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Thread: Regency pen
29/03/2011 09:01:49
Lovely pen Derek, I would purchase a pen that looks that good -
I have not turned anything like that and would not know where to start - which kit would you recommend - I have looked at them, but there seems a lot of choice -
I would appreciate your guidance!
Do you also have to use tiny little tools to turn these as well?
Many thanks - Steve.
Thread: Myford Mystro
28/03/2011 13:39:43
Hi George - Thanks for asking!
It is amazing that time goes so quickly. Been practicing like mad and learning the 'Rowley' way - it makes total sense and my 'dig ins' have reduced considerably.
It is also amazing how the finish dramatically improves when you do get a good bevel rub!
I purchased a couple of bags of firewood logs the other day and have just posted some pictures - I am not sure if this is the right way to go about it, preparing the blanks that is - but presume I will have to leave them for at least six months for them to dry out?
The Mrs said I need to get on with a garden table that I promised last year - but that will interrupt my turning - how dare she? That means no turning - said it would take a few months due to time constraints!!

Edited By steve h on 28/03/2011 13:41:43

Thread: Spread the Blame
12/03/2011 21:48:09
lovely piece Derek, - i have not posted much for awhile or been on the site much as I am trying to teach myself turning - then the first thing I see is your competition piece! - really love those geometric works - love to know how you did it?
Fantastic Derek!
Thread: Myford Mystro
16/02/2011 11:41:13
Thanks Peter - I realised last week that my birthday is coming up very shortly and cajouled my wife into buying the dvd and book set from Axminster - in fact it was delivered yesterday but I am not allowed to get my hands on it until my birthday!!
I did see a small trailer of it on a US site, i had not even heard of Mr Rowley, but spotted straight away that he was using the Myford Mystro with VS.
I also have to laugh - at myself really - I have also purchased a turning smock (with my name embroidered - oooooooohhhhhhh!!)
No one told me that those blinkin shavings get everywhere, down my top, in my shoes, went for a shower and thought - how the hell did it get there??
13/02/2011 23:42:26
Thanks Ron & Julian, the reason this all started was I came across some lads displaying wood turning at a local Christmas fair and discovered that they were the West Pennine woodturners clubs. I went to there first event in January and joined straight away - even though I didn't have a lathe or ever turned! 2 months later and I am hooked!

Its quite a big club (over 40 members I think) - good bunch of lads!

I learnt more in ten minutes with them, compared to hours pouring over books and magazines - there is nothing like Hands on learning!

Thanks again - Steve
11/02/2011 22:21:24
Again, thank you to you all for sharing your advice and pointing me in the right direction.
I dare not spend anymore at the moment, I think I have pushed far enough and will have to wait a few months before I can justify spending more?
I have a few cheap blanks i can get going with just to get the 'feel' of the edges and how they work, also getting the set up right and I think I may have to lower the lathe, or make myself a small plinth (which may be easier?)
It looks a 'cracking chuck' - I think he said it was from New Zealand? - don't know if that means anything to you lads - I would like a manual for both the machine and the chuck as it came with none.
I dropped Myford an email today to see if they have any manuals for this lathe - but as it is some time ago since they made this lathe and I am not sure whether they went into administration at some point and resurrected the brand - so not sure if I will get any response?
My turn (excuse the pun) to look after my little one tonight (we alternate so we both get chance to do what we want) so, I will have to wait!
Might get up at six tomorrow so I can sneek in and do a few hours before the family rises - sad I know but as I said - "it's getting very addictive this turning lark!"

Edited By steve h on 11/02/2011 22:24:11

11/02/2011 13:12:40
Hi Derek, Simon - the Mrs bought me the Phil Irons book, which looks very good!
Just been and purchased a 3/8 crown bowl gouge to get me started.
I did use a roughing gouge, but it was not a very big one, although it was extremely sharp - I have a Tormek, although I do not have the fancy attachment it only took me a few minutes to get an egde like a razor -
I was surprised (I was given a record power starter set) gouge, parting tool and skew on short handles - they do get very hot when turning!
Going to enjoy learning - it does seen very addictive this turning lark - you can make an item in one evening - I could never do that with a 'square box'.
Thanks all for your help, hopefully I will add some pictures soon for you all to smile at!
10/02/2011 23:37:11
Well, picked up the lathe tonight and nearly pulled my tripe carrying it into the garage myself - bloody stupid of me really!

Anyway - its now in situ and had my first ever go - you guys do make it look easy!

First go and not pretty, although the shape was there the finishing was - embarrassing!

Then I tried to use a straight skew chisel to smooth the outside of the bowl!!!!!

I now have my first bruise as testament to what not to do!

A little bit more reading I think!

Well pleased with the lathe - lovely bit of kit!
09/02/2011 21:42:41
Thanks Bill, very much appreciated - what do you mean by getting it "lined up"?
09/02/2011 18:35:30
Thanks Peter,
I was successful with my winning bid and pick up my lathe tomorrow evening (?475), and I am really looking forward to getting started.

