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Thread: Another weekend of under-achievment??
22/04/2008 19:00:00

Yes it would be nice if the traveled. However I dont ming going to them if they make it convenient but the last time I went to Ally Pally I felt most unwelcome.

I dont have a caravan. My youngest Daughter does though and as she is overseas most of the time I look after it and needless to say have the use of it.

Thread: Setting up shop ~ part 1
22/04/2008 18:50:00


There is a very good wood yard in Vespasian Road Southampton R A Bampton and SOns. ALthough it is the sons which run it now as Dick retired a few years ago. You will find them very helpfull. They also have a scraps corner I raid it every time I go to Souhampton.

There is a place a Colyton East Devon called the Toolbox they have some very good machines second hand from time to time.


 If you are disposing of any kit let me know.

Must go now I have company just arriving


Thread: Another weekend of under-achievment??
22/04/2008 09:12:00


I am afraid I dont use trains these days and as for £5 for a Taxi that is so expensive.

Having a mobility problem, I tend to plan trips so it is not a problem. Being retired and on a very small pension I have to be carefull. Which once again is not a problem if I plan things with care.

I would combine a trip to anywhere with other things in the same ditection. I tend to drive and stay in a Caravan when I get there. Because I have a claped out hip I can only walk for short distances and then discomfort takes over. If I pace myself then that is not a problem.

It will cost more to get to town on the train than driving and parking the Caravan. I do that a day or so before hand. Then drive to the front door where I am going, most places these days do have space for Badge holder parking. Earls Court for instance are very helpfull.

Any way enough about me.


21/04/2008 18:55:00

I know what you mean Derek. I used to drive up into London to the west End quite often.

However these days with congestion charges I dont go into London and I keep as far away from the M25 as I can.

As for Ally Pally I find it a very difficult place. To the best of my knowledge they only have a limited number of Disabled parking bays which you can't book. In the past when I went there I found they expected me to park quite some distance and then walk. I was then unable to walk round the Show.

If we chose Ally Pally I will probably Pass on it. But democracey rules. What does everyone else want.


21/04/2008 08:43:00

In a word No. I have not visited Ally Pally. However I used to go to the Axminster Show.

Ian Styles decided that it would be more cost effective to host various events during the year rather than have one big thrash each year. It was a logistic nightmare for them.

Yandles continue to have their show. The Kempton Park one I have no personal knowledge.

I dont know about other venues. So over to the rest of you for your comments and experience. It might help if those who would like to get together put their "hands up" and also stated where they are located (not exact address but general area). Also if they can advise of any event in their area.


20/04/2008 21:01:00

I have to admit that I haven't seen the Workshop. However a friend has so I will get details from him. I know they do things like turning courses and make things on commision.

My thought is that if we are to have a get together then we do need to make some purpose to make it worth while for the travelling.

For instance we could have a private showing of a New Yankee Workshop never seen in the UK. We would have to be carefull that we dont infringe copyright by having a public showing.

We could as suggested combine with a trade show. Howevver there are precious few these days. Yandles at Martock The one at Kempton Park, Ally Pally and what else.

Has anyone got any other thoughts.


20/04/2008 16:58:00

In all seriousness are you guys up for a get together. There is a Woodworking shop near Andover and they host courses and I am told welcome Visitors. There are many good Pubs in the area doing good food. There is also a Travel Lodge on the A303 just East of Andover.

If you are realy up for it  I would be happy to do the organising.

Over to the Rest of you


20/04/2008 16:34:00

Well if you want somewhere  overseas I cant manage Alaska but I could get my eldest Daughter to look after us in Colorado.

Failing that how about Hampshire, Say Andover. Its 120 miles for me from Devon and maybe the same from Kent. I dont know about the rest.

19/04/2008 20:27:00
At the cost of cats Say £400 divided by the Weight It would be cheaper th produce some Teak Shavings and a lot less messy. Mind you if the Cat was put through the machine what then would you stroke to release the tensions.
19/04/2008 18:32:00
No the rate for soiled chippings is about the same. One advantage is it scents the garden and warns off other cats. The drawback is if the cats are outdoor cats it doesn't help the roses when the cats dig them up. In that case you may as well let the neighbours cats do it for you.
Thread: What magazines do you read.
19/04/2008 18:26:00

I consider the magazines from Magicalia and GMC to be prety good. In my experience I have hed replies to comments.

About 2 years ago the was an article in Woodworker about repairing a mirror dingy. An interesting article well writen. However there were some technical issues which I pointed out. I shold have kept my fingers off the keyboard because the next thing I knew I was asked if I would build a small boat for the magazine.

The project was 3/4 finished when there was a change in Editor and policy so the project was killed. So the record has not yet been put right, never mind maybee some day.

I found the New Yankee Workshop was as good if not better than any magazine and I found that I learnt a lot from watching the easy manner of (Uncle) Norm. I will get shot calling him that especially as he is about 7 years my junior.

Thread: Another weekend of under-achievment??
19/04/2008 18:06:00

I dont know you guys. What a waste throwing away good sawdust. I bought a 2 blade Planer specially to make chippings / Kitty Litter. So go out and get a Cat or Two. Recent reports suggest that you will be less liable to have a heart attack.

So the ultimate you enjoy making the kitty litter and you get the company of a Heart consultand thrown.

Its got to be good.

Thread: Setting up shop ~ part 1
19/04/2008 17:52:00

Hi All

Well mike five sheds. It wouldn't surprise me if my neighbours were calling me something similar. When I moved here there were two sheds. I moved them and built the workshop shed in their place that is 10 ft x 30 ft.

The smaller of the two became a Dust collection shed. it also houses two compressors. The pressures are set one a little higher than the other. Normally only one is in use but if I want to use an air sander which needs a lot of air the second compressor kicks in and gives the volume required.

The second shed and larger of the two houses my Electronic gear. It doesnot get much use these days but is very usefull when needed.

I bought a Gerden Shed for the Mower etc. It was at the right price at the end of a season, so was cheaper than a home build.

Then there is the Greenhouse bought from Ebay.

Recently I have built a summer house to house my other interest Astronomy. The Roof slides off so the telescope has a view of the sky.

I also do some metal work in the Garage. so things like a welder reside there.

The only problem with all this development the Town and country Planning Act allows Permitted Development. but restricts the development  so you must not cover more than 50% of the "Garden". Not precise wording of the act but the sentiment of it.

By the way a friend of mine bought a second hand Lathe and Mill for a reasonable price then had to sort out 3 phase to power them. The solution was to get a rotary convertor. He can now turn out all sorts of interesting things in Metal . Knowing someone like that means you can provide wood and he the metal bits. A good solution.

Thread: Cutting & Jointing MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard)
01/04/2008 09:48:00


 A most descriptive and helpfull piece Well done.


Thread: Another weekend of under-achievment??
29/03/2008 21:07:00
I have to admit the only time I have been in the area I have been trying to get to Dover. The last time was on Jan 15th 1986 there was rather a lot of Snow  We ended up being the first car to get to the docks for over 24 hours.
29/03/2008 20:43:00
Or id that just the pilgrims
29/03/2008 20:43:00
Canterbury isn't that where they go around on their knees because they dont have shoes 
25/03/2008 11:46:00

Well if Mike is proposing I will Second.  All in favour.... Sorry I cant see your hands, perhaps I should have gone to Specksavers.

25/03/2008 09:43:00


Thats a good Name "Two bit Planers"


24/03/2008 10:39:00

If you dont like the reference to "Bi". Bearing in mind how this thread has developed how about "Double Trouble Planer Boys" However if we are to be PC then we will have to drop the Boys bit, Persons doesn't have the same ring.


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