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Thread: Router table
14/09/2009 11:00:48
Hi Blondy, I bought a DK2009 from Rutlands earlier this year. It's excellent. I fitted shelving below for additional storage space. If you do buy it, you'll need to router a strip off the table top each side before you fix the two rules to the top or the rules will not be flush to the work top and cause problems when trying to slide long lengths acroo the table. The dust extracion is good and using a hoover type vac in the router itself at the same time you will have very little dust.
     Remember the featherboards shown in the picture do not come with it and are a bit pricey to buy. Best to make your own.
    John Kinch.
Thread: Good Buys
08/09/2009 19:05:37
I bought two of these cards and have used all the first card replacing watch batteries. they also fit my vernier guage. My family sometimes ask me to renew the batteries in their watches, shops charge £5or £6 a time to change them.
   John K.
Thread: John`s clock
08/09/2009 14:44:59
Derek, I bought the clock movements from Martin H Dunn including the pendulum and dial. Cabinet hinges, lockes and adjustable feet were from Hobby's.
  John K.
07/09/2009 17:28:27
Thanks guys, the next one will have a dark walnut semi-matt finish and the third will be in dark oak matt.
  John k.
06/09/2009 22:15:51
Crikey Baz you were hot off the mark spotting that. I have only just finished posting and went back to forum to see results and you had already posted. Cheers.
           John K
Thread: Grandmother clock progress.
06/09/2009 22:12:26
Finally I have finished the first of the three granmother clocks I am making and set it up in my eldest son's house today. They wanted a Walnut finish in a high gloss. New photos added to my albums.
                                                                           john kinch.
Thread: Newsletters
03/09/2009 11:42:08
Hi Ben, like the others, my relevent boxes are ticked but have not as yet received any emails.
                     John kinch.
Thread: IN A FIGHT...
23/08/2009 14:19:35
I recently bought the much acclaimed Ryobi bench drill and find it realy is as good as they say. Changing speed is done by simply moving a lever whilst the drill is running and the change of speed can be seen straight away and is shown by the digital read-out. I used a small cheapy and found it too small for various jobs so upgraded to the Ryobi and never looked back.
                                                        John Kinch.
Thread: John's Clock
17/07/2009 20:41:04
Hi, Thanks for the cmments, this is the 1st of 3 one each for the kids to remember their old man when I'm gone. Working on three at a time is hard work and requires making many jigs for all kinds of machining.
The basic wood used is a very hard Mahogany. Where possible I have used cheaper Mahogany from my old conservatory. All the mechanisms and weights etc. are bought and ready to fit. Mabe in a week or so I will have at least one fully finished. They have each asked for a dfferent colour, and one wants a satin finish while the others want matt and gloss.   J.Kinch.
Thread: Close shave
16/07/2009 18:20:24
Ron, how do you keep your router running in the table? I used to clamp the on switch until I found how to set it to stay on using the handle switches. Inside the handle there is a little plate which has to be turned around and this holds the machine on until cancelled by repressing the starter switch.   J.Kinch.
14/07/2009 20:19:47

Whilst using my router the little screw that the spindle lock lever pivots on worked loose and fell out alowing the lever to float about locking and unlocking the spindle at high speed.

 Luckily I cut the power quickly and no real damage was done. But it just shows that anything can hapen when you least expect it.
Thread: mitre saws
29/06/2009 19:11:18
Mandy, I believe statutory rights entitle you to 2 years warranty. Besides they have sold you a dangerous tool which may contravene standard health and safety regulations. Take it back to Argos and kick up a stink, they are usually fair with replacements. If you don't try you don't know. Show them the injury.
     John Kinch.
Thread: Frame Square
22/06/2009 18:01:57
Hi I've seen clamping squares in the Rutlands catalogue under work holding page 74.
john kinch.
Thread: Pierced Work
18/06/2009 18:23:11
Hi, Oddjob, Have you looked in the Hobb's manual? They sell Precision rotary tools which you hold like a pen. 
                                                      John Kinch.
Thread: would you beleive it?
08/05/2009 21:02:38
I've been waiting for the chance to buy one of the acclaimed Ryobi bench drills and placed my order with Tooled-up for a good deal, only to find they are currently out of stock. but for the price it will be worth the additional few days wait.
  John Kinch
Thread: Zebrano Beauty
27/03/2009 19:49:02
Thanks  Guys,  I bought the wooden round of zebrano at the Crystal Palace show this year. 10" diameter x 2" thick. I found it difficult to turn into the round without digging in. Tools had to be really sharp to avoid catching.   
       John kinch.
Thread: worksharp 2000
05/03/2009 18:07:14
I've been wanting to get a worksharp 2000 for a few weeks now but wasn't sure about how well it worked. Your posting has confirmed for me that I should have got it then, now I don't have the funds. But I still intend to get one, thanks for your help Vvaughn.
      John K.
Thread: Chairs
03/03/2009 21:42:28
Not a wise move using leatheret to upholster dining chairs. I recovered mine afew years ago and have had people say the backs of their legs and bums are wet when they stand up after sitting on them for a little while. The leatheret does'nt breathe so the heat from the body forms sweat on the seat surface.
       John K.
03/03/2009 18:19:46
very nice Al they look sleek but sturdy. Will be nice to see final finish.       
     John k.
Thread: Most disliked
26/02/2009 16:12:51
For me it has to be chipboard of any type, with or without melamine surface. It's more like weetabix, it's easy to overtighten screws when fixing and soaks up water like a sponge if water is accidently spilt on it.
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