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Thread: Earring stand & weather station
27/09/2011 21:57:17
Good evening Simon .
I have to say I do like the Yew Earing stand very much ...mmmm...thoughts
Also I do like the weather station .Just out of curiosity , what do each of the dials represent ?
Kind regards Sam
Thread: Brush with disaster! (not for the squeemish)
17/09/2011 21:54:35
Sorry to hear of your injury Mailee , Having just bought a PT i am still learning about using it , it is a sharp reminder of the what if scenario ..
Hope it heals back well and you suffer no nerve damage .
Kind Regards Sam
Thread: Free Magazine Plans up for grabs
15/09/2011 23:23:10
Hi Ashley , Big Al just beat you to it , but if you PM me your address I will make some copies and send them to you .And good luck with College and make the most of it ..
And to all else I will be posting them to Big Al by saturday so after that Big Al said he would copy them and send them on if any one else would like them then let him know ,
Kind regards Sam
15/09/2011 21:03:09
Good Evening all , I purchased some cheap magazines from the Yandles show and have all the plans up for grabs .....There are four from "WoodWorking Plans and projects" ,,,march , may , june and october .....also one from issue 244 of "Good WoodWorking ".
It is a case of first come first served , I will post for free and expect nothing for them , all I ask is when you are done with them , pass them on .
Projects Include ---------
Space Saving WorkBench by Alan Holtham
Lamp Table by Kevin Ley
Build a fumed cupboard By Kevin Lacey
A Foot Stall By Oz Hassan
Garden Table BY Jim Robinson
Sharpening Station
Balance Bike By James Hatter
TV Stand BY Jim Robinson
Flip Top Table by Steve Maskery
Extending Table
Gate Leg Table by Phil Edwards
Side Table
Kind Regards Sam
Thread: Yandles Autumn Show 2011
11/09/2011 21:29:37
It was good to see you both again Simon and Julian and having a good chinwag . It was yet another good show . but unfortunately I was unable to enjoy the show as a customer .but still managed a quick tour at 4 oclock as we were packing up . Did not get to see any of the turning exibits as they were the first to pack up , and quickly . I will at one of the shows make time to have a proper look around now that I know what I am looking for !!
Kind regards Sam
Thread: Side Table
06/09/2011 23:29:07
Hi Cobbs , I do like it , especialy the use of what looks like reclaimed flooring for the top . Top job as a beginner ..
Kind regards Sam
Thread: WorkshopExtension
06/09/2011 23:21:34
Well , after recent changes in my material of choice , to green oak . I have many different designs on the go and all going well , So I decided it was time to extend my workshop to create a timber drying area ( Air Drying ) . My aim is not to air dry it to perfection but to remove as much moisture as possible before using , as I don't have the luxury of buying timber 2 years in advance , yet LOL .

