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Thread: Subscription gift
25/10/2011 23:43:43
Got to say my wife bought my subscription for me for christmas and I got a big fat nothing as a free gift and my digital issues have never worked .......As a customer I dont see why I should chase them , when one email should do it and it should be down to them ( the Provider ) to chase me if they want repeat custom .I certainly could not treat my customers like this ...But then again , I dont get paid until AFTER I have provided my services . As they say " once the ink on the cheque has dried who cares " .
 I also never receive my mag until about half way through the month so no perks for subscribing
My wife asked me just the other day if I would like another years subscription , I said yes , but to a different mag .
Kind regards Sam

Edited By Sam on 25/10/2011 23:45:02

Thread: Artisan Free dvd with Mag
24/10/2011 21:39:36
One should consider one's self very fortunate as others of us would not anticipate our latest edition to be delivered much before the festive season of christ-mas ..LOL
Kind regards Sam
Thread: Machining required for Stanley planes
23/10/2011 21:36:50
Hi Derek , I could get them done for you by my Father inlaw who has an engineering business , but depends on where you are !! I am near Yeovil , somerset .
Knd regards Sam
Thread: Cheap Veneer
21/10/2011 22:42:12
here is a link to ebay and it is some cherry veneer

kind regards sam
Thread: Where do people buy their tools from
18/10/2011 21:00:28
I have to say its Yandles for me , only because I get a great service and any problems are very quickly dealt with and I like to support local companies first and foremost .
Kind regards Sam
Thread: Christmas Complaint
18/10/2011 20:56:25
Well I have to say I loved chrimbo as a kid and always liked the waiting for the opening of presents after a massive over kill of turkey . Now I find as an adult it is hard getting in to the theme when it has been rammed down your throat for three months .
But saying that I love all the wrapping of presents knowing that it will last only minutes and the look on my daughters face when she unwraps a present . The writing of the wish list to santa and leaving out the mince pies and glass of "Southern Comfort" for "santa" ..And waking up christmas day a stupid oclock with my daughter snuggled up between us with a giant sock full of little prezzies to keep her busy for the morning .But the part of the day for me is going for a nice stroll around the fields near me with the family and just being together for chrimbo .
As for buying presents , both my family and my partners have got a mutual agreement that we only buy presents for the children , so if you have kids count yourselves out . But we still buy each other a little some thing . I know it sounds tight but its our way of not wasting money .
Kind regards Sam
Thread: I'm having trouble posting, i hope that this works now
16/10/2011 00:24:50
Welcome to the forum Les
Thread: The wife asked me to turn something nice for her sister.
16/10/2011 00:23:09
Very nice Les , Is it yew that you used ?? I do have alot of admiration of the whole object inside another .
Kind regards Sam
Thread: Identity of this mystery orange hardwood?
16/10/2011 00:20:15
Hi Chris , I too would be interested as I had a few planks of it , now used but I still have the items of furniture . If it is the same wood it is a very strong yellow / orange colour .
And it does have a very fine wood grain and is great for routing
Kind Regards Sam
Thread: Melamine Faced Chipboard
14/10/2011 21:46:00
Hi Carl , I think a fair question is what tools and machines do you have to carry out cutting and trimming ..
I have used Simons recommendation of the Jig to be very useful in the past and as said , slightly over cut . I also find over cutting by a mm with a saw then trimming back with a router to be very effective as the router cutter is not trying to lift the melamine face up .Just take the cuts slowly and use a very smooth faced guide .
Kind regards Sam
Thread: Christmas Complaint
14/10/2011 21:34:03
I do have to say I love Christmas too , I love the look on my daughters face as she opens presents for hours on end ( spoilt ) but as Steve says , it should start in December , it would be like starting easter in january ......You got to love it , if only for the kids and also to receive yet more micro thin socks with your initials sown around the top from your great auntie Mavis who makes sure your wearing them when ever you visit , or that natural wool jumper that always smells of stale milk who your great auntie eve gave you and is about as fashionable as bright red smock in a bull fighting ring !!
All in all , I love it I do ( said in a strong Zumerset accent ) ooh argh .
12/10/2011 22:44:40
Right , I am not old but am still feeling like a miserable git already !!!

Today is the 12th of october , yet I go in to my local co-op and low and behold they have bloody chocolate snowmen on display ...And my wife picked up a bloody advent calender ............... I have only just got over Easter

WHAT THE HELL is going on , christmas is nearly 3 months away .

Every year the adverts start earlier and earlier and they start trying to emotionaly blackmail trying to sell me plastic crap that my daughter must have or else the world will implode ....

All I want to do is cut of early on christmas eve to have a drink down the pub and wake up to christmas day .I dont want it rammed down my throat for 3 bloody months .

Deep breath , deep breathe , yes I have taken my tablets , my wife has me restrained , and NO i wont be dressing up like father christmas for your local village fete

But on a serious note , dont you think the seasonal advertising is getting a bit silly with how early it all starts .

