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Thread: Richard's competition entry
16/03/2010 19:01:45
What a lovely piece. which is more than can be said for the rubbish perpetrated by the "students" elsewhere on this site.
It is a real inspiration.

Edited By Roger B on 16/03/2010 19:02:10

Thread: Alexandra Palace Show
13/03/2010 09:05:02
I had totally forgoten it was this weekend. But I wasn't going any way. Next year perhaps a Badge Template could be put on the Forum then those who wish to rember who they are could print it out with their names on. (sorry warped sense of Humour). A plastic holder could be put in the magazines or sent in return for a Stamped envelope.
Thread: How to finish MDF
12/03/2010 19:04:55
If youi are not too far into the build STOP and make it from Venered MDF. Lip the edges with a contrasting hard wood and it will look great.  Oak and redwood go well together. The surface can then be finished with varnish, Oil etc.
Thread: Axminster AW16BMES Bench Morticer
12/03/2010 11:24:48
I dont have information on the Axminster machine. If it is from Axminster It should be OK. I have a Morticer and would not be without it..
Some years ago I bought a tennoning jig to compliment the morticer. The two together are great I can make dozens of joints in next to no time.
I made a bench for a friend it had  about 48 mortice and tennons. It took me longer to plane the timber to size than do the joints.
Thread: Woodstar DC12 Dust/Chip Extractor
12/03/2010 11:18:54
Hi Andrew, and welcome from me.
If you have the space outside the workshop I would reccomend building a small lean too  and have the extractor in there. The hose can be piped using plastic soil pipe, which is quite cheap. It will save space in the workshop. Fine dust will be removed from the workshop as well. The noise level in the workshop will aslo be reduced.
If using Plastic run a bare copper wire down the inside of the plastic pipe and ground it to the chassis of the suction unit. This will remove any static build up. I have never heard of a home system exploding due to static but I guess most people would not wish to be the first.
Good luck and let us know how you are doing.
Thread: Banning of Chisels
12/03/2010 11:08:28
Yet another case of the lunatics running the asylum.
How can you prepare food withouta knife
how can you do Wood work without sharp tools Chisels Saws etc. I was exposed to very sharp tools as a child. My teachers ( my Father and a woodworking teacher at school) must have done something right as I still have a full house in the finger score.
You cant teach people skills without allowing them to use decent tools. My eldest daughter (she is now 45 +) at the age of 5 saw me using tools an wanted to have a tool kit for christmas. She got it and now there is not a job in the house she cant tackle. She can deal with wood, but concentrates on Tiling and soft furnishings. The only problem she had was to pierce a finger when sewing. The hospital were quite impressed when she arrived at A & E (she drove herself). She had removed the nedle from the machine and left it in her finger. She is a great girl and can do anything she wants to do.
Lets start a movement to shut the aslyum.
Thread: Andy's Victorian style front door
12/03/2010 10:54:24
I like the wedge jig. However I would like to have seen him check the door for square, it only needs to be a degree or so off and you have problems.
Thread: insurance
07/03/2010 11:40:06
Thanks for the explanation. I now understand. If you bought the car from a trader they should have informed you. If not you can i believe make a claim against them. If it was a private sale then the old addage of Buyer Beware comes in.
Thread: scheppach ts4020 scoring unit
06/03/2010 12:17:31
I would have thought the answer is yes and I dont know.
Your best bet is to contace NMA who are the importers. I found them helpful when I contacted them.
Thread: how can i make uniform diametre ends to coppiced poles?
06/03/2010 12:14:39
None of my business, but what do you want a Dome for I am intrigued?
Thread: insurance
06/03/2010 12:09:59
Sorry I dont understand the X plate bit. Forgive me if I am being dense but can you explain.
The car should have a market value which is relative to age and condition. Buy a car today for say £10,000 and you will be lucky to get £9,000 on Insurance, Tomorow.
The answer to the Insurance compamy is to go to another ask friends who they are with and have they claimed and what they think.

