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Thread: Turning
22/10/2008 23:32:00
This was only to Be a play around as was just curious to play with the chisels , it stared out as piece of conifer or spruce as it was a piece of timber from my firewood stock that i robbed last year and put up on a shelf to dry out , at first i had it on the lowest speed and it still wanted to become air borne and the smell it gave off as i worked it was so nice , a sweet sort of musky smell . After getting it down to a nice smooth blank i really started to play , and came up with this er um novel candle stick holder , i then cut down some stripps of sandpaper to about 10mm wide and whilst stil on the highest speed gave it the full workings . once done i took it down to the house and gave it a good coating of LIberon Floor Wax and that was it for this . The wife then duly found a suitable candle and that finished that off nicely .

This next piece started of as an offcut off an green oak post from a canopy i recently made , started off about 6" square and about 8" long . once turned down , i stood looking at it ...what shall I make ..... I know how about ANOTHER candle stick holder ... And so I started to give it the full workings .. the shakes in it were already in the timebr when i bought it for the post as my job descrip was a nice old looking canopy , so the whole time i was turning this the chisels dug in to the biggest shale as seen in the picture , it got to the point that i had to call it quits as evry time i went to put on the final detail ...chunk chunk chunk , and more work had to be done to get it smooth again ... once finished I took it diwn to the house where i put on 2 coats of what I hear you say ......Yes Liberon Flooring Wax ( guess what i did recently ) .. and produced to my wife the Candle stick holder / 4 KG paper weight .The more I look at it the more the Cracks and Shakes grow on me and become more of its character .

These are both my first attempts at turning as I was recently given a Nu-tool lathe which at a guess is about ten plus years old and still works well and a box with about 15 chisels of different profiles , I just need to buy a stone wheel to sharpen them all as they are rather tired . The only fittings I have for the lathe is the pointy tale stock and the spikey bit on the drive shaft but is plenty for my needs . I did then turn the blank for the spirral to which i manged to get to with in 2mm of a dead perfect blank . Which then followed with all the marking and drilling to make it .as some of you have already seen , but i managed 5 spirrals but left to little wood in it and it became too springy to finish so it is just ANOTHER candle stick holder

The angle was exactly what i was looking for but the lines running around it were to close but it was a real pleasure to do , inclueding the 90 minutes of drilling ! but hey maybe next time with a piece of hardwood instead of softwood .
Thread: My First Woodturning Projects
20/10/2008 22:56:00

20/10/2008 21:48:00 

 Still trying but here is a direct link to my photobucket album !!

Will try and get it sorted !!


20/10/2008 21:41:00

yeah , normaly use Photo bucket for a fishing site i use and that works , when I wrote the above ,the picture did show as i was writing it , then when i submitted it , it then did the little box thing , have got another 2 shots i would like to post of other items I have turned but would like them show properly .   Any suggestions would be greatfully received , did read the link but am not to good at this whole 111000101010  computer stuff , give me a trowel any day LOL .


20/10/2008 21:20:00
This idea was presented to me by my wife as a "challenge"   , managed to turn the blank from a piece of 100x100 pse pine  and did all the marking , drilled it out , only to find i had not left enough wood for the spirals and is very much spring like , and is too soft to sand and finish , the internal part of it turnewd out just as i hoped except the sprrals had a very blade like finish to them on the inside it will remain as one of those never to finished projects . <br>[img
Thread: Lightening oak
19/10/2008 18:39:00

My neighbour who runs a replica period furniture buisiness , showed me to use either Hydrated Lime ( from the builders merchants , 25kg bag for 4 quid )  as Mike had said  and make a paste , or the option which is a nasty one is to use Costic Soda ( spelling ! )   it is very harsh so where suitable PP  but is a great way to burn the tanalin (spelling out ) .

 With regards to how "light" you want it depends on how long you leave it or how many applications you put on , either way try on a scrap piece .


Thread: Workshop Walls - Advice Needed
09/09/2008 13:43:00

Try using "Nylon Hammerfix"  fixings     , they are made for that purpose , just drill the hole then push the fixing in and hammer home  .   easy t use and eliminaes the need for plugs and screws .  screw fix do them page 43 .