I had to lift the felt at the bottom of the existing roof and make a tapered valley and ran all the felt to it , luckily the next day it rained and got properly tested .
Here it is and took me a couple of hours to put up , the weather comes in from behind my workshop so it is ok . At the moment it is also being used as a dumping ground for various items , and at the bottom of the picture is the stack of about ten bin bags of saw dust etc from planing down the oak .
The oak stacked in the shelter is for a Green oak table I am about to make and weighs in at about 175 KG . Just drying till I get the chance to plane it as I am in the middle of making a green oak bench .
I will upload some pictures of what I am up to as soon as I have finished them as they are part of a set .
I am currently working all my spare hours up in the workshop as I am displaying my stuff this year at "Somerset Arts Week " .. I will be displaying at my mother inlaws alongside her partner who is a metal sculpturist . If anyine is going around visiting the displays and are in the area of Merriott , south somerset , then let me know and I will make sure I will be there , as I cant be there every day as I have other commitments but my partner ( being an invalid ) s going to hold the forte for me , but I sad that if needed I can always pop back .
Anyway , speak to you all soon . Sam
Thread: What are good starting tools?
01/09/2011 22:00:34
If you have the room , I would certainly consider making yourself a good sized work bench / table . I have just had a a complete change of lay out as I had a 16' work bench but no table . Now I have a 12' workbench and 6x4 Assembly table . I have already found it easier to assemble larger items on , and I set it as 800mm from the floor so it was comfortable to work from but low enough to work on taller items .
As for tools I cant add that much , except I swear on Irwin jack 880 Saws , both good for cross cut and cutting with the grain , disposable , but good , and I use the Irwin jack Tennon saw . both are available from screwfix and at £17 for the pair not a bad deal .
If you are local ---ish , then try and come along to the Yandles Autum show in 8 days on the 9th and 10th of september as there are going to be some good demos , check out their website to see which day offers you the best suited demos ..
Kind regards Sam
Thread: Kitchen cabinet hinges
29/08/2011 21:01:58
Sorry Buddy ....Have checked , but we are out of luck , have just about every other type but not any for 45 units . As said before try Howdens
Once again , sorry I could not help
28/08/2011 21:20:09
I do have an extensive range of left over hinges !!! Tomorrow I will have a look and see if I have any that suit a 45 degree corner unit . If I do I will let you know and I could send them to you gratis , and if they are no good then you can just bin them as I dont use them very often , hence my obsession with hording !!!!!
kind regards Sam
27/08/2011 23:16:40
Good evening Cedric , my advice would be to take the good working one and take it to some were like Howdens so you can match the movement . I understand it is a 45 degree corner unit but I have found that different manufacturers / suppliers have slightly different variations in their brackets , ie may need spacers etc . Good luck
kind regard sam
Thread: Oak external door design / build method
21/08/2011 23:23:47
Evening Bill , I would Echo Simon's reference to a CrossBoard door , Both My neighbour has one made from oak about 20 years ago and still looks very good and stable . and my mum inlaw has a very old crossboard door and I mean very old and is as true as the day it was made . This style of door is very good at preventing shrinkage gaps but you will need well acclimatized timber to make it as you will have the internal side of the door exposed to a warm centrally heated house in the winter and very cold and damp weather exposed to the outside at the same time . If you do make one do not scrimp on cheap 2nd grade oak for this .
Kind regards Sam
Thread: Sams Back
19/08/2011 23:13:23
Cheers Guys , Grace was on a horse thats about 5'6" in the saddle and it bucked her off , she landed on her head and shoulder . Knocked her out for 15 mins and she suffered an "articulated Clavicle " . Which to you and me means that the tendons and ligaments that hold the end of the collar bone down had snapped because of the blunt shock on the end of the shoulder . This resulted in her whole arm and shoulder dropping and the end of her collar bone popping up about 2" . After a night in A and E she spent the next 2 weeks recovering at home . Then in for an operation to put a false ligament in and screw it all together . Nice . She is now in a sling and going through physio . About a 12 week recovery to normal use but many more months to regain anything like "normality " . This being said it will never be as strong as it should be !!
With that being said she is keen to get back in the saddle but a "nicer" horse LOL . Me , I am not so keen she does , but insists she ever rides alone ,as if she had been alone that day no one would have known !!! Bloody Horses !!!!
I am fully with you wifes choice Simon , better to be safer than sorry i say .
And regarding digits ( fingers ) I think I have been super lucky to date , but like many , have had close shaves , mainly with a circular saw biting and jumping back . But the first thing I was taught about using power tools and machines , is never forget who is boss , and no matter how many times you use a machine , you never let your guard down .
One ting I never do is rush when using finger biting kit , and always use a push stick or two when using bladed machines , it only takes a fraction of a second to cut your arm off and we always say "I would just pull my arm out the way " but the human body is not that good at reacting in milliseconds ,
A friend of mine had half his forefinger removed because he was pushing a piece of timber through a spindle moulder and chomp chomp chomp !! and an old boy who lived in my village when I was a kid had no palm in right hand as he was pushing a piece of timber over an industrial planer and slipped , chomp chomp chomp ... And his mate who had no forefinger as he chopped it of in a table saw , chomp chomp chomp .
I always say it is best to learn by others mistakes !!
As for the machines , The bandsaw will be set up tomorrow , but I have already had a play with the Record PT107 and can say it was almost perfectly factory set out of the box , just the outfeed table was about 1/2 mm out , but then it is down to personal preference . I am well pleased with it . The thicknessing calibration was absolutely spot on with the measurements on the machine and the Fence on the planer was absolutely spot on for 90 degrees and the angle division markers were spot on to and needed no adjusting . It was quite as a mouse , made less noise than a hairdryer when not under load and not much more when planing . If I had to buy another one it would be the same again for sure .
Kind regards Sam
18/08/2011 22:21:21
Good evening all , sorry for my absence . I have been up to the hilt with work and dealing with a severely injured partner after a horse riding accident . It has been an exceptionally rubbish 18 months !!!
Anyway , have been up the shed ( workshop ) over the last few weeks making various things which I will post when complete , but really wanted to post to celebrate the good news of the arrival of my twins ..........a Record PT107 planer and thicknesser and a Record BS400 Bandsaw .
I have set the 107 up and had a quick play with it and all I can say is how quite it is , Just a low hum and no more noise when planing with a hand held elecy planer . Will take timber up to 265mm wide and thickness up to 180mm . It is a real beast of a thing for the money .
Tomorrow is the day I set the bandsaw up and give it a blast .
And just as a bonus , I still have all my fingers LOL
Kind regards Sam
Thread: Yandles Autumn Show
16/08/2011 21:21:40
It will be good to see you boys at the show , I will be there both days , working in the shop /paying tent.
If you want to save some money on the Cider Brandy then let me know as they make it literaly a mile from where I live , or a five minute drive from yandles , It is made by a company called "Burrow Hill Cider " and have their own farm shop which you can visit and see their very vaste range , not that I drink the stuff
Julian , I am on the mend , almost there now , thank you for asking , long road , but as I have been told , what doesnt kill you makes you stronger LOL .
Kind regards Sam
15/08/2011 22:01:47
Evening all , Just thought I had better pop in and mention Yandles Autumn show . It is from friday the 9th and saturday the 10th of september . Will be a good one as always .
I will be down there working again so might get to see some of you again , cheers