Edited By Roger B on 06/03/2010 12:11:51

Thread: Table saw blade
05/03/2010 19:22:56
You might well do well net time you are buying a machine to think Axminster. They are getting bigger almost by the month. OK I exagerate a bit.  It is only a short while ago they only had 2 shops now they have 4. Ian Styles has been busy..
05/03/2010 00:12:21
Big Al
OK point taken. I suppose that was something of a Senior Moment. It didnt even register as Imperial. Oh stupid me.
I would still reccomend CRM they also have a CNC sharpening machine and can look after your blades in the future. They are only a postman away if you dont live in the are Hampshire area.. I am in Devon and use them.

Edited By Roger B on 05/03/2010 00:13:38

Thread: insurance
05/03/2010 00:06:29
Another poiint on telling Lies to the Insurance company. If in the event of a claim they discover you made a false declaration when applying you stand a good chance of having the claim rejected. The grounds for rejection would be "A false material decelaration".
May not be worth it.
05/03/2010 00:03:54
There is one answer to car insurance. If you have a fair few quid dont insure the car. It is a Myth, people say you have to have Insurance. Believe me you dont. 
If you wish you can lodge a large sum of money with the Treasurey and have a certificate of Indemnity.
I have only ever seen two of these one was the MoD the other a very large PLC who shall remain nameless.
So for us mere mortals we carry on paying the Insurance Parasites, sorry I mean companies
Thread: Super Glue
04/03/2010 23:56:28
Carbon Monoxide also does not smell. In fact I think you will find other Noxous gases are Odourless and colourless.
As I said before, I would be very carefull about using any Cyanide basec product, especially outside it intended area of use. Cyanide is onee of the poisions which has a build up ability . Again I would not wish to buy a pen made using such a product and I suspect many others might think twice. Pens are so often put in the mouth and sucked possibly in the belief it aids concentration.
Any dust in the lungs can cause problems and a good mask should always be used. If you look at some of the dust related problems. Nasel Cancer discovered in High Wycombe Furnature Makers. This was attributed to hard wood dust. I could go on but at nearly midnight I will refrain.
Thread: Table saw blade
03/03/2010 23:55:23
Use a tape measure and measure the machine you will soon see if there is any chance of the larger blade causing a clash.
I would reccomend contacting CRM saws at Waterloovile in Hampshire. They are experts in Saw blades and can advise you on blades to use for particular applications you have. As far as the bore size I would prefer  ot use an adaptor in the blade. CRM can supply blades with the center to the size you require.  I would suggest checking the shaft as 25.4 sounds a bit odd. 25 .00 yes almost half a mm clearance sounds a bit loose to me. However CRM will advise.
Thread: Super Glue
03/03/2010 23:46:43
Not being a Chemist I am guessing but I would be surprised if I am not close.
1.  The vapours given off are likely to be a Cyanide b\sed vapour. Not the sort of thing you should be breathing.
2. Your best protection is not to use this product as a Polish.
Any material containing Cyanide should be handled with care. WHen I was a Photographer we used to have Potassium Fericyanide in one of the processes. It can be absorbed by the skin and finger nails. 
Perhaps more important I would not wish to use a pen which had been finished with such a product  I hope you put a health warning on them.
Sorry to be such a Kill joy
Thread: Air drven piercing tools
02/03/2010 19:09:07
I have two small compressors and would not be without them. If you want to use a tool which has what I term a single shot shuch as a nailer then one of these small compressors is fine. If you want to do something which requires a continuous run like sanding you need to look at the air demand for the tool. THe small compressors can typically supply some 5 of 6 cu ft of air per minute. A sander might require 10 cu ft per minute. SO one small compressor will run out of air in a few seconds. Hence I have 2 compressors.  Normally I only run one compressor to inflate tyres and bang in the odd brads. The blower also gets the odd bit of use. When I want to sand I put both compressors on and one has its pressure switch set just under the other. THese 2 units reside outside the Workshop in the Dust collection shed. They can be switched on remotley from the workshop as can the Dust extraction system. If you can get one at the right price go for it a small unit will be limited but think out side the box. you will find it worthwhile.
Thread: KraftKabin
02/03/2010 18:55:46
Thanks guys I would love to go, but a bit far from Brixham at short notice. I would not mind taking the Caravan up next year and making a week of it.
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