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Thread: Worth the money
05/03/2008 21:30:00

That depends on what she`s holding at the time, Paul.   .

Thread: More and more cramps.
05/03/2008 21:25:00

Oh!!! i suppose he could have been both ?

Thread: Glueing-up
05/03/2008 20:38:00

Thanks lads.

I hope you manage to get your article on the site Derek, it would be great to get some first hand experience on french polishing & finishing in general.

Most of what i do is varnished or lacquered, or finished by someone else (decorator or customer.)

Thanks again Baz

Thread: Designs for up to spec box sliding sash
05/03/2008 20:21:00

Andy this may or may no be of some use, i remember seeing Tommy Walsh in his trading places series, he goes to a window manufacturers & builds a sash window with an old boy who has been building sash windows all his life. The old boy tells Tommy about different construction methods, & which he thinks are the best.

As discovery are repeating his stuff all the while, i would think it would be on again soon.


Thread: settle (1).jpg
05/03/2008 20:01:00

Couldn`t agree more, great work Mike.

Are the turnings those that you referred to in a previous thread.

Baz .

Thread: More and more cramps.
05/03/2008 19:50:00

Marc, weren`t  slash out of guns n roses?

Baz .

Thread: Glueing-up
05/03/2008 05:54:00

Derek, iv`e never used shellac so a few questions if i may.

What would you thin shellac with & when i buy some is it just neat shellac im looking for?

How long does it take to dry?

Can i put an oil, danish, tung etc straight on ?

I`ve got quite a lot of gluing up on my next project & think your tip is an excellent one.

Also any other thoughts you have on the use of shellac would be appreciated.

On a different note, i know how you feel about getting the photo`s on i`ve really struggled, sometimes they will others they wont, Sparky did my image photo for me i just couldn`t get it small enough.

Many thanks Baz

Thread: Orbit or Belt Sander Which One?
05/03/2008 05:29:00

Hi andy welcome to the forum.

 Just a tip, what ever you do don`t say the belt sander is an unrefinded tool.

It`s for your own good!!!!!!!!!

Best wishes Baz.

Thread: seasoning oak
04/03/2008 06:07:00


I tried turning a log which was about 2 1/2 inchs dia x 1 foot long, after about one year. There was still quite a lot of moisture in it.

 I saw a chap demonstrating who said he turned his like this. He would turn a rough shape he wanted, then leave it on a shelf with loads more & go back to them in 6 months time. By which time they would have dried & any movement would have taken place.

I`ve not got the space to do that so i just left them longer, some are over 2 years. But again it`s trial & error as there is so many factors as to if it`s dry size, type of timber, weather conditions etc.


03/03/2008 22:53:00

Just try it Marc,nothing to lose.

As long as it stops the moisture coming out of the log too quickly, then it will work.

I found the hardest bit is getting whatever you are using to stick to the end grain, if you can manage that & is not pourous then it should work to some degree. Trial end error often throws up the most unexpected solutions.

All the best mate,  Baz

03/03/2008 22:13:00

Just the end grain, Andrew.

Baz .

Thread: Router table
03/03/2008 22:06:00


You are right about the slots with reguard to the fence.

 The inset plate has reduction rings which allow me to increase & decrease the appature for the cutter depending on its size. Also it is quite strong so the plate is only about 8mm thick, so i don`t lose to much of the height adjustment of the router.

I`m thinking of boxing the router in leaving an access panel & putting a 100mm extractor port in the base of the box.

The router is the 1/2 trend with height adjustment via the base by means of a socket they provide, the plate has already been drilled for this. Also with the reduction rings removed there is enough room to in stall cutters, so no need to struggle from below.

I`m stiil uncertain on the design of the fence but will be researching that this week.


03/03/2008 20:13:00

Sorry Mike, it all comes from an apprenticeship where every day saw me covered in dust of one sort or another.

When i came to building this workshop the first thing i planed was the extraction.Thats why i love the remote control for the shop vacs. What ever i`m doing thicknessing, sawing or planing what the main extractor doesn`t pick up, at the flick of the zapper the shop vac gets the rest. My wife & probably many more think i`m sad, but at least that way i keep on top of the problem.

If it will make you happy though i`ll get some dust out of the vac & put it in the next photo.

Back to the tables it will be great to see your design, looking forward to next weekend.

Cheers Baz .

Thread: Glueing-up
03/03/2008 18:25:00
Would the same be true with acrylic sanding sealer as with the shellac ?
Thread: Router table
03/03/2008 15:31:00
Finally this weekend i`ve managed to make a start on a router table. I`ve been looking at the designs on this site & in books & magazines. They all have good ideas but my problem was finding space to put it when it was made, then it struck me, in the outfeed table of my table saw. All it would take is a removable fence, so here is my progress so far.

Just the fence to make, the mfc to lip & some sort of housing for the router so i can get some dust extraction underneath as well as above from the fence.Any suggestions on the fence would be gratfully received or any other tips for that matter. I`ve got a whole week before i can get back to it.


Thread: Steam bending
03/03/2008 10:31:00

Gee Mike,

There's nothing like jumping in at the deep end!

Can`t give any advice, never done any steam bending, but i really look forward to seeing your results.

The very best of luck in your endeavors.


Thread: Computer drawing
03/03/2008 10:13:00

Couldn`t agree more John,

Downloaded it yesterday & had to pry the wife away from it to get on the forum,

That Sparky really does know his onions

Thread: Lidded pot in african walnut 2008 (15).jpg
03/03/2008 06:38:00


Nice pot ,is there any chance of a photo showing both halves. I fancy having a go at something like this myself.


Thread: seasoning oak
03/03/2008 06:30:00

Hi Andrew,

I`ve used "Chestnut end seal" for the last couple of years, i get mine from Turners Retreat, but anyone who sells Chestnut products should have it. It`s water based & has very little smell. I found pouring end seal in a bucket & dipping the logs in was quickest & most economical. Putting the logs on a piece of plastic captured any end seal that ran off  & goes back in the buket.

I did this process twice for each log, more for my peace of mind than any other reason. This i have been doing for the last 2 years, mainly small branch sections for my own turning. I am just starting to reap the rewards of my efforts & am very happy as very few of the logs have split.

Hope this is of some use,  Baz. 

Thread: Finished piece 2.jpg
02/03/2008 21:10:00

Cheers for that Marc.

Thats tomorrow night taken care of then, i`ll be in trouble though " another night on that computer "

Thanks again Baz .

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