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Thread: sedgewick planer thicknesser maintenance
28/02/2010 22:56:19
I dont know the Sedgwick machine, but these things are mechanically quite simple. If the roller is not turning it could be either a chain or cog. I am shure Sedgwick will be a help.
Thread: It is off topic, but......
28/02/2010 22:46:34
I saw this one as well I thought the guy was being a little rash.
Unless his name is Blane or Davenport. There are a few "Magicians" who could eat the evidence and then produce it a while later. Quite an easy trick that one. I used to do something similar with Cigarette papers as a kid. I could even turn the ciggi papers into an Egg.
Mind you I wouldnt buy a Scratch card on a plane just in case we didnt arive. That would be a terrible waste of money wouldnt it.
Thread: Clock
27/02/2010 15:45:29
Hi Sam
I cant say more about the clock it has already been said. A great job.
On the Photography fromt it is not bad. Only one thing it looks as though your light source was at the Camera hence the reflection in the centre of the Clock. Very often with modern Digital Cameras you can get away with the availabe light or use the room light. Switch off the flash and some light from about 45 degreesto the side of the camera. the reflection will be visible 45 degrees to the other side and not at the camera. also it will cause a little shadow and give some depth. Sorry Off topic Photography not woodwork.

Edited By Roger B on 27/02/2010 15:46:51

Thread: Router Table Build
26/02/2010 11:27:18
In my opinioon the best Router table design was done by the New Yankee Workshop. I used their design when I built my Router table. One or two others on here have used the design as a good starting point.
For Track Look at Rutland. I bought mine direct from the USA and I am super Happy with it I also got a realy good quality Mitre guide to fit the track. If I remember the track was made by Fast Track.
The Fence incorporates Dust extraction.
Thread: Spindle Moulder
24/02/2010 18:46:17
It could be lethal if the tool was made from inferior materials. If it is turned from tool steel and fitted in a good Router strongly made and used with care you should be OK.  I have not had a problem so far.  You are spinning a large mass of metal. not too disimilar to Raised Pannel set. So the router speed must be reduced and only fine cuts taken at a time.
I would always reccomend caution when using a machine outside its designed Parameters. I use a Dado set on my table saw. The shaft was not long enough so an adaptor was turned by the same person who made the Router Moulder adaptor.
I dont have any photos but will take a couple for you. As I dont have any album on this site PM me and I will Email to you if you give me your email address.

