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Thread: Building Our Own Shepherd Hut
05/05/2016 22:51:09

Hi Alex , and guys , been a while since logging on for various reasons , anyway there is a local company near me that make complete or self build kits . You can probably glean alot of build ideas and methods if you look through their gallery .

The self build kits are an eye watering price , well , for what I see but may be worth it depending on your idea of value . Good luck on your build . I was only looking as my darling wife would like a shepard hut , style hut with out the wheels for the garden for a summer house type of thing .

Cheers Sam

Thread: Yandles Autumn Show 2012
28/09/2015 22:00:23

Hi Julian , I am still aorund , But havent been doing alot of woodwork due to re-ocuring illness ! I havent done the Yandle shows for a few years now as they are trying to use their own staff where poss . So became a bit surplus , but on the brighter side , I get to go and view the show and spend the money I dont have lol . Hope your well bud and the turning is going ok ?

Cheers Sam

Thread: Digital issues
24/09/2012 21:44:01

Dont worry Brian , you will get used to being mugged off , My partner subscribed to the Good wood Working mag for me as a christmas prezzie 2 years ago , might be 3 years ! I never received my free prezzie and my digital sub number never worked and when I tried contacting the "people that be" I never got an answer after numerous emails and even had a mod offer to look in to it and never heard any more . So when I got the usual courtesy letter re re-newing my sub , I cancelled it and will never again sub if their customer relations are that poor .

We are no longer customers , just numbers .

As for the forum , I enjoy it . Even if it is a bit quieter , but that is how I like it

Kind Regards Sam

Thread: First little Box
19/08/2012 21:04:25

Hi Sam , the dimensions are 285mm by 145mm wide by 140mm high . That is the over all foot print with the 35mm x 35 mm corner posts are set back 7mm from the edge .The side panels are 18mm thick and set back 7mm back from the corner posts . The internal space is not massive but it is only meant for "special" objects teeth I said , to which my daughter said "and toe nails and scabbs" .......charming lol

Kind regards Sam

19/08/2012 19:39:56

Thanks for your comments guys smiley . I have been busted , I did search the scrap box at Yandles and that is where the sides came from as it was 2nd's from their cremation box production ,plus I do not have a spindle moulder , and I could not have bought the oak for the sides for what I paid for a metre length , about £2 . The corners were from a 40 x 40mm x 600mm spindle turning blank that cost about £5 . The base was a cremation box base that was rejected as the moulding was split and I cut that down to size for what I needed at a cost of 50p . The lid was from a piece of Bubinga i had bought for a bench I made for a show and the offcut suited the size of the oak base . The handle was made up from offcuts from around my workshop . The 8mm dowels were from a kitchen fit I did and you always end up with a box of surplus . The feet / buttons were about £1 for 8 .

In total It cost me about £8.50 for timber , £2 for hinges and about £1 for oil etc .Totaling for about £11.50 .

It was the first box I have made with the cheet of no mitred corners but using hidden screws .I thoroughly enjoyed the build as it was an experiment of "scrap heap challenge " style , but in timber . I prefer the build more than the finishing as I am too impatient for that as you can only do about 15 minutes work per night between coats . But it was worth the build up of coats , just a shame the lid does not show off the true reflective sheen it has .

Dave , sorry that was a blip on my part and I should not write posts at late hours face 21!! I actually meant three coats of neat Danish Oil , superior danish oil to be exact as I use Liberon finishes ...Sorry

If you fancy reading the full blog on it please take a look at my Blog , **LINK**

Many thanks for reading Sam

18/08/2012 23:44:43

I have been working on this for a few weeks , not solidly I must state !!

It has an Oak base , with oak side panels moulded on a spindle moulder , the corner posts are 35mm square and made from Black walnut . The sides are doweled using 8mm's . The frame was fixed to the base via 4 screws which were fitted through the corner posts and then hidden using little beech domed feet ( cheat I know but convenient ) . The top is made from bubinga about 14mm thick . The handle is made from oak again with a 5mm strip of purple heart glued to it . The moulding was meant to end up different but was a bit of an experiment and turned out a bit to big on the concave so i cut it down and "changed " the design .img_0105.jpg






I oiled it up using various mix's of Tung and Danish oil diluted with White Spirit . and the final 3 coats just neat white spirit .

Hope you enjoyed ........

Kind regards Sam

Thread: Goblets
18/08/2012 22:24:29

Hi steve , what chisel are you using to turn the end grain , and what timber is it ? I personaly use a 1/2 " gouge to hit the worst of it out , and then finish using a 1" Scraper .

cheers sam

Thread: NuTool bandsaw blade running off
18/08/2012 01:34:27

Hi Terry , Have you tried to adjust the table , on some machines you can loosen the bolts below the table and tweak it to help bring the mitre track / slot inline/parrallel with the blade , I was able to on my BS400 and got it very close , it takes a bit of time and waste timber as trial and error .

