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Thread: Suffolk Latch (2)-Oak.jpg
26/02/2008 22:31:00

As my old dad always said

"women can`t live with um, cant live with um." & no he reckoned he hadn`t got the saying wrong.

Have to agree with Marc, lovely job Mike.              Baz

Thread: 2200 Members, only 57 galleries!!
26/02/2008 21:37:00

Mike, Sparky, Derek & all.

Well it`s taken all night, but finally my first gallery. thanks OPJ, Downloaded Picasa & after a little head scratching got it sorted. Maybe now i might upload an image, but not tonight!!!!!!! shattered, all this thinking is more tiring than working.

So as mike says " come on you can". Believe me if i can ,you can, unless as Bob says you haven`t got a digital camera??

Best wishes Baz 

26/02/2008 20:14:00

I`ve tried to upload photos the thumb nails say they are about 2.20KB on average but they wont load.Any help would be greatly received, simple words please. I`m alright with wood, but cameras & computers there are completely alien to me, didn`t need, cards, batteries, leads & discs on my box brownie. progress bah humbug


Thread: Dust deputy
26/02/2008 18:47:00

John, they had the gorilla at the back of their stand, not sure if it was working. They did demo the deputy though.

Cheers Baz.

Thread: Video - making a raised panel with a hand plane
25/02/2008 22:03:00

Watched the video, very good, only a little unfair to say you wouldn`t have set the router up in the two minutes it took to make the panel.As you wouldn`t have sharpened the plane iron & set it in the plane that quickly either.

Great to see traditional techniques though.  Baz

Thread: Sparky's Homemade Router Table
25/02/2008 21:25:00

Sparky where art thou sparky????

No posts all weekend.

Thread: Another weekend of under-achievment??
25/02/2008 21:21:00

Mike, as the good lady had seen your plans for the weekend (looking over my shoulder as per usual) i have to admit to not being totally gutted  that you didn`t achieve it all, sorry, but with the words WHAT THE HELL DO YOU DO ALL WEEKEND IN THAT WORKSHOP ringing in my ears, I have to admit to hoping some of of your list  would remain unfinished.

But from the looks you still manged to cram in plenty, heres looking forward to a satisfying next weekend.   Baz

Thread: Dust deputy
25/02/2008 20:58:00

I have to turn the transformer off Mike as it buzzes louder than the stereo.As for the zapper i don't let the kids or her in doors into the workshop, so its a funny thing but i can always lay my hands on anything i want. Different story in doors, zapper, tool catalogue they all disappear as soon as they are put down.

Got to admit this isn`t the first remote controlled plug in socket i`ve had, first one i got 5 years ago, it was a boon, but it was a lot more expensive & you only got one socket.I think the Tesco price is great, & the good lady has just informed me that you can get 4 sockets & 1 remote for £30-00. Bargain.


25/02/2008 18:06:00

excellent Mike, different principle but the same result, i`d seen an attachment for sale that went on a dustbin before but was dubious, but obviously there is more than one way to skin a fish.

You mention switching yours on by a pull cord, i`ve just come across remote switching plug in sockets at Tesco. Two sockets & one remote for £20-00. The remote can control 4 seperate plug in sockets individually, each socket rated at 3120 watts. I`ve two vac type extractors & my chop saw is off a transformer, so as both vacs are either end of the shop & the transformer is in the middle i no longer have to walk up & down the shop turning them on & off, just flick the remote  & which ever machine i`m at, the extractors come on. 

As for taking it back i don`t think they would like what it looks like now,especially since its plumbed into an extractoin line & has been severely tested. Also it`s not like i can say it doesn`t do what they said it could.

All the best Baz

24/02/2008 22:31:00

Mike sorry I'm a slow typer,couldn`t get my answer on quick enough.Look on the bright side if you had of marketed it, you`d have had the worry of spending all that money?

anyway i wont be able to sleep tonight not knowing???? did you get all your list of work done.

cheers Baz.

