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Thread: What Colour Floor?
26/05/2011 15:01:12

Thanks Simon,

The manufacturer recommended diluting by 10% for first sealing coat, but I have a tub of PVA and thought about putting that down first, but was not sure how this would react with the PU paint, although it's fine with masonry paint etc.

I will give it a go in a corner first and see how it takes -

Thanks - Steve

Thread: Doors finally fitted
24/05/2011 23:45:20
Lovely Mailee - always enjoy seeing your work - something to aspire to - in twenty years or so!
Thread: Hello from a new wood worker
24/05/2011 23:42:51
Hi Paul and welcome - will take a look at your site - huge coffee addict - if the doc knew how many cups I pack away everyday - he ban me for life - I can smell one brewing now - mmm
Thread: What Colour Floor?
24/05/2011 23:32:44

Thanks Bill - thought of going red - thought it would show the shavings well and not the spilled blood!

Chris - nice workshop!! - Thought about the rubber tiles to - but on a very tight budget - the house move is costing an arm and a leg - red paint it is!

Simon - Fantastic workshop - and appreciate the comments.

Following on from Bill's comments - research is always the best plan and I came up with this >>HERE>>.

Its a PU based paint with crushed dolomite for the anti-slip bit and appears a good price for 5ltr tins, not much difference from the standard stuff.

Will be several weeks before I get it down and a lot of work to do - having spent years building up my current workshop, I have now to pack it all away - and leaving all the paneled walls and electrics etc etc - but really looking forward to a whole double garage to myself -

Might not get a lot of chances to get on over the next several weeks as there is a of stuff to do - Will keep you posted when I get a chance.

Thanks again - Steve

23/05/2011 14:18:58

Your thoughts people please -

Strange one I know -

What colour do you think is best for a workshop floor - we have just agreed to move and everything is well underway - I get a new double garage out of it for my workshop (lucky lad)!

Its a smooth concrete floor but I want to paint it - I never had that luxury with my current workshop/garage as the floor is far to rough.

What is is best for showing up wood waste on the floor - turnings, shavings, sawdust etc.

Many thanks - Steve

Thread: A Box fit for a future King & Queen
07/05/2011 08:16:44
Hi Ian
Simply Stunning!!
Thread: New Turner on the Block!
14/04/2011 11:46:40
Thanks for the advice Dennis.
Thanks Ian -
I am struggling to find myself a local tree surgeon, so I can secure a nice steady stream of different wood - hopefully that I only have to pay very little for.
Derek - you said there will mistakes - loads of them, that's why i have been practicing on some 3x3 redwood posts from the local 'big shed'.
Had several goes at a goblet - still looking like candle sticks!
Thread: first lamp
11/04/2011 22:08:05
I am impressed Paul -
My first lathe was a Clarke lathe, I spent ages setting it up, put on my first piece of timber and had a go.
The lathe was sold on ebay the following day and i did not have another go at turning for well over twelve months - scared the doo out of me!!
if you can turn that - you can turn on anything (that's what I think anyway)
Thread: New Turner on the Block!
11/04/2011 21:57:34
Thanks again lads for your moral support -
The thing that keeps me in love with wood working is - THE WOOD!
The laburnum was just amazing to see the pattern coming out and I could not wait to get the sanding sealer on it to see the grain 'pop'!
Thanks Dennis - wonderful idea about putting them on a shelf and good advice on the working through the grit - although I can be a little impatient and jump grits and just want to get it finished.
I am amazed by the finish you can get off the tool and Mr Rowley explains this perfectly in his wonderful book and DVD.
thanks again to you all.
11/04/2011 11:35:33
Thanks for all your comments - it's appreciated.
I am lucky that I have a Tormek machine and it really does a brilliant job at giving razor sharp edges - one thing I have learnt with all my wood working is that tools in poor condition cause accidents - if they are very sharp you hardly need to apply any pressure!
Even so they still needed regular honing.
My choice of finish on both square, flat and round stuff has always been - sanding sealer, boiled linseed oil and wax finish.
Thread: segmented vase
11/04/2011 11:27:53
Always enjoy your work Dennis - When i get a bit braver I will have a go a segmented turning - It brings a whole new element to turning.
Lovely work Dennis
Thread: commemorative piece work in progress
11/04/2011 11:26:22
Just echoing the others comments - fantastic workmanship!
Thread: first lamp
11/04/2011 11:24:16
Very nice piece Paul -
Thread: kens coffee table
11/04/2011 11:19:59
Stunning Ken!
Thread: club night out
09/04/2011 00:15:47
Thanks Dennis - Like Bill - Knitting just may be my next venture!!
I do like the ply vases, lovely contrast with the neck and foot, might have a go at something like that (I did say have a go) just having been been turning for two months - it looks like a very long road ahead.
Very talented individuals!
Thread: New Turner on the Block!
08/04/2011 23:55:50
As promised and just a few months in from getting my lathe - my first presentable items to the wider community.
A bowl from laburnum, my first shaped bowl and enjoyed this a lot, although doing internal work like this for the first time and trying to get the inside to follow the outside curve was - 'a challenge'!

This next piece is a chinese style box, again, from the same piece as the bowl and managed my first box - again, really enjoyed doing it, but I think a few of the things I did were not 'text book', but managed both pieces without a single 'dig in'!!!

Damn rough on the tools though this wood -
Thread: corian pens
02/04/2011 08:57:29
Lovley work Dennis!
Thread: What price your work?
02/04/2011 08:55:08
Funnily - I always buy from craft fairs - maybe I do see the uniqueness of the items that people have slaved over - a recent one I puchased a large fluted glass candle holder, that had been done with lead and coloured glass overlay and a turned base as well for it to sit on - the guy wanted just £20.00, which I happily put my hand in my pocket for!
I even told him that I thought his goods are under priced and that they should be at least another £10 per item - but being in East Lancashire he said that people just would not pay - but they are happy to purchase mass produced crap from the cheap stores.
I appreciate that it is difficult some times - but there is always the more discerning buyer that would be happy to purchase the fantastic items that you guys make.
Made in England by a craftsman - surely it has added value?
02/04/2011 08:19:03
From a commercial point of view -
I agree that pricing is difficult - as for costs of tooling and machinery you would work out a finite amount of time - say chisels 3 years, grinder 5 years, etc etc - at so much per month - or week if you want to. If you tool up for a specific job and its is likely not to be used again in the very near future you need to cover that cost.
I think labour is difficult, if I charged at the cost per hour for my real job, I would never sell a thing (not that i have sold anything as my stuff is not good enough), but if you are doing it for a hobby, I agree with the many that you need to at least cover the costs of all your materials and factor in some other costs as mentioned.
If you are a hobbyist, like me, I would be happy just to make a small margin to cover my costs - for me its not a business - its my escape from my real life job!

Edited By steve h on 02/04/2011 08:29:26

Thread: Myford Mystro
30/03/2011 13:44:55
Yes - good idea George, but not really what I had in mind.
There are always ways and means and there is more than one way of skinning a cat!
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