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Thread: Bowed cabinet lid
20/05/2008 23:05:00
Derek's solution sounds good to me. If the lid is kept closed and locked after the bow is taken out it should also help it to retain a good shape.
Thread: Setting up shop ~ part 2
20/05/2008 22:56:00

Hi Guys

If you want to phone Italy or anywhere overseas for that matter I can reccoment TeleDiscount. I use it every week to phone my Daughters in the USA the cost 1p per min.

On the question about space in the workshop. I have plenty and I can get all the machines in with no trouble. The problem comes when I try to do some work. There is no room for the job.


Thread: Chisels V. Health & Safety
15/05/2008 01:15:00
Well if they managed that without trying what could they have managed if they were to try.
12/05/2008 06:41:00
We only have ourselvs to blame allowing these fools to dominate the workplace. Safety is one thing stupidity is another. The lunatics are running the asylum. If the H&S people can do the job any better let them get on and do it. Stand up to them you have to have the courage of your convictions. If they sack everyone from all the sites the politicians will realise something has to be done. I am glad I am retired.
11/05/2008 21:19:00

I repeat my previous post


11/05/2008 17:36:00

I think I would tell them what I thought and if they wanted me to do the work then I do it on my terms. Allbe it safely. These stupid rules and jobsworths p**s me off. Its a good job I am almost 65 and out of the job market.


Thread: TV Woodwork
05/05/2008 12:39:00

I guess that the publicity Department are branching out. 40 years ago the big companies had large publicity Dept. who took all the Photos produced the brochures and made publicity films. I worked for Jones Cranes for a while and we made 16mm cine films of the new cranes working showing off their capabilities.

Today with Publicity Agencies doing all the work a lot of the tasks have been lost within companies.

I know Axminster have their own Photography Department. I had a chat with their photographer at the last Axminster swow o couple of years os so age. I suppose its a logical progression now that Video making has got computerised. With a half decent video camera and a Software package for under £100 you can start making very professional Movies. You need someone who can do a professional job. That is where it starts to cost. Most companies chose to get a professional specialist (Production Company) and that costs.

Thread: Chisels V. Health & Safety
03/05/2008 23:06:00


That sounds like one of those unfortunate accidents which are not down toany one in particular who caused it. The forklift driver could have been in a fatality on the way to work or on the way home. It would then have been an RTA number not an H&S one.

Over the years the workplace has become a much safer place because of good practices not H&S. I dont believe that accidents have reduced much since the introduction of H&S. I think they were already reducing , in part by good training and Union intervention.

03/05/2008 08:19:00
The Misses (Senior Management) made me sweep up the workshop last night. Do you think I could get compensation for her agressiveness?
02/05/2008 02:23:00

It is such a shame that legislation has had to be made for what is nothing more that good practice and common sense. This has all been brought pn by the minority, a few fools and bad Employers.

Ones safety always was and as far as I can see still is ones own responsibility.  The big differance today if you consider something as dangerous then you have the Law behind you when you refuse to do something.

This is true to the extent that if you are sacked and you have not been working for the company fpr 24 months, you can go to trubunal for exerting your rights under H&S. That appears to be ont bit of the leglisation not many know about.

30/04/2008 09:47:00


I dont think the basic test is "if you employ someone". I think you will find its"If you do work for reward", in otherwords you could bw a Sole trader.


Thread: What magazines do you read.
27/04/2008 11:11:00


Jou have to enter to be in with a chance of winning. So I very seldom enter and guess what I am not disapointed, I dont win.

I edit a small motorcycle club magazine a few years ago when we had over 100 members I was able to blag prizex from various companies. However now we only have about 20 members I dont have the cheek to ask. When I did offer prizes I often didn't have a problem with a winner as the enteries were in single figures. In my book a prety poor show.

When people pass a comment that so and so is not what it was etc. you can often trace that coment back to the change of Editor or editorial police dictated from on high!!.

I agree Plans and Projects is a very good publication. The plans are in my view for inspiration rather than pure production. However a great help. Only trouble is I will have to get a new filing cabinet I am geting so many.

Thread: Chisels V. Health & Safety
25/04/2008 18:56:00


You are very corect in what you say. However it is a pity the Legislation has been brought on us because of a few bad employers.

I worked for a company for a short while about 10 years ago. After a few days with the company I informed the MD that there were some issues with equiptment.  For example the mains socket fitted to the wall behind where I sat was hanging off the wall exposing bare connections. This was something I considered Dangerous. So I let my Boss Know. His words were "Well if you dont like it you know what to do" I had already seen his unreasonable attitude so chose not to fix it myself ( I was of course not qualified to Play with the building wiring).

I did know what to do and had a word with HSE. who snaged the firm on 15 major items. The Compressor had not been tested in living memory. Dangerous wiring The list just went on and on.

He was lucky not to be closed down. He lied that all had been sorted and they did not come back.

It is empolyers like thatwhich have brought the HS legislation on us all. It is a pain totally over the Top. But because most employees will not rock the boat and upset the boss by telling him when things are wrong in case they dont get a pay rise. We only have ourselves to blame. So although I sympathise I find no alternatinve but to agree (reluctantly) with the Law.