24/02/2008 22:20:00

Mike, its basically a metal drum with a conical cyclone on top which your shop vac hose attaches to the top of. Then a hose attaches from the side of the cyclone to what ever you want extract from,sander,router etc.

The makers claim something like 99 percent of your waste ends up in it & not your vac.  A claim that looks to be true in my experience.


24/02/2008 20:14:00

 After seeing the review of the Oneida dust deputy, i purchased one from the Ally Pally show. At £140-00 i have to admit to thinking twice about buying, but am i glad i did.

I`ve been using it now for a couple of weeks & i`m amazed. I`ve spent 2 hours today just cleaning up the shop, at least 1/2 an hour of that hoovering up dust & shavings. Normally after this sort of clean up (i couldn`t see the floor Or the top of the bench. ) I would have to empty my Camvac, Clean one filter & replace the other, but today there was barely enough waste in it to fill my coffee mug. What a bonus, personally i hate cleaning out the dust extractor, & will sweep up instead of hoovering just so i don`t have to clean filters,which puts more dust in the air, not anymore, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I`m almost tempted to say its worth every penny, its just when you look at it, its the same as an extractor without the motor & filters, so £140-00??? But i wouldn`t give it back, not now.

Cheers all  Baz. 

Thread: Another weekend of under-achievment??
23/02/2008 09:00:00

So what you doing after saturday morning Mike???????       Only  joking.

I don`t make plans for the weekend, if i do something else always turns up. Also i`d feel bad if i didn`t acheive what i`d set myself.

I think i find more satisfaction from just going & doing & then looking back on what i`ve done not what i havn`t.


Thread: router table fence
22/02/2008 20:41:00

Derek, i`ve a trend table in the classified if you`re interested, it comes with a no voltage switch as standard, not an optional extra.


Thread: Wow!
22/02/2008 19:15:00

Derek,  They are always listening, they just like to let you think they arn`t.

They soon recall things that you said when it suites them usually when you have forgotten all about it.

I'm just coming now darling..............

Thread: wadkin bxl
22/02/2008 10:35:00


If your three phase motor is a good one, have you thought of an inverter, a lot cheaper than a converter & a lot more modern.

Transwave were at the ally pally show & looked very interesting, i was quote £172-00 for a 2hp inverter. I converted a 3 phase planer to single phase years ago & have never been completely happy with it. I`m looking to put a 3 phase back on & go for the inverter.

I imagine a 1hp inverter would be cheaper bringing it down to the price of a single phase motor, of which modern ones are Chinese rubbish. Also be careful of your amp draw as single phase don`t like to start under load, as i have found to my cost.

All the best in your endeavors Baz

Thread: Setting up shop ~ part 1
22/02/2008 10:07:00

Mike, do they do an online catalogue or have a web site for the Cambridge machine sales.


Thread: Burning sawdust
21/02/2008 19:52:00

Wilf,  The only time i have seen wood chippings burnt was at a factory, where they had a screw device which fed the chippings into the fire box. It was fed from from a large hopper, the problem came if an air void developed within the hopper pipework or the screw mechanism. Without air the chippings could not burn backwards into the hopper, but with the void, lets just say it was very warm outside the back of the factory, where all of this was situated.

On the whole i would agree with Mike & leave well alone, all my wood shavings go on the floor of a mates stable.

Cheers Baz.

Thread: end planes
21/02/2008 19:28:00

Bigboab, you dont say what size timber you want to plane, but i use a Lie Nielsen low angle block plane. It has an adjustable mouth, so with the blade razor sharp & the mouth set for fine cuts it does a super job on end grain.

Axminster sell Lie Nielsen but they are not cheap, quality costs. I would add the blades do hold their edge.

Hope this is of use Baz.

Thread: Mitre fence track
18/02/2008 20:54:00

Thanks Rich, you are right they do it ta very much.


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