Edited By Roger B on 24/02/2010 18:50:37

Thread: Damaged Bandsaw Tyres
24/02/2010 18:39:03
The people at Sikka will say that sort of thing as you are asking about using the product for a purpose which it is not intended. If they say oh yes go ahead and the blade comes flying off  you might want to be difficult and try to claim from them.
My experience with the stif is on Boats. We used it to fill betreen some strips of wood to give a "Deck" appearance. When the wood plus Sikkaflex was sawn to size the whole off cut stayed in ne piece dur to the power of the Sikkaflex.  On a deck when it is used for sealing (Caulking) it is applied so it is proud of the deck. I have then used a belt sander to dress the surface down to the deck. It is realy good stuff. Just make certain there is no grease or dirt on the surface. 
A small tube should not break the bank . I would apply some tape to the side of the wheel to act as "Shuttering" and fill the area behind where yhou need repair. As I said before over fill. it can be dressed down with a sanding block clamped to hold a constant position and turn the wheel agains the sand paper. if need be readjust the block a couple of times.
Thread: Finding a Lathe
24/02/2010 18:22:25
Hi Geordie
Welcome to the site I cant spull eifer so dont worry no one comments on spelling only to help sort out questions.
Thread: Planer Thicknesser recommendation
22/02/2010 09:14:19
Jules if you post the item number we can look at the same thing you are looking at.
Thread: Dust Extractor
22/02/2010 09:12:06
In a word I would say no. If it is designed to pull air through 100 mm then run a 100 mm system. The cheapest way is to use plastic Soil pipes.
If you place the Suction unit in the middle of the run and have 2 runs one to the right and one to the left. Fit a blast gate between each run you then will be within the limits of the machine.
II would always reccomend getting the most powerful unit you can. I got mine from a Gent in North Devon Second hand. It has been fantastic.
Thread: Axminster AWEPT106
21/02/2010 13:27:40
The problem with fitting castors on the standard base is it makes the machine too high . Hence I make a castored base with a cabinet which takes the machine on top maknig the total height what I want.
My cabinet I made had a top edge for the machine to sit on at in feed and out feed ends. Between the edges I sloped the surface from center to either side so any chippings geting underneath could be easily removed. I also took the bottom off the machine. It was a sheet of steel with holes in it to allow chippings to fall through. I did the same thing with the Table saw.
Making a castor base I was able to make it wider than the machine so when the castor is turned under the base the weight is not outside the castors. THus making it more stable.
Thread: Roking Motorbike
20/02/2010 18:14:45
One big family even if some of us are the poorer relatioons now our subscription has finished.
Thread: Axminster AWEPT106
20/02/2010 18:09:28
I dont know this machine personally but looking at the Axminster pages it looks OK to me. One of the important factors is feed speed versus knife speed. These machines cut little scolops out of the timber the faster the knives rotate and the slower the feed the closer the cuts are . If the feed speed is too fast you get a corugated effect. When the formula is right the material looks and feels perfectaly flat and smooth.
If you live near an Axminster outlet phone them up and see if they have one on Demo.
Their mail place at Axminsted in Devon might be the best bet. All I can say the staff at Axminster (Devon) are very helpfull.
The one thing I would do is to make a base with Axminsted 100mm braked Castors and pet some drawers in a cupboard on the base then fit the machine without its base. My Schepech had a metal base but I needed the machine to be mobile. ANd utilised the space under the machine which otherwise would have been dead.
Thread: Planer Thicknesser recommendation
20/02/2010 00:26:52
The best machine you might have a chance of buying is a Schepach . The older ones had a steel table . Not as good as cast but I find mine perfectally adequate. It also gives a very good cut and came top in the Woodworker review some 6 or 7 years ago.
You might have to up your finances a bit  to get a good machine even without a Cast table.
Thread: Spindle Moulder
20/02/2010 00:21:51
I made an adaptor for my router table. so it will take normal Moulder knives.
Basically it is a turned piece of steel which fits the 1/2 collet and takes a Moulder head. The router should be run at a slower speed as the edge of the cutters travel much faster due to their larger diameter.  WHat I mean is their speed in feet per second not Revs per Min. It works well, but I would never reccomend someone making an adaptor to use a machine in a way not intended by the manufacturer.
Thread: Damaged Bandsaw Tyres
20/02/2010 00:15:37
I dont believe a hard filler will do the job. The tyre which is damaged is basically a soft covering to the metal wheel. if the wheel were damaged I would say use an Epoxy filler. West Epoxy is a good system.
To repair the rubber tyre i would reccomend a rubber look alike. There is a very good product called Sikkaflex. It is a Polysulphide Caulking used in the boat industry. It dries in the presence of moisture in the atmosphere. You can get a primer although this may not be necessary. I would key the metal surface by abrading it. then build up the Sikkaflex so it is proud of rhe final diameter required, and allow it to dry. Leave it a couple of days.
Once the Sikkaflex is well hardened spin the wheel apply a sanding block whish is hinged to something firm this way you can sand the sikkaflex to a surface which complements the original tyre.
I hope this is clear. I know what I mean the problem is do you?
That is quite a nice piece of kit you have. I also bought a Second hand Big Bandsaw. a Minimax. I hope you will be as pleased with yours as I am with mine.
Thread: Mystery wood
16/02/2010 20:24:03
Overheating is a common problem which people call "The computer crashed". They then go to the expert who tells them it is a gonner. WHen all it needed was the fans and heat sink cleaning out. THis is most common in houses where there are pets and the computer is kept on or near the floor.
 Remedy:  A half inch soft paint brush. A pipe connected to the Vacume cleaner a screwdriver and a little care and patience.
Clean the computer and make certain all the air paths are open and not blocked by Dust Lint.
16/02/2010 17:14:45
Hi Sparky
Do you need any help?
Thread: Idiot 'experts'
12/02/2010 16:50:45
The House we live in was given a revamp by the previous owner. He put on an extension, new doors that sort of thing. I never noticed it untill a friend pointed it out. All the doors have been humg upside down, with the broad stretcher at the top instead of at the bottom.
Well they can stay that way I cant be bothered trying to sort out someones elses error.
Thread: Low antique furniture prices
12/02/2010 16:40:44
If the shop is claiming the Table was an antique when they sold it to you I know what I would do. Contact Trading Standards.they would be more than interested to hear about the place.
There is nothing wrong in making reproduction stuff. It can even sell for a decent price but to make out sonething which was built last week is an antique is nothing less than Fraud and Misrepresentation. and should be dealt with in the appropriate manner.
How would you feel if the Woodworker next month did a reprint on a magazine they first published 30 years ago and claimed it to be new for next month. Get the B******S nicked.
Thread: Idiot 'experts'
11/02/2010 23:37:13
Talking of Copper.Back in the 80's I was fitting a new bathroom in out hous. Our next door neighbour was a shift worker so I was being very carefull to find out when he was working.  I was able to do quiert jobs in the mornings and the noisey stuf after my neighbour got up.
Well one day I gad got most of the plumbing finished and at 9 pm I was putting the floor boards back down. Yes I was tired but that was no excuse. In went the nails. I then heard a noise from the pipes. Yes you guessed it I had gone throuugh one of the new pipes.
I shouted to Senior Management to turn off the water and a few heavey bangs with the haller and the boarts were up. Very shortly after came a similar banging on the front door. Mrs next door was a little unhappy to say the least. I did not have time to explain what was going on so my words were short and not very sweet.  Never had any more complaints, in fact never had to speak to her again. Oh well every cloud has a silver lining.
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