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Thread: Finished piece 2.jpg
02/03/2008 20:36:00

Great site Marc,

I`ve added it to my favorites,( gettin better at this computing lark, ) will be going back to it when i finally get some time at the lathe.

Also while we are on the topic of finishing, do you know of any good sites on the subject of finishing, in particular for lathe work. I try & go to shows & demos but on the whole they tend to apply finishes that are quick to do, to obtain a result, not necessarily the best for the work they have done.

Cheers Baz.

Thread: Figure 1.jpg
02/03/2008 20:20:00

Buy one of these & you could use it to build a router table Derek,

I bought one 3 years ago & have used it to build most of the things i`ve made in the workshop, bench, outfeed tables & cabinets.

I first came across pocket hole jigs when i worked for a company that manufactured kitchens, they used the Kreg jig to make their made to measure furniture. It really is a fast system to use. The only limitation is your imagination, i now try to think of it first before any other constrution technique, as it is so fast & simple. A real money saver, when time is money, or when time is limited, like free time in the workshop.

Baz .

Thread: Finished piece 2.jpg
02/03/2008 16:53:00

Good work Marc,

I wish i had your patience, it must had taken hours, very well done.

What finish did you use?

Baz .

Thread: Worth the money
02/03/2008 07:46:00


 You said in an earlier post,that you compared your hilti againest your new drill,but if your Hilti is six years old it`s not much of a comparison, drill & battery technology has come on leaps & bounds in the last couple of years, let alone six.

As for rob`s post i think he was referring to the light fingered who dwell amongest us & not those who ask to borrow a tool. Taking tools on site is a nightmare, you only have to turn your back & they are gone. I now have two of most power tools, a cheap version for site & a decent version in the workshop, the only bonus about this is i`m not having to keep fetching tools from the van when i`m in the shop. It`s an expensive price to pay just to keep thieving gits off your tools, hope you have your new purchases well insured ?

Happy woodworking Baz.

Thread: Crown Gaurds for table saw
01/03/2008 13:30:00


The guard comes down onto the timber, kickback usually throws the timber upwards first then backwards, so if the timber can`t move up & you are pushing towards the blade the only thing that can happen is the motor will stall if the blade is trapped by the wood, which is why kickback happens in the first place.

This has happened to me once & within milli seconds  the motor tries to draw too may amps as it is fighting to turn,the coil in the starter overloads & trips,  power to the motor is shut off. As i understand this is part of the coils job, to prevent amp overload to the motor.

I`m not suggesting you should base your safety on a coil, i`m just relating what happened to me. I do usually have a riving knife on the saw, but not for every operation. What does Norm say " please follow the instructions that came........" but we all do things that the manufacturer doesn`t recommend.


Thread: Painted Sycamore bowl
01/03/2008 12:13:00


If you are thinking of going, click my header name & you can message me, if you like. It would be nice to put a face to a name, or anyone else's for that matter. I`ll leave it with you.

Baz  .

Thread: Worth the money
01/03/2008 08:09:00

Paul, though i don`t disagree with jason, i`ve always used Makita, Dewalt & Bosch etc. I have from time To time bought cheaper brands, A biscuit jointer comes to mind which all most put me off biscuit jointing, until i had the chance to use a better brands model.

What i would sugest  if you are thinking of buying festool is ask for a demonstration, or look for a show where they are standing. Its a lot of money to spend to get a few extras. I was tempted by their drilldriver with the  offset screwdriver attachment, but how many times would i use it, in the years since i first saw it, i can honestly say, i`ve never been in a situation where i thought i wished i`d bought one.

 As for accuracy thats in the user not the tool, even a cheap tool can be made to be accurate. I have a second hand stanley jointing plane, it needed some attention when i got it, but it`s the first i reach for regardless of the fancy brands i`ve bought since.

As i said at the start i dont disagree with Jason, for jobs i do regularly i do buy better brands, i now have a Lamello biscuit jointer & lie nielsen planes but their price is offset by the amount of use they get. I can`t see the point of having a £600-00 router if it`s sitting on the shelf & it certainly wont be three times as good as my £200-00 Trend.


