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Thread: Natural oak finish
06/11/2008 22:33:00

Danish Oil , does go slightly golden but a good 3 coats or more should protect it .


Thread: Question of Drilling & Turning
06/11/2008 20:57:00

No they were certainly inch's , was just  playing aroud using my hand size (shovel) to gauge them but as I get better I will no doubt refine the size of them !!

Thread: rspt260 problems
03/11/2008 22:23:00

ahh , well , that answers my question too then , am having the same problem with my cheap ( gifted ) axminster bandsaw .  was layed up in a garage for a while before . It was fine at first I was cutting 50mm oak and the lot no trouble , then a few weeks later I went to cut some gallow bracket and started ok and after the first it then went plop , took me ages as i had to wait for it to pick up speed and cut another 10mm and so on . Well , given your problem and the value of my bandsaw , it,s recycle time , either that or never cut more than 10mm matchboard !

Cheers lads

02/11/2008 23:45:00

I dont during the week , It's my weekend pad , come on you know it is LOL  , and that is why my price ws £3,000.00   ,   got to cover my traveling expenses .

02/11/2008 22:08:00

LOCATION ;   Timbuktu

JOB DESCRIPTION ;  I have 2 loose door knobs and a shelf bracket I want put up .Because I am DIY incompanant .


ADDITIONAL INFO :  Must be a qualified Plumber


Got to say I looked in to one of the sites a long time ago being that I am a BUILDER  and in MY opinion it would be a waste of time as in MY area alone there were a billion other BUILDERS and closet work was in bristol , and I am the other side of the county unless I wanted to fix a shelf bracket or a leaky tap .  I cant see how it is any use apart from those in the middle of a big town or city !!!

Besides in my opinion it ought to be the Customer ( of said jobs ) that should be paying .

So I am sorry I cant invest in your idea , so I am out LOL

Thread: Hinge/s
01/11/2008 12:17:00

It isnt going to be so much what hinges you use as most will suffice your needs regarding the 180 degreea  but it's more of a case of how good / strong the fixings will be and what they are fixed in too .   And what are you doing to prevent it folding/collapsing the other way or do you  intend to rely on the hinges for that ?? as just relying on the hinges wont be sufficient as most are'nt meant to carry big loads horizontily /flat .

Hope this helps

Thread: Question of Drilling & Turning
31/10/2008 22:41:00

Cheers guys for the help unfortuanately I only have a 4 prong drive and Live revolving centre  on the tail stock .  I have looked on Axminster at the Light pull drive and  does look to be a handy piece of kit .  I would say that drilling the blanks does seem a very logical idea , and thanks for that .   I will be investing in some additional parts for my lathe but I was given it by some one who is moving and doesnt have the space for it , it is a Nu-tool 37  and is a cheap-ish bit of kit so dont want to go splashing out on it as for me it is an experimenting tool to see how I get on with as to wether I get a "better" one or make do . Must say though it is a good piece of kit to learn on . And as for doing the same with candle stick regarding pre-drilling it now makes sense as after turning previous candle holders I then ended up drillling the end out with a forstner bit , and that was fun too  .

But many thanks all of you for your advice and it has been duly noted and will try them out in the next few days .

Also got to say I am going to get my daughter a gerbil , just to make use of al the saw dust LOL

Cheers again

Thread: christmas comes early
31/10/2008 20:53:00

The first thing I would ask is .Have you got any wood floors in your house ?  and the next would be ...Do they need sanding ?  LOL   or do you have a screwfix catalogue in the W.C  with certain items conveniently circled !!!!!  

Thread: workshop 2.jpg
30/10/2008 18:07:00
We ( the wife )  did the Oh natural thing too , but had to go back to work , I am right beside you on the sleep thing as I like it too much
Thread: Question of Drilling & Turning
29/10/2008 23:47:00

Hello oh great wise ones , I have been given the task by the beloved to "make" some candle stick holders and light pull cord handles for xmas prezzies , baring in mind i am still learning so is a great excuse for shed time !! I have gone as far as to turn a couple "samples " of pull cord handles and even drilled them out on the pillar drill . Which I have to say was a little tricky , I put a 10mm hole at one end about an inch deep and a 5mm hole down through so the cord could be threaded . Here is where my question lies ....I managed to get the holes to line up sort of ,by means of pillar drill but is there a better way of doing it . The pull cords are between 4"-5" . I dont have any sort of chucks for the lathe , only the 2 points , 1 on the stock and the grippy thingy majig on the drive shaft . Is there another way you guys know of with out trying to drill through my hand ??