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Thread: Mixed Wood Coffee Table
01/05/2011 22:19:50
Ah ha me hearties LOL . Here is another little table I made recently . It is a right mixed bag of timber . I was given it , all I know is there is some oak and some sapele and as for the the other two I have no clue !!! It took me a while as I was making it up as I went along .
The top is made from two pieces and I frames it using 18x50mm timber strips which I put a profile on the same as the main top . I set the edging down so you got a double profile effect . The legs are 50x50 and are square in profile with a round over profile along the edges . The feet are oak and have an ogee profile . the legs are stop morticed in to the feet and tops .All finished with half a dozen coats of wax .

Thread: Stainless Steel and Bubinga Seat
01/05/2011 21:58:42
Evening all , Here is an item I made during my "illness" and I used a combination of wood and metal , There was not much wood work except flatning the piece and alot of sanding , I finished it with about a dozen coats of Tung Oil .

Thanks for looking and sorry for using links but can not suss it out other ways . Kind regards Sam 

Edited By Sam on 01/05/2011 22:08:22

Thread: Loading picture problems
01/05/2011 20:36:06
Good evening lads , sorry for the late reply , I have been unable to access my laptop for a few days . I have tried every thing but can not work out how to resize pictures . I normally add pictures to websites via Photobucket which I find easy to resize with . But I can not for the life of me work out how to do it on my computer . If any one can help please help a numpty in need LOL.
Kind regards Sam
Thread: New Stuff from Jack !!!!
01/05/2011 20:28:39
Some very nice items you have made there . i do like the coloration of them too , certainly not a novice in my opininon
kind regards Sam
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