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Thread: Workshop heating and humidity
13/05/2019 08:54:38

I have insulated my shed and have a greenhouse heater(electric) in it this I find keeps the workshop above freezing this is OK to protect the tools. I have a second heater which I put on to bring it up to a comfortable temperature to work in this is only turned on at the beginning of the day for about 10 minutes as that is all it needs.

Both of these have a thermostat to control the temperature and the green house heater is very low wattage. As for the humidity I can't help on that one but I am sure using electric heaters will help.

My main heater is the oil filled type and the greenhouse heater is also enclosed.

Hope this helps in a very small way

Thread: Plans for child's wheelbarrow
05/05/2019 21:35:29
Posted by Cedric Wheeler on 15/04/2019 16:40:39:

I have some plans for a child's wheelbarrow that came from a Woodworker magazine about 50 years ago. My late father made one for my children (who are now over 50!). I wanted to put them on the forum but when I try and download them to my album the page is too big although it is only A4 size.

Am I doing something wrong?


Not sure how I missed this post but can I remind you that posting plans from any where can be covered by copyright so please check before posting any especially from publications.

Edited By Derek Lane on 05/05/2019 21:36:01

Thread: Early Christmas boxes
14/04/2019 19:29:17

Blimey and I thought I had started early making some candle holdersdevilwink

Very nice ad should be well received

Thread: Just joined, noob queries, excited about first project please help
11/04/2019 18:04:53

Try a google search for timber yards near where you are all you can do is phone and find out what they will charge many will also cotdown to length so it fits in the car.

How about newrailway sleepers the ones that Garden centres sell

Is this the video

Edited By Derek Lane on 11/04/2019 18:05:48

Thread: Bandsaw - Ripping down
02/04/2019 14:55:44

Check the blade tracking this will effect the way the blade cuts. You will need to readjust the roller guides at the same time as they may not sit where they should once the tracking is moved

Thread: Black & Decker DN339 Bandsaw
28/03/2019 17:46:01

Something similar HERE

I know it is not B & D

Thread: Autumn
30/01/2019 15:41:54

I was not sure about the pattern to start with but when applying the last coat of finish a friend came in and asked how much when I told them they brought it before the varnish had dried need I have worried.
This measures 8" X 2" made from field maple sprayed with ebonising spray and the leaves were done with Jo Sonja iridescent paints and then acrylic satin spray. I turned and sanded the three little feet to help lift this piece rather than my usual flat type bottom.
I ended up taking this photo in sun light to highlight the pattern

Some more photos of the piece

dscf0836 (800x535).jpg

dscf0833 (800x600).jpg

Thread: Stained Field Maple
29/01/2019 11:06:52

Thank you SadSam it came a respectful first It gets harder each time as there are some very good turners in our club, as well as many other clubs

Thread: Wooden Bench Screws
22/01/2019 18:44:24

The problem of rethreading is that in summer it will then be too loose. It needs stripping down in summer or if done in winter take it indoors for 3 or 4 weeks then give it a good seal with something like one of the oil finishes. Someone else may have a better answer

Thread: What sort of glue is likely to be used to join these wood pieces together?
22/01/2019 11:04:34

I highlighted the link and opened in a new tab and it shows a bed try now


Edited By Derek Lane on 22/01/2019 11:05:02

Thread: Stained Field Maple
04/01/2019 22:27:28

First turning of this year. Made for our club competition.

Field Maple and measures 7 1/4" X 2" and has some light ripple in the bottom, sanded to 600grit and then wiped over with water and given a final sand of 600grit to de-nibed. Chestnut spirit stain applied with paint brushes and acrylic satin varnish was used as a sealer because I ran out of proper sealer. Final coats are Acrylic gloss lacquer. I left the bottom of the foot as plain wood.

Started this Tuesday and only just finished and ready for the competition is tomorrow, I like to cut it fine and if any stage goes wrong I go into panic mode

dyed maple bowl 4.jpg

dyed maple bowl 2.jpg

Thread: natural edged laburnum bowl
30/12/2018 10:16:46

Very nice indeed Dennis I like the lip around the bowl rim

Thread: Removing rust from hand tools
24/12/2018 14:19:33

How much rust is on them. For light rust a very light sand with Wet and dry sand paper using a light oil then wipe off if it heavily rusted then look at either chemical rust removers.

Thread: Crucible
15/12/2018 20:55:16

Thank you Derek

14/12/2018 17:01:43

The Crucible

This piece is based on work of Mark Sanger. And not from the recent article in the magazine as I had already started before it came out.

Turned from a piece of quite plain Walnut. Texture applied with a power carver and the blue is Anchor interference blue paint over Chestnut black ebonising spray and a coat of Acrylic satin varnish. The copper is a metallic spray paint.
Measures 4 1/4" X 3 3/4"

Crucible 2

Crucible 3

Thread: Woken up again
09/12/2018 19:55:14

Good to see some of your work again Brian.

Two exceptional pieces love the burr inlay

Thread: Record player cabinet
29/11/2018 16:06:15

A very nice design like the waisted middle makes for an unusual piece

Thread: Been a while
29/11/2018 16:04:39

That is one very nice desk Al. The elm certainly has character

Thread: Stamp Box
20/11/2018 16:09:38

Another present made this time a box to keep some stamps in as well as a place for things like tweezers in the top tray. The lid is held in place by the top tray as I wanted the bottom to be quite shallow to make it easier to get the stamps out of the divisions.
Made from an old shelf unit of mahogany.
Top tray bottom is cherry veneer stuck together like ply as I did not have anything thin enough for that well I did have some modelling ply but it was dirty.
The dividers are American Black walnut which were offcuts from a local cabinet makers shop.
The lid liner which I put in is from a book of swatches from a local shop they were throwing away and is ideal for this purpose as I included it for somewhere to place the stamps while sorting them out.
The top of the lid is Ash. all of the wood is either recycled or straight from a tree and re-sawn and dried by myself.

It measures !0 1/4" X 7 3/4" X 1 3/4"

OK call me cheap skate if you like but 99% of the wood I have is from recycling or given to me as trunks. This did take a little while to complete as I spent time preparing wood to the correct dimensions.dscf0712 (800x566).jpgdscf0714 (800x565).jpg

dscf0715 (800x566).jpg

dscf0720 (800x600).jpg

Thread: Show in the south
15/11/2018 19:30:55
Posted by Ron Davis on 15/11/2018 17:35:57:

I would love a show in the south, I was disappointed to see the Nelton show in Detling move to Newark. It seems they have them where the population is densest by that I mean more potential customers within travelling distance.

We watched the Ally Pally show diminish over time and it's demise was not unexpected. Detling seemed well supported judging by the numbers there, so we need one near a well populated area, Home Counties should do it. So why have we not got one?


The Detling show was good and when I went you could not move sometimes not even being able to get to the stand that I wanted

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