the ammount to trim.

The best way to trim the shaft is with a grinder. Keep a water bath handy as you must keep the shaft cool you dont want to destroy the temper with excessive heat. It is better to trim and try untill you get it correct. Its easier to take a bit more off than try to put it back on.

I hope this helps.

Thread: hollow !!!!! vase
14/01/2008 23:01:00

This looks rather like some Amphorae I saw on the sea bed off Cyprus in 1964.

A very unusual and pleasing design well executed

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