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Thread: dust extractor advice
09/04/2012 01:07:43

I can not vouch for the extractor itself , but how I try to look atthings , is to buy the best you can for the money you have , not the biggest , but the best quality ..Also if you are unsure of the requirement of your machine is then try and call axminster and ask for their support as I am sure they will / would be happy to advise you .

Saying that , if it has a six inch extraction port then I amsure it will need a high volume of air flow to work well ..

Looking at the extractor you linked too , it would look like it has 2 x 4" inlets , but it looks like that the splitter may be removable and if so would be easy to fabricate an adaptor to be able to switch to a 6 " inlet .

Havingsaid that , when I buy someting ,I look at what is required of it and buy the next size / power up as you need to look to the future of if your requirements change , especialy with extraction . If you were to spend say £1000 now and it turns out to be not adequit , you will then need to go out and spend more on another more expensive unit like the one you linked to and the old one is a lost value item . I know it is easy to say but it is best to soend wisely once .

Kind regards Sam

Thread: julian's bowl
08/04/2012 19:06:28

Very nice Julian , I do like the clean colour of the wood and the grain pattern . and I do like the smooth flowing curves too .

Kind regards Sam

Thread: dust extractor advice
07/04/2012 23:55:22

you really need to look at what air flow is required by the CNC , also take a look at the extraction port on the cnc ie 4" or 6" , but it is worth buying something more powerful than you think you need as MDF dust is a right bugger . I have a small portable extractor which is a LVHP and with a .5micron filter on it fitted to my circ saw and it sucks like beast but it is still amazing what escapes the saw . I still use my face mask / respirator when cutting .

And remember that when you start adding in long runs of ducting you will loose pressure / suction but that is a whole nother kettle of fish for you to look in to !

Kind regards Sam

07/04/2012 22:11:00

Hi Zac , first question would be , what machines are you intending to use to cut it with . ie table saw or circular saw etc .

....With MDF you will need a very fine filter because of the very fine dust .

Kind regards Sam

Thread: SIP 01332
02/04/2012 23:29:31

Not wishing to be biased but try Yandles , South Somerset , there show is in a fortnight , and they are a SIP supplier ..Only an hour drive for you .

Kind regards Sam

Thread: Yandles Spring show
29/03/2012 21:29:20

oh and I have a 2 to 3 foot by 4 inch limb of elm for the taking too .

Kind regards Sam

29/03/2012 21:23:44

Simon , glad to hear you will be there / here too .......glad to hear the charity pot is going well too . on the same lines , I have a 3 foot by 1 foot piece of elm trunk that was felled last july if you reckon you can make utilize it for your work . I can cut it shorter for you if you need to for transiting home !

knd regards Sam

28/03/2012 18:43:51

Eveing Julian , yes I will be there again both days , in the paying tent as last time as far as I am aware , will be good to see you again ,

Kind regards Sam

27/03/2012 20:01:14

Hi all , Yandles show is coming up next month so thought I better post up the details , please see their own website for full details .....

It is Fri and Sat the 13th and 14th of april , free entry etc .


Kind regards Sam

Edited By Sam on 27/03/2012 20:02:17

Thread: MDF, which grit
27/03/2012 19:53:41

Hi Zac

Ditto to 240 grit , but if the MDF is of a lower grade quality you may need to go higher , ie 360 plus , as the fibres are not so well compacted , and i have some times had to use filler on the end grain to help give body to sand down .


Plus it may pay to give the face a light sanding prior to painting with some fine sandpaper to help give the paint a key as you may notice that some MDF has a semi glossy finish to it and  the paint may peel

Kind regards Sam

Edited By Sam on 27/03/2012 19:54:59

Thread: Looking forward to a treat
27/03/2012 19:51:42

Hi Ron , it is quite common for redundant whiskey barrels for planters as it would not be economical to make a new oak barrels and then cut it in half .With the exception of the new softwood ones that are a false economy and rot in abouttwo weeks .

Maybe your planter could do with some extra drainage holes for the benefit of your BBQ .

