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Thread: The Woodworking Channel (Internet TV)
17/02/2008 20:46:00

Thanks John,

Had a look this evening, very good, saw some router workshop didn`t realise the sons of laurel & hardy had teamed up, only joking some good tips to be had.

cheers Baz.

Thread: Setting up shop ~ part 2
17/02/2008 11:31:00

It doesn`t matter how much money you`ve got, i`ve never met a woodworker with enough space in his workshop. There`s always just one more toy to buy, then you need a bigger place. Just think of the headache if you had millions you would spend more time buying then having to build bigger workshops you would never get anything made.

Sparkys right if i had everything i wanted, i wouldn`t have anything to fall to sleep dreaming about.     Baz.

Thread: Bandsaw advice please
17/02/2008 11:14:00

Thanks for that info boys, will ring them tomorrow.

Anymore anyone ?     Baz.

Thread: Mitre fence track
17/02/2008 11:06:00

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone would know where i could buy mitre track from, its to match the slot in an old Wadkin saw, I see Rutlands stock a T track, but was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere else that might stock it.

Cheers Baz.

Thread: Bandsaw advice please
16/02/2008 21:01:00

Al many thanks,

Have watched the wood whisperer, now feel more confident, the instructions that came with the bandsaw were not bad but the photographs were not very clear. It`s always a lot easier when you have watched something rather than just read about it, well at least it is for me, thanks again.


Thread: Problems with workshop moisture and cast iron tools
16/02/2008 20:06:00

Hi Jaden,

I used to have a similar problem in my last workshop which i heated with an electric convector heater. I bought a second hand dehumidifier connected it to a length of copper pipe which went through the wall, left it on day & night & the water ran out on to the garden.The benefit i found with this was not just the cutting down on condensation but when i turned the heater on the workshop seemed to warm up a lot quicker.

best wishes Baz.

Thread: Bandsaw advice please
15/02/2008 20:35:00

Hi all,

Bought a new Record bandsaw from the Ally Pally show,the BS3000X, it came with a blade but from what i`ve read its best to discard any blade you get with a new machine & buy a could quality one.

So the first question is are Record blades of a good quality. Second does anyone have any tips on setting up a bandsaw. Oh i should have said at the start i`ve never had a bandsaw before, even though i`ve been woodworking 31 years. So i`m a complete novice & would appreciate any advice.

Thanks in advance Baz.

Thread: batteries
14/02/2008 21:19:00


Have you tried ebay, i  bought some Makita products that were american spec with no ce mark, but were dispatched from a uk base. So no import tax. I got the lithium iron six pack for £475-00 plus p&p. I did have a problem with the one drill but Makita were good as gold, sent a courier to pick it up & it was returned next day problem sorted. As for charging they will charge from a 110volt transformer.

Hope this helps Baz

Thread: Intl. Woodworking Exhibition
13/02/2008 22:13:00

Wish my fuel was only £30 Steve, my old van does 35 miles to the gallon so at 380 miles i could have bought the wood for my next project. We all live & learn, just wish some lessons weren`t so expensive.

Cheers Baz.

Thread: Cutting & Jointing MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard)
10/02/2008 20:53:00

I cut a lot of mfc & if both sides are visible i always rout the edge with a sharp, quality router cutter, never had any chipping. Only like routing kitchen worktop, you only chip it if your cutter is not sharp. As for trimming edging any very sharp flat tool edge will give a good finish. a really sharp plane iron is as good as anything.

Hope this helps Baz.

Thread: Intl. Woodworking Exhibition
10/02/2008 20:32:00

Sunday night, got back from the show at 7pm, 380mile round trip & a little dissapointed. Managed to get what i went for, bandsaw, dust deputy & a few bits & pieces. But on the whole not as good as the previous Birmingham shows i have been to. Exhibitors & demonstraters a little thin on the ground. Got talking to one exhibitor who said it had it had cost around £6000-00 to stand, so perhaps thats why the hall did not seem full. But at £9-50 to get in i was expecting a little more. I would go so far as to say the D&M show at Kempton park was better & was free to get in to. Curtainly Makita & dewalt had bigger offerings At D&M & as for the Trend stall their prices were more than the D&M cataloge price, so no incentive to by from the show.

Just hope the Birmingham show is on next year at least i wont have to drive so far to be dissapointed.

Cheers all Baz.

Thread: 3 phase to single
28/01/2008 19:23:00


 thanks for the information, ive just been on Amazon & managed to get the book you refered to for £ 6-60 so i wont trouble you for a scanned diagram, but thanks for the offer.

With regard to the single phase motor i have fitted, i had  been told that you can get a coil starter, which you can adjust the coil in, to give enough power to the motor to get the cutter block moving. Once the block is moving the hard work is done. At the moment if i power up the motor it draws 48 amps to start the cutterblock moving. This happens only for a millisecond & as the block speeds up the amps drop to the normal running of the motor. the problem with this as i under stand is the high ampage will burn out the windings. It also dims the street lights when i switch it on. So i was wondering if anyone knew about these coil starters, whether what ive been told is right or wrong or if there is anyother way of starting the motor without the high amp draw.

cheers Baz

Thread: How is GW for you?
27/01/2008 21:16:00

Ben, would it be possible to a classified ads section for members, with pictures of goods, im always put off from buying from magazine classified ad discriptions, after travelling a long way to buy a tool which was not quite as discribed. A photo would have saved a lot of time & trouble

best wishes & thanks for a great site,  Baz.

Thread: 3 phase to single
27/01/2008 13:40:00

 Has anyone got any advice on changing an old surface planer from three phase to single phase. I have managed to mount a 2hp motor on to the machine but have been given differing advice on starters for it & don`t want to waste money buying the wrong thing. Has anyone had the same trouble?

Cheers Baz.

Thread: record power nova dvr
09/12/2007 09:54:00

I bought a dvr after going on a turning course on which the dvr was used for training, that was nearly two years ago. I was fairly new to turning, but listened to the other guys on the course who were moaning about the inadequacies of their lathes & how impressed they were with the dvr.

As for value for money, as with most things you get what you pay for,i have found it excellent. It is easy to use, the controls are simple changing speed at the touch of a button. The lathe is heavy, there is no vibration & in reviews i have read since buying the machine the main gripe is about the paint finish, which tells me there is not a lot wrong with the lathe itself.

The only thing i have noticed is it has come under the Record banner,though i saw one recenty at the D&M tool show and apart from the livery it looked the same, perhaps they have improved the paint finish.

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