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Thread: Torsion shelves
20/12/2011 09:31:38
Hi Folk, a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to one and all, I am looking for the article on torsion box shelves, can anyone point me in the right direction, I think it was in good woodworking or the woodworker, I have looked in most of the back issues on line but to no avail, thanks Andy.
Thread: lurem combi
06/03/2011 10:34:05
Try the metabo website they have a good number of lurem manuels for download, they bought lurem some time ago and seem to be the only source of info, although I believe that lurem are still in France and have a web site of which I cannot remember ,, good luck, Andy Nicholl.
Thread: dodgy dw708 radial saw!!
19/03/2010 11:29:49
Hi Mike, I am beginning to think that it has been damaged some how and that I will have to have it repaired by an dewalt agent, the cut is out by at least 1.5mm fence to full cut at 300mm it seems to go in near the middle and out by the outside of the cut nearest the user, very frustrating!!, thanks for your advice, Andy.
19/03/2010 09:36:39
Hi Mike, thanks for the quick response, the saw is a radial mitre saw and not a radial arm saw, the blade is 300mm, of the two blades I have one is new and the other is not and has not such a good edge, the cut seems to lose about a millimeter in the centre of the cut, as I do not posses a dial gauge I held a square to the fence and drew the blade across and it did not run true, i have laid a steel rule along the radial tubes and they appear to be straight, I just cannot fathom out were the fault is, it as if the the arms are running in a curve some how, but they do not bind in thier bearings, I hope this info is of help, thanks, Andrew.
18/03/2010 21:40:40
Hi Folks, I have a technical problem with my Dewalt dw 708, it cuts a curve when cutting across the board at full width (300mm)  I have tried all adjustments to alliviate the problem but it is still the same, help!! anybody have any ideas? thanks, Andy.
Thread: Back Gammon Table
07/12/2008 11:47:00

Hi, does anyone know if the goodwood lads did an article on a backgammon/games table/board? if so which one? or does anyone know where I can get a set of plans from/

I would like to make any heirloom piece for a relative that should not be too big maybe a table top board or small table version

Thread: Union Graduate Maintenance
28/10/2008 19:55:00

Hi Don, give this site a try,  I found it by accident, this man builds new grauates and refurbs old ones, he probably has every spare part going, and may know how to overcome your problem, he is very helpful indeed, all the the best, Andy.

Thread: Chucks Etc!!
07/10/2008 16:07:00
Thanks Richard, you have been very helpful, think I have a copy of that book and will try to find it, Thanks again, Andy.
07/10/2008 10:08:00
Hi, I have just purchased a Myford mystro varispeed lathe with next to no accessories, I would like to get a chuck and centre's, but I am not sure which one's are best as I am a beginner!! I would like to get the said items either second hand or new, any offers?  I would rather buy good stuff now and not have to upgrade later incurring more expence, I would prefer a one handed chuck, any suggestions? and is it worth starting with a steib centre or a normal revolving one? or do I need both? any info will be gratefully received, thanks, Andy.
Thread: Plastic and wood!!!
08/05/2008 07:20:00
Hi Mike, sorry about the link, I did a copy and paste, it should have worked!! if you give them a call on the number they will give you the right web address, it's worth a look maybe for something in the future!! thanks, Andy.
07/05/2008 09:20:00

Hi folks, I have an apology to make, the cost  for the acrylic was more  £120ish, but for what you get I think it is good value, if anybody has use for such stuff this company has the best prices, up to I think 110mm thick, they are called, Selective installation Materials at the web site below or 01638 717177,  I think I will think twice or thrice about the acylic, and yes mike you are right about quality and longevity, blessings, Andy.

07/05/2008 08:00:00
Thanks Guys, Iam sure I will come to the right decision in the end and the perfect design, keep the ideas flowing as we are all able to learn new things, you have given me so much food for thought I too am getting excited, as and when this item is constructed I will indeed post some pictures, blessings, Andy.
06/05/2008 23:01:00

Hi Mike, I do not mind in the least about how picky you are as this is only an idea sketch and not the final, one, even the measurements are subject to change, I dont know if you read my last entry properly but I did say that this was to be a communion table at our church and the reason for the perspex is to compliment the plastic lecturn, as for the span, there are various ways of carrying the load as you probably know, to which I have not exausted all the avenues in that area, as for scraching, we would only use the table two or so times a month and would probabley have coasters under the vessels, another reason for plastic is I would like to have some verses cnc routed in from the bottom, and cost of thick glass and machinening is an obstacle, I can get the plastic for about £80 so cost has a lot to do with it, thaks again,Andy.

Ps: you can get perspex or acrylic to 100mm at least these days.

06/05/2008 22:11:00
Hi Folks thanks for all the info, I had no idea this would open up like this, as requested here is a scanned sketch of the table, this is going to be a communion table at our church and the reason for the acrylic is they have a plastic lecturn, and I thought this would compliment it, I just have to get it right and build it, with all your help, thanks again, Andy.

06/05/2008 10:28:00
Thanks Ben Any help will gratefully recieved, Andy.
06/05/2008 08:55:00
Hi everyone, I would like to build a table using thick 30mm acrylic or perspex and some cherry worktop offcuts, ideally I would like to cut big finger joints or dovetails and have the cherry as slab legs and the plastic as tabletop, does anyone have any experience using these two mediums? are ther any worrys about the wood moving and the plastic not? what sort of glue if any should be used in this situation? are there any special cutters for the plastic?  I am hoping to use a woodrat for the cutting, thank you for any help and on this subject, Andy.
Thread: startrite pt260 manual
06/05/2008 08:43:00
Hi kieth, this chap is the startrite man he may have the info you need,  He has always been very helpful to me I hope you get the same, Andy.
Thread: Welcome to the turning section
15/10/2007 17:21:00
Hi everyone, can anybody tell me if the myford ml8 lathe is any good, against the union graduate, I will be looking to get a lathe soon and these are two choices so far, thanks for any help, Andy. 
Thread: P.U.glue.
18/09/2007 22:48:00
Thanks everyone, I tried the suger with soap Ben but it did not work sorry, as for disposable gloves I had some but forgot to put them on thanks anyway bigpricey, i did try the pumise stone as advised by gripfill and that works quite well, so if any body does the same thing, get yourself one and scrub up, all the best to all, Andy.
13/09/2007 19:48:00
Thanks ben, will give it a go, gripfill recomended pumise stone.
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