25/04/2008 17:04:00


I think you will find the main difference is an explosive cartridge similar to a bullet or blank.

25/04/2008 07:59:00

Having heard all these horror stories I think I had better put some guards on my nailers. From what has been sait a block of soft wood 150mm thich in frint of the gun should absorb any discharge.and a metal plate over the trigger will stop fingers from getting to the trigger.

Oh I might be easier to cut the Hose and remove the plug from the compressor.

I have found Hammers more dangerous than a gun. I have HURT my fingers with a Hammer. With good training with Bullet guns I carry over the same safety principals so far no incidents. Yes I have had Jamms etc. But it is easy to clear and repair if the tool is disconnected and the magazine cleared. You then have to deal with the one up the spout.

Thread: List of all the Shows
24/04/2008 23:59:00
If you watch the Woodworking Channel on the Internet they will probably do a report from Atlanta. They did last year. Ther e were some interesting items of hardware door furnature etc.
Thread: Chisels V. Health & Safety
24/04/2008 23:49:00

Most of these Acidents are realy Negligence so should be re named.

I did a stupid trick this week I was safety testing a Shredder which failed so I cut the plug off so it could not be used. Woops I cut the plug off the tester by mistake. What a stupid Boy.

As a youngster I and some friends used to play in the local woods. We climbed the trees and the disused Quarry cliff faces. Today I expect they are fenced off  What harm did it do. I now suffer from a serious problem, I have a head for heights. Before my hip gave out I could climb a Yachts mast un aided. In fact even with a duff hip I can still do it but very much slower.

A tile came loose on our roof last week So I had little choice but to walk up the roof with a bucket of Mortar and fix it.

The next thing we will hear is the Parachute Regiment will be banned from using Parachutes because they can fail. What a cockeyed world we live in.  People are scared of their shadows. Kids rule the streets and the Teachers are unable to control their charges.  Now they want more money.  What can we do?

Thread: TV Woodwork
24/04/2008 23:21:00


The problem with trying to make a DVD is the cost. If you want to show a new tool or technique there are two choices these days You hire in a good production company and pay the going rate. Or you get the local knowall guy who does weddings. Then you have a badly shot booring voice over wobbly effort. That would not do the magazine sales any good.

£) to 40 years ago most big companies had a publicity department with a decent Photographic Department. The Photogs would make 16mm films to a very high standard

Today all these jobs are contracted out.

Discovery Real Time, realy are a waste of time. They had a Forumn and the Workshop section had more hits than the others put together. The one thread that was most viewed and added to was the New Yankee Workshop thread. To my way of thinking that showed the popularity of the show. So what happened. Discovery ditched their Forumn and then reduced the New Yankee Workshop screenings. They stoped showing the earlier shows and didnt buy the new seasons. During the last year they have only shown a couple of seasons and now there appears to be nothing.

It is my guess that the earlier seasons had been purchased for showing for so many years. and the licence ran out and the same has happened for the rest of the seasons.

There are now three seasons which have never been shown in the UK, Seasons 18, 19 and 20. Season 20 has jest finished its first screening in the USA. The DVD's are now available should you wish to buy them.

I hope to see the Shows very soon. The first 9 are building a Kitchen and the final four are chairs and table projects.

David Free was the closest to an almost home grown Norm Abram. Discovery commisioned a first season. I believe that he had planned a second season whhich was killed. A great way to treat someone of his caliber.

Discovery today appear to cater for Home renavators who fish with highly decorated bodies.

We can bitch all we like but I dont see it making any differeance. A great shame. Now there's a title for a new show.

Thread: Another weekend of under-achievment??
23/04/2008 15:32:00

Hi Mike

I can understand where you are coming from. I feel much the same about shows in general these days. I would support an Axminster Show if there were one, as I like the company and Ian Styles.

Other peoples work finished does give one some ideas but you can get them from Photographs, magazines etc. With over 200 projects I find the New Yankee Workshop a source of inspiration. I also learn new techniques from it.

The above was my reason for sugesting an RV in Hampshire. I dont know where all live but it is central in the South. or would folks prefer somewhere further North but central. for example Newbury, Oxford, Buckingham. All are without a Woodworking Show but could provide a Watering Hole where wood could be discussed.  If using a Pub it might be possible to blag the use of a room for an hour or two to show some TV, prior to having a meal.

On the other hand a place like Seaton in east devon or Yeovil both have good tool shops with other attractions in the area. This would make a visit either mid week or weekend worth while and cater for more than just the Tool show goer.


22/04/2008 22:13:00


Thanks a lot for that vote of whatever.

Yes Kempton Park sounds good to me. I know that area quite well, in fact one contract I had was just down the road from there. You are right there are some places where the more savoury useres of caravans can reside.

I have not yet looked when the show is I think the last one was around November but probably wrong on that.

How does everyone else feel.?

Mind you your first point about meeting face to face is a valid one. However the point of meeting in not to make life long buddies with everyone. It is possible that you may meet someone who gells and someone who doesn't. The one thing we all have is an interest in making sawdust or kittylitter. and that is the common denominator.


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