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Thread: Gilded vase
09/03/2011 20:53:07
Posted by Ron Davis on 09/03/2011 19:40:43:
Baz, I have not seen an acrylic in anything but black spray. My vase was done with artists acrylic brushed on, I used a sueds brush as did Dave, and to make sure blew the dust out with an airline

Sorry missed your post earlier.

I`ve just been reading about using an airline to remove dust, it was recommended to do so before applying any finish on any turned piece, so preventing any contaminants on the surface damaging the piece as the finish is applied.
I`ll give that a try Derek, sounds not only interesting but also cheap.

09/03/2011 20:23:00
Nice effect Derek.
How long does the vinegar take to dry out once applied?
Thread: Anyone seen Sparky?
09/03/2011 11:54:52
Thanks Marc.
Glad to see you posting.
Thread: Gilded vase
09/03/2011 11:51:08
Hi George,
I completely agree with you on the total colouring of timber until it becomes unrecognisable as wood, it may as well be a piece of turned plastic.
I`ve recently seen some quite interesting coloured pieces, where the turners have used colour to emphasize the features of plain pieces of wood, & as i have rather a lot of sycamore, i thought i`d give it a try.
I like the spirit stains as they allow the grain pattern to show through, which in my mind is always a good thing.
Thanks Derek,
I`m pleased with the result particularly as it`s my first attempt.
Lovely bowl & some good advice, cheers.
I`ve just bought some Chestnut ebonising spray as i`ve a similar idea as yours, i`ll post photos as & when.
Thanks Ian,
As i get quite a few large off cuts of American oak anything that helps with it`s open grain is a bonus, now i`ve done this one i think i`ll invest in some different coloured gild waxes.
08/03/2011 20:22:23
Looks good Ron,

Colouring is new to me so all advice is welcome.
08/03/2011 20:17:15
Cheers Paul,
All i did was to use a toothbrush to remove the dust from the open grain to allow for the wax to take hold, when applied.
Thanks Dave,
I`ve got some liming wax some where so i`ll give it a try,i`ll also look out for a suede brush, the toothbrush wasn`t really as stiff as i`d have liked, thanks for the tip.
I`ve just taken another photo as the colour in the first photo isn`t a true representation .


Edited By baz on 08/03/2011 20:18:44

08/03/2011 19:17:28
Thought i`d post todays effort, continuing with my experiments at colouring
This is an Oak vase 5 1/2" high, stained black with Chestnut spirit stain, then the grain pours cleaned out & filled with gold gild wax.
I`ve put a few WIP photos >>here<<
Thread: Anyone seen Sparky?
08/03/2011 16:14:57
Thank you Ian.
Thread: Baz's Mallet
08/03/2011 16:12:52
Thanks Richard & Ian, i`m quite enjoying doing the blog, it`s also motivating me to get at the lathe, so no bad thing there.
Hopefully i can keep it regularly update, so making it worth revisiting.
Thread: new workshop
08/03/2011 16:07:46
Hi & welcome to the site Novice.
I think to give any answer to your question we would need to more about what branch of woodworking you are pursuing & also what tools & equipment you already have.
Filling in your profile is a good start & a couple of photos of your shed would also help.
There`s plenty of friendly folk round here who i`m sure will be only too happy to help you out.
Cheers for now.
Thread: Toys and more toys
08/03/2011 08:46:10
Ron, Your fort looks excellent, well done.
Good on you & your club for helping out
Thread: Baz's Mallet
08/03/2011 08:38:38
Thanks lads.
I made the mallet as a gift for a friend. I`ve included it & the making of it on a blog i started, the intention of which is to build a gallery of my work rather than produce a true blog.
After posting my work for for a number of years now on different forums, I decided i`d like to bring all of my projects together in one place, so i have a record of my work.
A blog seemed the easiest way to achieve this, though i`ve been surprised just how long it takes to sort out, so this could well be a long term project
If you`re interested it`s >>here<<
Thread: Lucky Week
08/03/2011 08:20:49
I look forward to seeing the pen Derek.
I`ve read Bill Jones`s book, so know this kind of material can be turned, but have never seen or tried it myself.
Good luck, as my mate is prone to saying "it`s all good experience"
Thread: Baz's Platter
08/03/2011 08:16:43
Thanks Derek.
The platter is a little over 10" x8" in old money, made from an off cut of American Oak, finished with carnauba wax.

I was particularly pleased with the grain pattern.
Thread: Anyone seen Sparky?
08/03/2011 08:12:01
Thanks chaps, much appreciated.
06/03/2011 21:59:23
Posted by George Arnold on 05/03/2011 18:07:02:
Ron he is certainly conspicuous by his absence. I like you hope all is okay I have seen the odd post , as with Baz.
Hi George,
Hope you are well,
I have been keeping an eye on things . My Dad passed away a few days before Christmas, which has left me a little dispirited, so much so that i`ve only recently been back at the lathe.
I`m sure it wont be long before i`m back to posting like a rash, i`ve even manage to upload a few photos tonight .
Best wishes.

Thread: stains
02/03/2011 09:25:06
Sorry,though you were staining your turnings
To stop blotchy staining, use a sanding sealer first,(one that is compatible with your stain) this will seal the surface of the wood, so helping to give an even penetration when the stain is applied.
Thanks all for the kind comments re the vase.
Thread: Router & Router Table
02/03/2011 09:19:12
One source >>here<< Ron.
Thread: stains
27/02/2011 16:09:06
Hi Derek,
I`ve been experimenting recently with Chestnut`s stains, >>these<<
This bud vase i just wiped the stains on, 4 in total, the photo doesn`t quite give the colour change justice,


I then finished it with carnauba wax, it`s early days yet but i`ve a few ideas i want to try including air brushing & being a bit bolder in the use of the brighter colours.
Thread: laburnum logs any use?
10/12/2010 21:16:30
Hi Alex & welcome to the forum.
Weather permitting, i`m in your neck of the woods on the 16th of december & would be interested in some of your laburnum if it`s still available then.
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