Happy christmas to you all

Thread: Sheet material cutting aid
10/10/2011 22:06:55
Glad you have found what you are looking for , personaly I use these
If you are cutting anything delicate I just wrap a bit of cloth in the jaws and thy adjust from 1mm upwards , I got mine for less than a fiver . They are meant to be for sheet metal working . Better known as "sheet metal pliers / clamps
Kind regards sam

Edited By Sam on 10/10/2011 22:11:51

Thread: New Hand Planes
07/10/2011 23:34:58
Good evening all .......I have just purchased two planes , a new in original box Record No 8 plane ....I paid a measly £50 for it , I checked it and the sole is perfect by eye and not a spot of rust .
The next was a Record No 5-1/2 but used but still in very good condition . I paid just £30 for it .

The bloke originally wanted £90 for the pair but I haggled !!

Take a look at this link to my blog for the pictures as I got fed up waiting for them to load on to the site .
Kind regards

Edited By Sam on 07/10/2011 23:43:19

Thread: design ideas
06/10/2011 22:04:26
I am glad you got there in the end ........ My Wife still has not got what I am on about even after ten years LOL
Make sure you post some pictures when you are done , even some in progress shots .
Kind regards Sam
04/10/2011 21:57:01
Why not make it so that it had fixed back panels and sides and a fixed front glass panel . The have a false back with the both fixed to it . You then slide the back panel up in to it , in grooves and then secure the base with locks etc .... If you get my drift .. That way you can make the whole top weather tight and not compromise the flag .
Kind regards
Thread: workshop floors ???
03/10/2011 20:44:40
Hi Dave , glad to be of assistance ...I did assume there would be a damp course and membrane , but being that it was only ever built to be a wet room may have led to a not so strict approach on the dpm ( damp proof membrane ) . What you must assume than on projects like that is that they had no need to be for it to be 100% water tight . I am not slagging of the tradesman , but as an example household garages dont have DPM's but people use them as workshops .
When I lay flooring in a customers house , i always lay a 1200 gauge DPM even if it is a new house as any slight bit of rising damp and it causes problems with call backs . So to put it another way 3 metre x 4 metre DPM from screwfix is about £17 , or the hassle when you have fitted out your workshop and have 3 tons of equipment and have to move it all out to deal with a rising damp problem
And Bill , that is a very clever method , I had never thought of that one .
As for the timber floor lifting , it wont , just think of it being like your 1st floor in your house , it is made a similar way but is fine .... If you pack it appropriately from underneath and then the weight of the flooring on top , it will go no where .
Kind regards Sam
02/10/2011 18:55:38
Hi Dave . I would say your plan of attack is a good one , one difference I would make is to possibly use 3x2 instead as it is a bit more meaty .I would start by..........

1) Lay a polythene membrane down , the blue type that we use in the construction trade , Make sure this rises up the wall about 5 inch's .
2) Fix a run of 3x2 around the perimeter wall and fix using some 10mm x 100mm sleeve anchors at 400 centres , make sure you offset the first one by about 150mm so it does not obstruct the first timber . Fix this level all the way around .
3) Fix timbers all the way across at 400 centres and as you say pack them at regular intervals can buy plastic packer from screwfix , about £10 for a bag load which vary from 1 mm to about 5 mm . I would be tempted to put a drop of silicone on each one so they are glued to each other and wont move . I would also put noggins in about ever 1800  . Dont fix down to the fllor as you  will puncture the membrane .
4) Once complete , then lay 75mm kingspan or celutex between each rafter .
5) As it is for a workshop with possibly heavy loading I would consider using 22mm weyroc . It is a chipboard flooring and is tongue and grooved all the way around , so joins dont need to be on rafters . Glue it as you lay it . And when you finish a run , you use the offcut to start the next run , unless the joins are to close , this comes in 600mm x 2400 mm ( 2 X 8 ) sheets . If you dont intend on big machines you could use 18mm weyroc but the price difference is little .I would also screw it using 50-60mm screws .
You could aslo run any cables under the floor if need be.
What you will end up with is a very strong , warm floor that is also damp proofed so you minimise the risk of damp rising and buggering up your floor . Also I would use treated timber for the floor structure .
Kind regards Sam

Edited By Sam on 02/10/2011 18:56:14

Thread: My New Blogg
02/10/2011 15:10:41
Thanks Bill , I have to admit to going over the top with Biscuit jointing !! My daughter is for ever finding some thing to do in the work shop ..
I am very novice when it comes to computers and design but I have to agree with you on the text colour . I did not do the original lay out , the chief did that , but will take a look at changing that .
As for search engine facilities , I am going to look at that as I do the colours , still learning .....Bring me an abacus any day LOL
Kind regards sam
30/09/2011 23:28:07
Good Evening gents and Ladies .
I have just started a little blog of what I have been up too . I used to post pictures on the forum but have found that the forum times out before my pictures load !! So here it is 

I have really set it up as I have had a few customers ask if I had one over the duration of Somerset Art's Week .
Any and all feedback welcome good or bad , I promise I wont cry
I will continue to add to it as time goes by so keep an eye on it
Kind regards Sam

Edited By Sam on 30/09/2011 23:32:25

Edited By Sam on 30/09/2011 23:35:21

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