Kind regards Sam

Thread: Power supply for new workshop
01/03/2012 18:27:48

I dont know where you are but electricians vary from 250 to 500 a day depending on where you are ( robbing gits LOL ) , but a workshop / garage consumer unit will set you back about £50 for a decent one and outside should be armoured cable / SWA , and this is not cheap , depending on your needs will dictate the size , I have 10mm and about 20 metres set me back about £150 and that was 8 years ago .

So just going on that there is nearly £200 for my setup let alone what he would do through your cellar and th fact he may need to buy a new fuse to fit in to your existing consumer unit as your workshop would need to have its own circuit , not spurred in to an existing .

I cant see your house , garden etc but at a guess I would say it is a good days work , it is not a case of just lobbing the cable in as armoured cable is a pain to work with as if you twist it the cable kinks and it can compromise the integrity .

the other thing you need to remember is that if he arrives at 8 AM and finishes at 2 PM there is not enough left of the day to go and start another job by the time he drives there so naturaly he will allow a day to do it ........I know that may sound harsh , but it is a common fact , it may be worth asking him if you are paying for a full day rate and if so and he has a spare hour or so , you could get him to "work for that " . I do with my sparkies on my jobs and they do little odd's to fill out the day , wether it be changing a socket face or what ever

But to be fair , unless you buy the materials yourself , and dont buy it from a DIY shed . Always go for a decent make ie MK or similar or else you may find the cheaper stuff will forever be tripping out due to over sensitivity etc ..

If you are worried about him making money on the supply of parts , I wouldnt you have got to look at it is , he may get up to 40% discount from his supplier and then adds on 15% margin for himself , you would still be getting it cheaper than if you bought it yourself ..

Hope this helps

Kind regards Sam

Thread: Triton MOF001 problem
22/02/2012 19:54:03

I am glad you got the problem sorted , did you have to pay for the part or was it covered on warranty ??

Kind regards Sam

Thread: Elm
06/02/2012 21:04:45
Sorry Brian , only just noticed you had posted a reply and link . Many thanks for doing that and it was very useful ..
Kind regards Sam
Thread: wood screws with reduced shank
31/01/2012 19:58:57
Hi David , I use alot of "Ultimates" which you can find through Ironmongery direct . I get mine from a direct source and find that there is a minimum length you can find them in .
Hope this helps
Kind regards Sam
Thread: Return of 'Question Box' for The Woodworker
30/01/2012 20:28:03
Got to admit that I liked the "question Box" aswell , never asked any questions , but it is very handy as I had read a few and found alternative ways to do things that I had a method for .
Kind regards sam
Thread: segmented fruit bowl
24/01/2012 22:52:32
Very nice Dennis , and I can only Echo what others have said about the rim , It must have taken a long time to get those sort of matches / scribes
Kind regards Sam
Thread: Ironmongery Direct
20/01/2012 16:18:45
My father used to supply fixings to screwfix when it just started out in a little shop in yeovil , going back some years now . The guy who owned screwfix as you said sold out and made a mint . He then gave both his sons a sizable chunk of cash and one of them set up toolstation and the other set up that horrendous tools supplier Silverline .
Personaly I use Iron Mongery direct for my needs but do dip in to Screwfix for the odd thing but they are rubbish with stock control and rarely have 60% of what I go in for .
Thread: Elm
18/01/2012 21:37:37
Good Evening all . I have recently acquired Some 4 foot lengths of Elm log , each about 300mm diameter . I was about to take it to my local sawmill to plank , then it was pointed out to me it may well be Witch Elm ........Now lye's the problem ....Is it still worth planking for use later or is it not worth bothering with .
I know about the Elm disease and how 99.9% of elm had to be felled and I even have one in my garden that just reached 15 foot and is now infected by the little blighters . It was a lone standing tree but had to be felled because of power lines so may have been lucky to survive the years or as I was told it may be Witch Elm which was not affected .
Any info would be appreciated .
Kind Regards Sam
Thread: My new shop
12/01/2012 23:19:07
Evening Mailee , very nice sized workshop indeed , atleast you have more room for assembly and a decent sized finishing room , you lucky boy you .
kind regards Sam
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