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Thread: Routing
25/02/2009 20:50:49
Derek, Have looked it up and you were correct, GB5P is correct for my router. A bit pricey I would have thought at £24.00 from their latest price list updated 2008/9 from 1st. Feb. 09. Never mind though at least I can do what I needed to now. Thanks for your help.  John K.
25/02/2009 20:34:24
Thanks Derek, I never new Trend made plain sub bases, I thought they only made the Unibase. I'll give them a try, I already have a Trend T5, So I will be able to use that guide bush for both machines.  John K.
25/02/2009 19:19:43
Hi big al, yes I did but if you read my post you will see  I explained that that sub base has too many holes for the extraction through the sprung side leg. It would make my dust extraction useless.    John K.
25/02/2009 18:16:54
Yes Marc I tried them first because it is their own brand. They referred me to Romford tools who could not help either. It looks like the only alternative is to turn one up on a metalwork lathe or buy anew router.John k.
25/02/2009 16:43:48
Hi all,  Has anyone got an idea where I can obtain a guide bush for my router? I must have mislaid or lost it. The router is a B&Q Performance power pro model CLM1250R. The guide bush is non standard at 70mm overall diameter,whereas most bushes are 60mm. I have tried Axminster and Trend but had no luck.Each suggested buying the Trend sub base which will then accept a 60mm guide bush. The problem with that is the extraction works through one of the sprung legs and suction would be lost with all the hokes in the unibase. John kinch.
Thread: Zebrano Timber
12/02/2009 16:23:37
Hi all, I bought a Sebrano blank (10" dia.x 50mm. thick) at the Ally Pally to turn a bowl. Has anyone got any tips on turning Sebrano? So far I have turned the base and formed arecessed foot to fit my chuck and have started hollowing out the inside. I find it hard going and have to constantly put the edge back on my gouges. It seems to be as hard as Mahogany to turn, any comments?
    John Kinch.
Thread: Flooring chipboard sizes.
12/02/2009 16:14:03
Hi, I understood that T&G flooring interlocks side to side and end to end and provided the joints are staggered, there is no need to cut any of them to fit to joists. The interlocking all round is very strong and sufficient to support the weight.
John kinch.
Thread: The International Woodworking Exhibition 2009
09/02/2009 16:14:04
Hi Ben, Sorry I never got to meet you at the Ally Pally on Sunday, but I did meet Ron Fox. On the Trend stand I bought The Complete Routing Guide by Alan Holtham, he and Ron Fox are my favourite authers.
   I thought the show this year was smaller,but I found it more interesting. There seemed to be more machinery on show than last year.
   I was very interested in the Leigh Super 12 dovetail jig but thought it would be difficult to justify the £180.00 to her in doors.But when I got home and spoke to her about it and how nice the joints are from it she said well get one then. Had I got then it would have been a bargain,Oh well another missed opportunity.
John kinch.
Thread: Circular Saw Blades: Storage and Handling
04/02/2009 15:17:43
Hi Blade cases are available from Axminster and Rutlands for around £3-00.
  John kinch.
Thread: Georgian-style bell-top clock
02/01/2009 13:44:00
Thanks Ben. I came to a sudden stop with my three grandfather clocks for the kids. The movements have become very rare and are very expensive when you can find them. Thanks again, John kinch.
01/01/2009 15:09:00

Hi I went back to the article for this clock for plans, but the relevent pages had a cross but I could not open them. Can anyone tell me please how can I see the drawings and diagrams for this clock. I like making clocks and am thinking of starting anew project.

    Jonh kinch.

Thread: damatomachine
16/12/2008 18:19:00

Hi    As you know, I bought a multifunction machine from Dammatomacchine and have tried all the functions. The moulder function on these machines is a bit scarey and I was advised by Axminster tools it was too dangerous to use. The accessory block supplied is a smaller size than standard, but cutters appear to be standard.

Slotting attachment seems ok, using the side table supplied. I tend to use my morticing drill for making motice and tennon joints, so I rarely use the attachment on the multifunction machine.

You have not filled in your profile so I don't Know where you live. If you are not too far from Romford Essex, maybe we could get together and try to resolve yor problems.

          John Kinch.

Thread: Remote switching
26/11/2008 12:16:00
Hi, after reading the posts on remote switching I bought one for my extractor and found it could not turn the extractor on becuase the extractor has an NVR switch which needs the electomagnet inside to be enrgised as the button is pressed. The only answer appears to be to by-pass the wiring to the NVR switch to use the remote control socket I bought.
Thread: Advice on bandsaw blade pls
25/11/2008 16:28:00

You also need to check the tension of the blade is adequate.


Thread: Bench Drill
25/11/2008 16:24:00
Hi all, I have had a Nu Tool CH10 for about 15 or so years now and the plastic support for the guard broke but I made a stronger replacement from tuffnel. Then the chuck was rubbish so I bought a larger one which I eventually got running true. But it has served me well but is now under powered for me so I am looking to buy the Ryobi 5530L as mentioned on a previous posting.    J.Kinch
Thread: damatomachine
10/11/2008 20:31:00
Sure ,I'll share sketches but which sketches do you mean?  John.
10/11/2008 14:02:00

Hi ciceu, I have bought from damatommachine Amulti functio machine as well as a wood turning lathe and an extractor. The multifunction machine I bought was model Disco 5/260 super.It has cast iron tables and is a lot of machine for the money.I must admit that the machine is very basic and could do with some updating. There is no indication for adjustment to the infeed table of thicknesser. The spindle moulder is smaller in diameter than standard, as is the bore of the cutter block. firm pressure is required when clamping the thicknessing table or it will slightly lower itself while cutting.

But generally their machines are well built and very sturdy being made of cast iron.Just afew niggles as with all machines none are ever perfect.

                                                                                     John kinch.

Thread: Indexing jig.JPG
15/10/2008 18:56:00
I did have to keep the arm as short as possible and tighten up the pivot pin to eliminate movement. It feels very firm. What I'm trying to find now is a way of fixing a chuck to my tailstock for drilling turned parts. Unfortunately I have afixed live centre on a threaded shaft, as found on some cheaper lathes. Can anyone point me in the right direction. The Turners Retreat catalogue shows a toolpost version but is a bit pricey, you have to also buy the post to fit your lathe post holder.
Thread: help
08/10/2008 18:40:00
hi I've just modified my B&Q Pro router to increase the depth of plunge by half an inch by cutting down the body of the dust cover, which is the stop for the plunge. The collet now comes through most of the table plate  and finishes almost flush with the surface of the table top.    John Kinch.
Thread: Woodex 08
04/10/2008 20:34:00
I went to the Woodex Show today and thought it was worth a visit. Charnwood were there but I can't remember seeing them at the Ally pally. This show was smaller than Ally Pally, but still worth a visit.Sip tools also had a stand. Turners Retreat and Robert Sorby were also there.   John Kinch.
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