Kind regards Sam

Thread: Furniture Grade Pine
18/08/2012 01:29:23

Hi Andy , I dont know where in the country you are but if you are South West , somerset , dorset border , it may be worth trying Snow's timber at glastonbury , they are a division of bradfords and stock a very large range of timber and I have been there for stock . They also have Branches in Andover , Dudley and Mansfield . Their site is very comprohensive **LINK**

Kind regards sam

Thread: Yandles Autumn Show 2012
18/08/2012 01:03:24

Glad to hear you gentlemen will be attending again , you will find me in my usual spot . Hopefully the weather will hold out for the show , unlike this recent spot of precipitation !!

look forward to seeing you soon .

Kind regards Sam

15/08/2012 22:33:25
Yandles Autumn Show 7th & 8th September 2012
One of the Uk's biggest woodworking shows, always popular with demonstrators and customers !

Thread: making large wooden pair of compasses
13/08/2012 21:30:47

you are more than welcome , if you find that you are doing it in regulat intervals , you could always make one using a strip of acrylic , or similar and mark out 1/4 " or 5mm increments diagonally along the length , I have always meant to "upgrade" to this for similar tasks but things always take over . you could always use a drawing pin for the centre of the radius !

Kind regards sam

12/08/2012 21:56:14

Hi Edwood . If you are not making too many different radius's you could always use a strip of mdf about 2" wide and put a screw through one end that will remain fixed , which would be the centre of the circle and add another at the distance needed which will be the scribing end , very cheap and I use the method very often .

Hope that helps .

Thread: Half lap joints
08/08/2012 21:57:39

Hi Janus

I did the same for a bench I was making out of 45mm oak . I used an MDF template I made and sanded / filed to be a snug fit . I used a 1/2 inch long cutter I normally use for kitchen worktops . It worked very well and is as accurate as your jig is . I had no issue using a long straight cutter , as it will reach up to about 50 plus mm .

The pictures below show the joints . I actually made the jig it so the top of the leg had a small radius to make it easier to slot the two together with the gentle persuassion of a rubber mallet . The whole in the top is for a stainless timber drive , which may not be feasable for you if seen .


I will upload the rest of the WIP's later

Hope this helps

kind regards Sam

Thread: clocks
31/07/2012 23:19:31

With out bias , Yandles used to buy from meantime but they had to source from else where , hence the price .

kind regards Sam

Thread: Workshop Ducting
05/07/2012 22:47:23

P.S I will supply it at cost as I am NOT out to make any money for this .

Kind regards Sam

05/07/2012 22:46:43

Hi all , sorry for my lack of attendence but work has been far toooooooooo hectic .....Anyway During my work on site I am working in league with Ducters and got chatting to him as we have worked around him alot recently and when I approached him for a price in ducitng he laughed at what I told him is the "norm " . He explained what he could supply it to me for .......and I was shocked !!! to say the least .

I will say at this point that this is for 6" galvanised steel spiral pipe ..he quoted me about £14 per three metre length off the top of his head . Instead of using T,s he uses saddles that you cut out an section of pipe and glue/rivet the saddle on . He did say that T's and elbows are available and reducers and that if you want you can fit access hatches next to elbows for easy inspection and to join the lengths you use a collar

He said you can either self tapper them or rivet the sections together but when I explained what it was for he said it would be best to use 3.2mm rivets as it would create less drag and too silicone / tape all joints . .

He did say that all sizes are available and many fittings . So what I am offering is if any of you guys ( and gals ) are after ducting i have no problem getting you some prices and can arrange delivery / courier ..I am in south somerset and can always deliver with in reason .

kind regards Sam

Thread: earing stand
19/05/2012 18:14:43

Hi Dennis , very nice indeed and I do like the design idea alot , very practical and pleasing on the the eye .


Thread: Record screw chuck wood screws
10/04/2012 20:34:47

Hi Jim , if you get stuck you could try , they are based in Yeovil , South Somerset and I use them on a few times a week constantly . I am sure they will be able to help you as they have something of everything . If I am in there tomorrow I will find out for you .

Kind regards Sam

Thread: dust extractor advice
10/04/2012 20:25:04

Thumbs up for buying a uk product . I think you have gone the right way re the twin motor setup and definately on the filtration size , but may still be worth wearing a respirator as MDF dust is very fine and all you need is small amount to escape the machine and be blown around by the rotating blade ..

Does your cnc machine have a shroud around the cutter .If not you may be able to createsome thing , on the bigger machines I have worked on they have a round brush like head surrounding the cutter as it helps contain particles until the extractor has done its work .

Kind regards Sam

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