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Thread: Saw subject
11/12/2010 12:22:38
I have a few old saws I bought at boot sales, The handles are fine but the metal on some is pitted. I did think it would be a good idea to replace the blade and then attach back to the handle.  It does seems a shame just to leave them. 
I have never got round to doing it as there are only so many saws you need. I remember looking through the book written by the bloke with the eye patch that he uses hardpoint saws as they do the job. I can see his point.
Thread: Formica or similar
11/12/2010 12:10:58
When the weather gets warmer I am going to do the same. I have bought a piece of 12mm Tufnol ,600 x 600 from Direct Plastics which cost about £22.00, you could of course buy a smaller size or thiner for less or just buy enough to make an insert. .I intended to cut this down to 600 X 400
It is my intention to cut a hole for the router in a piece of MDF glue the Tufnol to it and then mount the router direct to the tufnol.I thought I would cut a 25 or 30 mm hole for the cutters.This would all be mounted on a ply base.
Can anyone think where this could go wrong.I did think that if I ever wanted to use a large cutter I would have to make a new  hole and then make an insert but that would be for the future.
Thread: Edge trimming plane
17/03/2010 21:52:29

You only have to look in the Axminster book ,it's exactly the same except for the name.
I've not made anything over winter as my concrete workshop was too cold,now its warming up I intend to make a small table and do some turning.
15/03/2010 22:01:45
I bought an edge trimming plane this weekend made by the same people who make the No 4 as reviewed in the magazine.
When I got it home and compared it to pictures of the Veritas model it appears to be an exact copy,the only difference being there was no name and it was £60.00 which I did get reduced by £10
As this was a Veritas design not an old Stanley it could be nothing but a copy but I would not have thought it would have been so exact.If Veritas did not go in for that sort of thing you would think it came out of the same factory.
If I were them I would be putting a stop to that
Thread: dumbing down?
09/02/2010 22:52:25
I'm afraid I have to agree with Codeye.
I bought a couple of Woodworker Annuals recently from 66 & 67.I did n't think they were as good as some from the 70's but alot of the projects were interesting and even after all these years you might still make one or two  unlike some of the MDF type projects in Woodworker today.They appear to have taken over from Practical Woodworker in their content..Even old woodworkers had poor months which is o/k if you have got an annual to look through but there were plenty of months when there was lots to read.
These days I buy GW ,British Woodworking and Fine Woodwooding although I might drop this as after a some years the content is beginning to repeat itself.Now days I just have a very quick look at Woodworker,thats how long it takes me. 
As a matter of interest does anyone have a complete set of the annuals ?
Thread: Put a handle on it
26/01/2010 22:41:53

Ron ,
I've turned a few handles for chisels I bought at Car Boots.Trouble is you can end up with far too many.
I have used Ash.I start turning,take it off and add the ferral and then return to the lathe,that way you can part off right by the ferral.I bought mine at Ashley Isles at the Woodworker show for about 0.50p each.
I turn mine in the style of old Footprint handles (not the sort they made at the end).
Thread: Lie Nielsen O1 Tool Blades
10/11/2009 21:47:06
I've been using Hock blades which I have got from the Best Things in the US. They worked out at about £25.00 by the time you add postage. Delivery was about a week.
Thread: Small Lathe Recommendations...
10/11/2009 21:42:49
Hello Ben
I have got a DML lathe. One day I was trying to turn a lump of wood which was far too large and burnt out the motor.
I called Record and they sent me a new motor within a few days.
Looking at the old one I think the cable had melted and was shorting.I am pleased with the lathe as it does not take up much room and is well made.
I bought mine for £219.00 at the D & M show last year but yes the price of this stuff is creaping up.
Thread: scroll saw clocks
09/11/2009 21:47:29
In about 1973 I bought a wooden scrollsaw plan for the Thomas Clock. As I was only about 16 it was beyond me so after many years I chucked it away.
A few years ago I sent away for the plans and lazer cut gears made of plywood which are very accurate.The whole think was about $50 ?.
I made a good start but used rubbish wood for the sides and got stuck with one of the shafts/gear wheel where the hands joins. It came with a dvd and the shafts were all made from dowel. I was turning them but my DML lathe could not do small accurate turning so I lost interest.
I intend to make another start but use baltic ply .Now I have a better lathe I can turn all the shafts ,I was thinking of using box as I bought some at the Woodworker Show this year.Once I have finished I can make a my own custom frame.
I would not try to cut my own if you can buy them. The name of the company is The Clock Mechanics,have a look at their website,there are about four to choose from.
There is also an interesting vidoe on U Tube ,look at wooden clocks. They show you how to make one. He uses a small bandsaw and metal shafts.
I think it would make an interesting series in GW - Dominic
Thread: Oilstones
20/10/2009 22:01:18
It was n;t flat but I after some work on a course diamond stone one side is now, mounted in a nice box.
As I say it's a dark blue colour but is very fine. I've also  got a light brown stone again finer than a new stone.Both are very fine but I prefer the blue one. I usally sharpen on a fine diamond and then finish off on the oilstone.
I was going to buy Arkansas stone from Tilgear as they are on offer but I don't think there is any need.
If anyone could tell me the history of this .
19/10/2009 21:43:32
I bought a fine oilstone which is blue in colour so it is not a Norton. It seems alot finer than say a Norton. My question is does anyone know anyone know anything about this.
I bought it at a Car Boot Sale and it looked quiet old.
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