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Thread: Loading picture problems
20/04/2011 21:11:55
Evening all , I am trying to upload pictures from my computer directly as I have always done . Now I am unable too . I have even tried one picture at a time and all I get is a page telling me "sorry the page you requested is unavailable " .
Can anyone help as I am loosing the will to live lol
Cheers in advance
Kind regards Sam
Thread: New to site just saying hello
20/04/2011 20:20:36
Hi and welcome , right proper friendly bunch here . Good luck with the new venture . There is a fountain of knowledge here . I am learning to turn aswell . But one thing I will say is to learn what each tool is used for and then just give it a go , there is only so much a book can teach you and you just have to jump in and learn the hard way , but it is fun all the way .
Good luck and keep posting .
Kind regards Sam
Thread: Yandles Spring Show
10/04/2011 21:21:16
Yes , it was good to put another face to a name , sorry for the high prices , have not eaten there for a while but know it comes highly recommended . Glad you enjoyed the show buddy . And sorry Julian , we must have missed each other .
Kind regards Sam
06/04/2011 21:16:55
Remember quys , be there or be square . See you on friday or saturday .
Kind regards Sam
Thread: Eucalyptus Burr Box
03/04/2011 22:52:42
A very nice piece there Derek . I do like the very smooth curve you have finished got on it and the finish is superb too . Did you hollow the inside to a similar radius and if so what is the approximate wall thickness and what tool did you use ? And what did you use to finish it ? Sorry for the questions but I am starting to take my turning a bit more serious .
Kind regards Sam,
Thread: purpleheart chopping boards
03/04/2011 21:06:27
They are some very nice chopping boards Michael . I do like the design , very good contrast .
As for finish , I would avoid Danish oil . Go with the chestnut oil . Personaly I use Tung Oil . It is a nut based based oil and is food safe and very easy to use too . I just apply it , let it soak for 1/2 an hour and then wipe off the excess and leave for 24 hours to dry before applying further coats .
Kind regards Sam
Thread: What price your work?
31/03/2011 21:21:36
I  will throw my 2pence worth in .
About 50% of my wood work creations are made using timber waste as by products of other jobs . I still price the items as f I had to buy the timber to order . How I balance it out is that , yes it is a hobby but I don't do it for nothing . I stil value my hours at a sensible rate . If people want to buy cheap rubbi then sod off to IKEA .. What "we" make are bespoke
My neighbor owns a a very successful company that makes bespoke furniture and I can only dream of making things to his standard but he charges a premium , because it is bespoke , Take a look and see some of his stuff as it is amazing .
On the other hand , If I am plaing on the lathe , I may buy a blank for £10 and spend three hours killing it , I then take a look at it and think to myself "a professional would do that in an hour " . so have a real problem pricing the value , normaly no more than a tenner as I feel guilty for charging any more .
I would agree about the whole situation of it depends on where you sell it , but once again , dont forget most items you make are probably BESPOKE . No different than if you go and buy a vauxhaul astra its gonna set you back £15 grand , but a hand built ariel attom will set you back £50 grand .
Kind regards Sam

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Thread: Yandles Spring Show
31/03/2011 20:03:18
Good Evening Gentlemen . I shall be there working both days , I will mainly be found in the area between the till tent and the main shop . I will be working but still up for a natter . Would be good to put some more faces to names . I will post a picture of my mug soon .
Kind regards Sam
30/03/2011 21:10:30
Hi all . Just thought I would let those you who dont know ,know .
Yandles spring show is on the 8th and 9th of April . Free entry as always .
 It is a Martock , Somerset .

Kind regards Sam

Edited By Sam on 30/03/2011 21:11:14

Thread: clan crest beginning
27/03/2011 20:06:10
Well , what can i say , it is an awesome piece of work in progress . I always admire people that have a vision of what they will achieve before they start . I will keep an eye on this piece in progress .
kind regards Sam
Thread: Yandles Wood Products
25/03/2011 21:38:59
Evening all , I was down at Yandles today looking at the timber stocks for inspiration .I realised that not every may be aware of their stock so thought best to post it .
I decided to make a complete list of their turning blanks . Now this list comprises of circular blanks of all sizes up to 16" diameter and 8" plus depth . They also do alot of turning blanks that are square in profile and up to 24" long , but not all types of wood are available in both circular and square profile . I can not list any prices as it varies from type of wood and size also .
So Here goes , in no particular order
King Wood
Rose Wood
Purple Heart
London Plane
Box Wood
English Walnut
African Blackwood
Yellow Wood
American Black Walnut
Ropala Lace Wood
Brazilian Tulip Wood
Goncalo Alves
She Oak
Lignum Vitae
Black Palmira
Pink Ivory
Steamed Pear
Lemon Wood
Snake Wood
Indian Laurel
They also Stock Banskia Nuts at £3.95 each and Tagua Nuts at 50p each
Kind regards Sam
Thread: I am Back
24/03/2011 21:31:13
Good Evening All , and many thanks for the very Warm Welcome back to this great community . As you have said , something to focus on has been a very helpful tool ( no pun intended ) . I spent alot of time in very dark places , unable to cope . BUT with alot of help from my dearly Beloved one and the drive to enjoy my time with my daughter made one hell of a difference .
At first , I thought I was ill due to some thing being wrong ( chemicaly ) . Then through therapy , Cognitive Behavoural thepay . Basical I had learnt to be fearful , hence anxiety and panic attacks , so the therapy is all about re-training the brain , with the help of drugs ( got to say I liked the diazapan LOL ) .
Anyway now I have a very new look on life and have so much I want to do , but as advised little steps for now .
And yes , dont frett , I have still got the bug for the workshop , I have a couple of projects on the go , I started last week and will post pictures soon . I also Blagged a couple pieces of freshly cut apple tree , about 7" diameter and had a pop at turning them whilst still wet , and boy was that fun , got very wet with spray . Will post those pictures soon too .
Olly , as far as I am aware I will be on security again but I will let you know if that changes , but you shouldnt find it to hard to find my ugly mug LOL