Thread: CIMG3033-2.JPG
29/02/2008 21:10:00

I`ve just been in the gallery,didn`t realise when you put an image in a thread it also goes into the gallery. live n learn.

As for the guard i`m please with it & thanks for the kind comments. Baz

29/02/2008 20:53:00

Marc, this one was easy just clicked the tree. This relates to another thread, question about crown guards, made it so i could still use my stacked dado but still be fully guarded.

Cheers Baz.

Thread: Crown Gaurds for table saw
29/02/2008 20:10:00

Paul, before i made this i had looked around at different makes, but the ones that didn`t  fit to the ribin knife were quite cumberson & took up quite a bit of room. Mine bolts to the ceiling & can be swung out of the way if necessary.

Best of luck with your own design, if thats  the way you proceed.     Baz. 

Thread: Laburnum mushroom
28/02/2008 22:30:00

I`ve tried a few of these on at shows, i just can`t imagine wearing one for long periods at a time with out feeling some fatigue. I want to enjoy my hobby not have to rub deep heat on my neck as a result of straining it.

All the best Baz. 

Thread: Crown Gaurds for table saw
28/02/2008 22:21:00
Paul make your own,

I made mine as i have a stacked dado (yes i know all about it) But it means i can have full guarding with out the worry of kickback, & have dust extraction.


Thread: Laburnum mushroom
28/02/2008 21:57:00

When i`m turning i wear a full face visa so there is a lot space, so it doesn`t mist up.But as the masks cloth if you were wearing goggles they would pull the cloth tight to your face, so they may well not mist up. The moulded felt type masks always leave gaps round your nostrils where your warm breath can escape into your goggles & mist them up, if that makes sense.


28/02/2008 21:33:00

Crisis averted (no pun intended).

Mask details :- It was from Turners retreat, called dust be gone mask, it`s on their web page  The blurb says it was developed by a woodturner,can be washed & disinfected & they are still going strong after 5 years.

All i can add is they are light, they don`t  have elastic straps that cut into the back of your neck & although £25-00 if they do last 5 years they are dam good value for money. mines 2 years old & still alright.

Cheers all Baz.

28/02/2008 21:13:00

I bought one of the washable dust masks, they are more expensive than the standard, but i`ve had it quite a while now. I found it more comfortable than any i`ve had before.

Will come back with more info but child crying must go Baz.

Thread: Painted Sycamore bowl
27/02/2008 19:55:00

Ben. A confession, i went to an open day a Turners Retreat & Keith Richmond was demonstrating this technique, I bought the little spray pen & inks, went home & tried it myself. Not a patch on Keith's.

As to how i achieved the finish ,i`m not one hundred percent sure now it`s been quite a while. On the bright side, there`s another open day on the 8th March, & Keith will be demonstrating. I will be there so i will check with him & report back.

If you want their site it`s

All the best Baz.

Thread: Laburnum mushroom
27/02/2008 19:28:00

Mike, I have to admit i didn`t know either were poisonous. When i`m sanding at the lathe i always were a mask anyway. As for the dust i always burn anything from the shop vacs.rightly or wrongly. My mate has all my chippings from the big extractor for his horses,but im always carefull what goes into that, can`t afford to replace a horse.


Thread: first attempt
27/02/2008 19:12:00

The next time im in Hampshire i`ll bring them down. The first two are new But the rest were my brothers & must be thirty years old.


Thread: yew bud vase
27/02/2008 19:05:00

It`s drilled Marc. The glass tube was 1/2 inch so i used a flat bit in a chuck in the tail stock, i`ve seen hollowing beening done but not that confident yet, well not to get the hole exactly the right size.


Thread: first bud
26/02/2008 22:41:00

Thanks Marc.

Had the lathe two years  now, but sadly with work, kids etc & building the new shop these are the only things i`ve had time to make. Hoping things will slow down in the summer & i`ll have more time turning. Hope springs eternal.

thanks again Baz.

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