Thread: Making a stable door.
07/09/2008 20:16:00

My stable door opens inwards .  I have a weather bar on both the bottom door and the top . does look a bit odd , but it has to be done . given that stable doors were originaly designed to open outwards .

 Hope this helps

Thread: current project
06/09/2008 23:35:00

Thread: Yandles Show
06/09/2008 23:28:00

Popped along today about lunchtime , had my daughter with me so couldnt spend too long as her attention span is 0 .  was amazed by the turning demo too but  that isnt my thing yet , so spent some time looking at the other tools and equipment .  Got to say there was some good deals on but no where near as much stands as the year before I thought . did have a good look around their stock again but time was limited .

On the way back to the carpark i noticed a stack of boards propped up verticaly . Anyone else notice that the same timber as was discussed earlier on the forum where y if you dont it reacts oddly ???

Anyway , full of fresh ideas


05/09/2008 21:54:00
Will be going tomorrow .  Have a good look around
Thread: Workshop Walls - Advice Needed
04/09/2008 23:04:00
I would check prices at your nearest builders merchants , if they have given you that price , as normaly , orders over £100 get free delivery , plus i dont pay much more than that for 100mm kingspan or equivelant product .you are obviously buying a good amount so most merchants will give you a good price based on that .
03/09/2008 00:01:00

Try this site , it is who I used for my insulation in my shed . some sheds may be slightly damaged but at the right price who cares if it has dents ect .


Thread: paslode nail gun
28/08/2008 01:43:00

Hi all , been away for a while with work .  Got to say have seen that done twice before , once by holding 2 bits off wood and the nail fired right through and out in to the hand ( ring)  , and the other hit a not and bent round coming out in the middle of the thumb ( screw nail ) .

 I have used the new paslode , but still prefer my Hitachi nail gun , both the same spec , bout the same price  , only the hitachi has a rubber grip so I find it a little better when usin it all day , fires the same 51-90 mm nails and uses the same gas , I use paslode , hitachi and drivefast , all the same , just different in price .   My only real niggle with the paslode is I used to find the batteries had a habit of coming unclipped ( usualy when on a roof ) , unlike the Hitachi which uses the same generic battery as some of their other tools .

problem with the nails is that because they are mad eusing a thinner gauge metal , they tend to bend easier , so you find a hidden knot and hey presto , it comes out the side !!


Must get back to workshop  and finish my doors !!

Thread: What glue.
19/07/2008 23:18:00
I use the "Webbseal"  PU50 polyurethane glue comes in black grey or white , get it from a company called WENTIN FASTENERS in YEOVIL costs about 4.50 a tube but found it to be very reliable as have also used it to stick stainless to stainless and Ashlared stone back to window reveils , got to say never let me down but yes those lovely rubber gloves do prove worth the money .
Thread: Biscuit jointers
14/07/2008 22:21:00
They must have changed the ferm slightly as on mine once you have the height adjusted you then tweak up a lever to lock it in place , but yes do admit the fence to be a little bulky , like i said , not the best but sufficient for my "learning needs" , makes some wicked mess if not connected to an extractor though LOL
Thread: Bahco 1031 Bevel edged chisels
14/07/2008 21:58:00

they also stick burger van together with it , my father-outlaw uses alot of those special adhesive in his factory doing stainless work where you can not weld for visual reaosns .

Thread: Biscuit jointers
14/07/2008 21:45:00

I have got the "Ferm" biscuit jointer and was about £50 give or take a tenner , got to say it has never let me down , have used it on a few hardwoods inc green oak , easy to use , wouldnt fob it off a being as good as the more upmarket machines but it certainly does what it needs too , has vertical adjustment , depth , and angle adjustment .

 Hope this helps

Thread: Lead Shot for Ballast
16/06/2008 23:34:00

Alternatively , you could use a non-ferous shot blasting aggrigate , wont weigh as much as lead but still weighs up , small enough to be packed in and capped off with a resin / wood  plug .


Thread: Lots of newcomers....but not many new galleries!
12/06/2008 21:57:00
George has summed it up about right , the other problem is reading text on a screen doesnt always give you an idea of "how" it is being said , text is'nt voice tone sensitive , which can make a friendly tip/ advice sound as harsh critisism cheers
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