Once again cheers lads , yours words are appreciated .

Kind regards Sam
22/03/2011 22:12:46
Evening all , sorry for not being on here but last year I suffered from a nervous breakdown . It has been a rough ride and things are still up in the air some what .

It all stems back to stress with work , well , lack of it as a big job fell through half way in and I was owed alot of dosh . I was also heavily in to caving and whilst on a 3 hour trip 1.5km underground got stuck big time ( as I am not the smallest of chaps ) . I suffered with my first major panic attack .
Then one night my world came tumbleing down . I was officialy certified FUBAR LOL . Since then I have been suffering major panic attacks and suffer with heightened anxiety attacks . I am on so many different drugs I feel like a junky .
I am now on the road to recovery but it is a slow process as they say it can take up to four years to fully get over it , but hey , it is what it is !!
So once again sorry for the abrupt disappearance and here is to a new year with happier endings .
Kind Regards Sam
P.S , I will be working at YAndles show in April so If you are at it come and say hello .

Thread: problem with motor.
16/09/2010 20:08:05
John , I had exactly the same symptons with my Cement Mixer . The switch would lock on and the motor hummmm , but wouldnt revolve even by hand . It turned out to be the winding , but proved cheaper to replace motor .
Thread: Dereks rocking horse - so far!
11/09/2010 21:31:19
Very nice Derek . I think it is great how you are able to visualize things in 3D before they are finished , something I struggle with . I saw some one at the yandles show making the rocking horses and it is amazing how much work is involved in them .
kind regards 
11/09/2010 21:27:24
Posted by Olly Parry-Jones on 11/09/2010 08:24:14:
Morning Sam,
Ah, yes, I saw you - and I wondered why you looked vaguely familiar...!
I was probably looking Vague full stop  LOL
Anyway , I went down today for a mooch around . I spent about an hour there as I had already seen the shop  bit .  I got talking to the Liberon reps and picked up some really useful information on finishing right from the sanding to the application of the finishes wether it be oil , wax or acrylic .
There were some real bargains to be had but I wasnt there to spend much £10 as I have spent to much lately .
Last week I had been asked to help them pack up and clear away for the show  . we started at 5 and were finished by half seven . utter complete mayhem but all good fun . Hope to see some of you all at the next april show as in my opinion the shows are geting better with each one that passes  .
kind regards
10/09/2010 19:27:38
Evening Olly
                     I have just got back about an hour ago myself . However I wasnt a customer today . I was asked to help them out , I was the pretend security in the main shop , wearing a hi-vis jacket . Apparently they have had problems in the past with shop lifting at the shows . I will be going for a proper look around tomorrow morning , but as yourself , I have a very small budget compared to past years . 
As for the Triton stuff . there was a fair bit of it to start with but was snapped up early in the day . It was like a swarm of locusts when it came to the timber .
 I will post up tomorrow after  my visit as a paying customer
Kind Regards 
Thread: The Art Of Hollowing
04/09/2010 21:39:14
   Evening all , this is to show you my first attempts at working the face of a blank .I have never tried to before as have always had to work between two points . Now  have a 100mm face plate .I just bought a new chisel for hollowing out  ( domed scraper ) .
It took a little while to get used to working the tool on the face .

The real point of the exercise was the hollowing and working the face as opposed to the outer profile .
A ...................Wenga Egg holder
 A purple Heart Bowl
A Zebrano Chalice , with a chipped rim

Thanks for looking 

04/09/2010 20:45:30
   Evening all , just thought I would give it a mention as I will be attending .See their own website for more details , I was down there today speaking to the manager and it is going to be another great line up .

Thread: Band Saw blades
17/08/2010 21:13:13
 Evening all
Whilst carrying out a few little tasks today I needed to change my bandsaw blade as the one I had on was too fine . So I got a new shiny packet out , opened it and then tried to fit the blade , right size , teeth facing the wrong way . Not impressed , so I got another new shiny packet out , and exactly the same .
By now I was pee,d of as I could not remember ordering anything other than "a" blade or knowing that there was such a thing as an opposite direction band saw  . So I start cussing , and throwing my toy out the pram . Four cigarettes later ,  I go back to it and take another look , and I mean look , and stare , and hum , and have another rolly  .
Then it hit me , Eureka    , just turn the blade inside out  ,and then I laughed till the cows came home .
Isn,t  it  amazing how god dam stupid I can be .
Kind regards   Sam 
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