Thanks to you all again for your comments, it was George's comments that helped to finalise my thoughts.
07/02/2011 20:33:27
Bill, Ron, George - i was looking for something with V/S, but I realise looking around that getting a good basic lathe is the starting point and adding later.
it does look very well made - I think maybe others maybe put off as it is not the model with the V/S
Saying that, it does not need the same level of kit to convert it to a V/S though? Does it need just an inverter, rather than the motor and everything else with the 3 phase jobbie?
I joined the West Pennine Woodturners club in January and they are a great bunch of lads - but I have not got a lathe and really want to get turning!
I thought that this Myford would get me on the right tracks and get me started - is it good value for money - I know nothing about lathes really - but learning fast! (ish)

Edited By steve h on 07/02/2011 20:35:33

07/02/2011 10:42:14
Hello all,
just thinking about purchasing my first lathe (had a clarke - that was not a lathe!)
- seen a Myford Mystro up for grabs at £500 - the red one - looks good comes with a decent chuck - your thoughts would be very much appreciated!
Thread: Under Pressure!
23/12/2010 11:49:12
Talk about taking to much on before Christmas!
 - Had the PC table built but not finished, as with the chair -
Then decided to make the shelving unit and have really struggled to get everything finished for the big guy in the red suit to deliver tomorrow!
Went back into the workshop yesterday evening to see that the plasticoat finish on the PC table top had not taken that well - and was rubbing it down at midnight last night!
Back in tonight to get another coat on and will have to take in a couple of oil filled radiators and run them all night to get it harden off fully.
Otherwise I will have one very dissapointed little girl and one very annoyed wife - looks like I might be in the dog house yet again!
Thread: Mobile friendly web browsers
18/12/2010 18:28:39
Richard - sorry - I know you know - no wee wee taken!
Sparky Marc - yes - phones will adapt - the raspberry does that now, have laptop, desktop etc - coming in at 23:00 to wait ten minutes for one of these to boot up, whilst I want to get in bed for some shut eye! - It's easy to load the browser on the phone - be on in seconds and wait for all the images to download off this site.
For new users I bet its a pc/laptop every time - for users who just want to check out the latest blog - it would have to be mobile -
Just wanted a bit of flexibility and appeal to the (hhhh-hhhmmm) younger and older generations - not decided yet -  but I may well be getting on the older side myself now?
16/12/2010 23:28:39
You want to try it on a raspberry, about half the screen size! Actually Richard, judging from some of your posts I thought you were very "in the know"! Sent from my BlackBerry Mobile Device! - ooohh that sounds posh - everyone has one these days though!
15/12/2010 23:36:53
I am not sure if the question has been asked before - is it possible to have a mobile friendly version available or a link to click on such a version, its ok whilst surfing at home or work using a wifi connection, but when you rely on other methods, less content would help, I am sure the adverts could be scaled to suit? Many thanks - Steve.
Thread: Feeling Gutted!
15/12/2010 23:29:00
Thanks Matthew, maybe I should have called, but my guess is something that is generally over a year old is for the scrap heap outside standard warranties and I am sure this item was not offered with a long warranty. Anyway, its being recycled now into some new Chinese toy and my smaller Jet machine is suspended from the ceiling humming away pleasantly!
Thread: Rushing for Santa!
15/12/2010 12:46:43
Hi Mailee, I would love to have a full day in the workshop! Lovely box!
I have to get a move on to, as Santa is coming and his elf has completed all his jobs!
Thread: Rust prevention on machines
09/12/2010 14:04:28
Hi Nicky,
I have a converted single garage that is fully insulated and I run a couple of the small tube heaters 24/7, 365 days a year - they cost about as much as a lightbulb each to run.
I cover all of my cast iron machinery with old cotton sheets when not in use have used WD40 occaisionally to clean up the tops and give them a coating.
Hope this helps, it does sound like you are going to have a lot of fun with your new toys!
Kind regards - Steve
Thread: Feeling Gutted!
07/12/2010 23:42:59
I purchased a fox air filtration unit about two and half years ago - I am only a hobbyist but thought that the expenditure was worth it to keep my workshop free of dust!
I took the day off work (using up my annual leave) to finish of a much needed shelving unit for my little ones bedroom, (before we get inundated with more toys) and had been running the unit for several hours.  I gave it a rest for a few hours (school nativity - father required) and resumed my fun about seven.
I was happily doing some table routing when I thought "that is a funny smell" - checking the inverted router - then the bit, smelt the routed timber - were is it coming from? - then realised that my rather expensive Fox overhead filtration unit had stopped!  After manhandling it down (no mean feat!) - the motor smelt very bad and on changing the fuses - it just blows them as soon as I switch it on.
Just spent another £160 with axminster on the smaller Jet system, thankfully my stock of filters fits, so at least they are not going to waste!
Just what you want just before Christmas!
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