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Thread: Wood burning stoves.
02/12/2009 15:53:02
I like Dave's idea it sounds good. I use a Portable Gas fire. Yes it does produce some moisture. I havnt found that to be a problem. My workshop is similar the timber walls are insulated and skinned with Ply. However I have one long Wall which is Block and it is a retaining wall for the edge of the Garden and next door's ground. Although I tanked the wall it is still somewhat damp.
Thread: Splintering plywood with a circular saw
02/12/2009 15:47:22
A fin sharp blade may help. I always cut through masking tape. In part to reduce splintering but the mainreason is for marking out. It is easy to redo a line if I mark it in the wrong place. I usually cut with sme waste to allow for a little splintering.
The edge can then be trimmed up on the table saw or using a router against a straight edge.
Thread: i laughed out loud to this one
02/12/2009 15:24:10
The cats are house cats so dont have a Cat Flap to negotiate.
Our Cats dont often fall out of bed.
Thread: Squeaky Hinges
02/12/2009 15:19:26
I would just use 3 in 1 and dont over do it apply the oil with a thin screwdriver. Lay some newspaper on the floor first to catch any small drips or accidents.
An alternative would be to replace the hinges. however probably not practical
Thread: I hope their tools are more reliable
02/12/2009 15:14:30
Most on this Forum use the Garage for other uses.
I have heard people say they carry a bottle of water in the car and they claim it has never frozen. Like you I use warm water usually from the kettle.
However now I am retired the answer is to roll oveer and have a lie in.
Thread: Steve's New Camvac installed
02/12/2009 15:07:55
A nice set up for Steve. However I see he will have the same problem I have. When the bag is removed with the chippings it will be somewhat difficult if very full to get it off the Wire frame without spilling some of the contents. THe answer of course is to empty often. A bug job on the planer thicknesser will be when it manisfests itself.
02/12/2009 15:00:41
My wife pushes me out of the way to get at the lathe.
I must admit it can be quite helpfull when I have a big project on I can get her to help. Pretty usefull
Thread: bandsaw concern
30/11/2009 21:57:44
As a general rule if ever there is vibration on any machine . remove the blade this will show if the problem is in the motor and driven wheel or elsewhere. Plus all the preceding advice.
Glad the problem is sorthe Alan
Thread: i laughed out loud to this one
30/11/2009 21:48:39
Can you ask your mate if he can let me have an odd quarter.
We have two cats one Male and one Female both have been "done". The little girl calls the male he tries to do what he ought. but has a problem. The viagra might help!!!
Thread: Poor Man's Planer
30/11/2009 21:39:04
Black and Decker used to do a jig to hold their Planer in an upside down configuration. It was fitted with a spring loader guard. I dont know if this is of help If you want one let me know I dont know if I still have one ( I it can be found)
Thread: Qtr sawn Oak or Sycamore
29/11/2009 22:15:35
You could try RA Bampton in Southampton. They have an extensive stock of Timber. I have never caught them out.
Thread: Brian's Walnut & glass TV stand
28/11/2009 22:28:55
Hi Charlie
I also am in Devon and have a similar client. Trouble is they are very bad payers.
Look forward to seeing your posts
Thread: Tablesaws and Bandsaws
28/11/2009 08:20:47
My Band saw is over 6 feet tall it is a massive brute but no where as good as the table saw. However they are designed for dis similar jobs yes both cut wood but not in the same way. I would be hard pushed to cut a Dado with a band saw.
We should compare like with like.
Thread: back yet again
28/11/2009 08:06:43
Your lucky the phone keeps ringing
A friend of mine who works in TV went sailingfor a few months The phone didnt ring. When he bumped into someone he knew. he was told word had gone round he had died.
Thread: Tony's first Pyrographic portrait
26/11/2009 20:28:12
It sounds as though all the tools are a modification of Soldering Irons. I trust you dont pick up the tool bu the business end. I often got burnt on soldering irons and can now pick up plated which are very hot.
Thread: Brian's Walnut & glass TV stand
26/11/2009 20:23:43
What better reason for building a project.
Thread: help
25/11/2009 11:16:08
Have a look at this
it may give you some ideas. The main pipe has a screw fitting at the extreme end for cleaning out if required.. At the suction end the pipe drops down the wall and then through into the dust collection shed. The bottom 90 degree bend has a roding port in it for clearing any blockages. These can be easliy created if the collection bag gets full and you dont notice. The white fittings are lavatory pan connectors. They fit the Axminster Plastic Blast Gates. Axminster also do adaptors of various sizes. I also fitted outlets of smaller size these take a taper push fit hose and when not in use are pluged with a wooden tapered bung made on the lathe.
Any questions just ask
Thread: Hello - and some advice please!
25/11/2009 11:05:10
On the second hand machine front Only buy if you can try. If the machine sounds rough, metal grinding etc keep away. Check blades to see if there is any in and out movement in the shaft and does the blade wobel again stay clear. if a blade is blunt or worn it can be replaced at little expense. Band Saw check that the wheel runs true no wobble. The blade guids turn free or if tof the static type they are intacr. Usually there are guides above the table and below.
There must be someone on this Forum who is in the area to help.
25/11/2009 10:58:35
Hi Admiral
I take it from your last post that you are in the Manchester area. Some of the Old Victorian Houses in that area have some interesting features. Like Thick Slate Tables in the cellar. They were used to keep milk and perishables cool. I dont know the lay out of your property. I agree it is quite a task to lower the floor. It is one which I would have taken on when I was a few years younger.
If the floor has a concrete surface you may find a previous owner laid it over the victorian floor hence it being on a slope. DIY jobs are often less than perfect. it might be worth making a small test hole which can be filled with a bucket of concrete if you do not wish to go further.. If there is access to the outside wall in the area of the cellar it might be possible to dig a small hole on the outside. If you did decide to do work yourself you could pass all the debris through a temporary window. You could also pass mixed concrete the same way. I accept it is not a zero cost job but if you do it yourself it will not be too pricey. Friends and Family can often be of help in these jobs. When you ask round it is surprising what tallents people have. Some years ago I hit a Deer with the car, I have never seen so many Butchers appear from the woodwork.
Thread: Tony's first Pyrographic portrait
25/11/2009 10:37:06
It is a lovely piece of work.

Edited By sparky on 25/11/2009 19:56:04

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