Many thanks Sam

Thread: workshop 2.jpg
29/10/2008 23:02:00
I have got to say there is something missing from ALL your workshop piccies !!....SMA baby milk tins !!!  There free and make good storage !!
Thread: Spirral Staircase
29/10/2008 18:42:00

I did , many times  I just always walked against the surround , I knew the treads were rebated in , even so , it was fun . perfect example of farmer engineering .

P.S  the hardwood treads will come in handy some day

Thread: Union Graduate Maintenance
28/10/2008 23:56:00
p.s , if the head has sheered off , just start the drilling with a 2mm drill and work up , steady handed !!
28/10/2008 23:55:00

Hi Don , sorry to hear you are having problems with the screw , but as long as you can get a 3mm whole in to it ( can be done with a 5mm thread )  you should be able to get it out , alternatively you could drill it out thread ,n, all and re-tap a thread , not a hard job , providing you have a Tap Set and a good set of drills .  Where abouts are you , if somerset , then i could offer you a hand if your stuck !


Thread: Spirral Staircase
28/10/2008 23:06:00

It certainly was a proper Zummerset job , the Building inspector had to take a picture of it for his "best of the worst" file time i saw him , he said they had voted on it and it was top of the list for sheer tight fisted pointlesly dangerous engineering .  and later when i bumoed in to a couple of other of my regular BC officers they all had a good laugh at it .  


27/10/2008 22:09:00

Well This is a job of mine that i have just finished , whole house was Knackered , but any way , thought i ought to show you boys this , as i would like to know if Mike G can come up with a better engineering solution to this problem . The old boy who used to live here and bodged the whole place up was a farmer ( god rest his soul ) . I had to remove this stair case by orders of the Building Control as it was'nt compliable with Good practice ... any way , the newel was a piece of 200mm underground waste pipe and the treads were hard wood of some sort . the enclosure was built of old scaffold planks , and the treads were fitted to the newel post by 2"x2" holes then filled with a vry weak concrete ......didnt take much to push it over , much to the customers dissapointment .

Thread: DAMP - Please help
27/10/2008 20:56:00

As it.s a garage i doubt that a membrane would of been used as it is "only" a garage , one route we use whe converting garages for "extra" space is to use a seminticious membrane ,, called K11  applied with a brush , similar to cement past , made by a company called Sovereign . mix it up with a liquid called SBR .  paint this on and when it dries it will form a complete barrier .   You would need to apply this from just over your DPC right the way around the brickwork below DPC  wall and right accros the floor to create a complete barrier , the sovereign products are not cheap but are very good and have never failed me yet as My bro inlaw has his own buisiness Tanking and Damp  proofing and have been involved with enough of his jobs and he is a Sovereign approved contractor ,You can get it form the local builder merchants  . you would then need to lay the screed  down on top .  As an alternative to the sovereign products , you could use a Bitumen product that is effective but not as durable as it only dries as a rubbery membrane and under water pressure can blister , and you would still need to lay a screed down .

 Alternatively you could "tank" the floor up to and just over the DPC and then lay down a 1200 membrane over and up the wall and lay a floating floor by using a expanded polystyrene sheet on top and then an 18mm Weyroc floor over . but bare in mind that it will not create a perfect seal as the membrane is only resting against the wall and can cause cappilary action , as damp can rise up to 1200 up walls !!

 If you can afford it I would Tank the floor and wall up to DPC and lay a good solid screed .   but you NEED to cross the DPC to create the barrier that a DPM would normaly create .

Hope this helps

Thread: Union Graduate Maintenance
25/10/2008 23:28:00

If you are good with a drill and the bolts / screw is no less than 3mm in diameter you could drill a pilot hole and use a Stud Extractor . Might be worth a shot . As for replacements if you can find out the thread size wether imperial or metric than that would be no problem as plenty of places supply fixings might be worth replacing wiith stainless as it is harder and be less likely to wear out and if the body isnt stainless you will find that you are less likely to jam in future as .


Thread: all parts in view
23/10/2008 19:20:00

Looks a nice piece  , but with out sounding dumb , what is the masking tape for ???

Thread: Turning
23/10/2008 19:17:00

Cheers Warren , I did start to snad it with a strip of sand paper about 10mm wide but given that the spirrals are only about 10mm wide at the momemt it is so springy , I will try again no doubt to finish but just would rather leave it as it is as a "prototype than end up splitting it as it is only soft pine from the jewsons stock and had been sat in my shed for about 4 or 5 years , I did remount it to sand it but got to scared to break it ..will keep you  posted on the future progress of it !!


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