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Thread: Dust extraction fire risk
04/11/2011 09:45:53

Hi Michael,

A very good question and maybe something that others are not aware of.

I have been running plastic ducting for some time and have just moved house (July) and I am still trying to get my workshop up and running.

I have trebled the length of my ducting and I also have the same concern.

I had seen other postings in the past, about running a copper cable down the ducting, but have the same question of where and how it should be earth bonded?

I run mine through a cyclone system and dump bin before it gets to the extractor itself - I am not sure if this makes any difference.

Can any one help??

Thanks - Steve

Thread: New Technology.
20/10/2011 19:54:50

Hi Alan,

when I was looking for a table-saw, i had seen this on a US site I like to visit and actually got in touch with the company to see if they would ship me one - it them came up at they are not CE certified and that precluded them from distributing in the UK & Europe and the costs to ship from the US was also prohibitive - even if could save me a finger - it just cost to much at the time.

They also said that they had looked to certify but thought that it was just far to expensive and a real obstacle to trading in Europe.

Its a real shame - it looks a very well made saw that can also save you from serious injury.


Edited By steve h on 20/10/2011 19:56:41

Thread: Unable to post using a Windows 7 laptop
14/10/2011 14:53:12

Hi Neil,

Are both your machines running the same browser - more thinking of if you are running IE9 on your W7 box -

IE9 has loads of settings that need to be changed - I swapped after the update to Opera and never looked back -

I would try another browser first as a process of elimination!


Thread: And the next on the list
14/10/2011 08:50:27
Your like a production line Mailee - I cannot believe how fast you knock everything out!
Thread: Christmas Complaint
14/10/2011 08:48:18

I love Christmas to Paul - as I am sure the rest of the guys do - but I like my Christmas to start in December -

I appreciate your comments Al - I know that many of the retailers make the mass majority of their profit during the festive season - I think they could still wait until at least early November though -


Thread: Bigger chips than Mcains
13/10/2011 10:18:55

Hi David - much the same response as everyone else - I am up in Lancashire go to a great club - there is always good banter but nothing like what you appear to have been subjected to.

Don't let one bad experience put you off -


Thread: Christmas Complaint
13/10/2011 10:05:39

Actually - have you seen the Christmas subscription offer flashing on this website on the left hand side - Merry Christmas - haven't even got to half term yet!


13/10/2011 10:03:19

I always wondered what Santa did for the rest of the year - did not think he would a wood turner though!! (sorry Bill)

Yes Sam - I think it is a frustration of most adults with kids (and probably those without), I cant remember where we were the other day - but they had their Christmas Tree out - how bloody ridiculous is that?


Thread: Dust Extractor
11/10/2011 16:21:18

Hi Paul, if you look at my pictures - I have made a lot of postings about this in the past - and like Simon - it became quite (and still is) an important issue within my workshop.

I have an Earlex wet and dry vac for general cleaning (vacuuming) - these are really cheap and has served me really well for over the five years since I started my hobby.

For my ducted system I run a Camvac twin motor unit connected to a cyclone system - this really works and I am going to buy the smaller cyclone for my earlex - keeps your filters clean and suction at maximum.

I also run an overhead filtration system to remove those really fine airborne particles that escape all my other extraction systems -

Overkill - possibly -

Would you drive with bald tyres on your car or use electrical equipment in the bathroom (I hope the answer is no?) -

The first time I really noticed was when I came out the garage to blow my nose and find that most of it was wood dust -

Just type into the search part of the forum - dust extraction or cyclone - there are loads of postings from the members -

Hope this helps -


Thread: Practice
27/09/2011 21:49:41

Well done Paul - only took up turning myself this year as well - many of the lads on this site including Derek said to me at the time - "Keith Rowley" - it is available in book and dvd from Axminster - ok he may not be young and trendy - but the basics he teaches are superb - it taught me from the outset and I think it is brilliant for all new turners - although a lot of modern turners don't use a supported bevel all the time -

its the best way to learn first - then you can be more exotic later(if thats the right phrase?)

Thread: Oak units
27/09/2011 21:39:52

Mailee -

when i do get chance to log on (even though I don't post anything) - I always enjoy looking at your work -

Excellent as usual -

Thanks - Steve

Thread: Bud vase
27/09/2011 21:35:15

Hi Gerry

Looks like you do better with your one hand than i do with my two - don't fancy breaking mine though to just to see if it helps!


Thread: Earring stand & weather station
27/09/2011 21:30:07
Nice work Simon - really like the use of modern technology to get the template - never thought of using visio - will have to see if i can get a copy (sorry Bill) (Gates that is!!)
Thread: New Workshop
27/09/2011 21:23:53

HHhhhmmmm - Thanks Simon - keep that one under your hat!

Thanks Julian - feel kind of self ostracized!

Your right Bill - I am.

The collision course is winter time - first frosts etc and i want it all up and running so I know my equipment will be OK?

Its taken me a long time to get all this kit and i don't want it spoiling with cold and damp conditions.

Still been going to my turning club once a month - very frustrating when you cant turn a damn thing though - its been like that for three months now - fourth month this Friday!

I am getting withdrawal symptoms

Not been able to get in for last five nights either due to other (family) commitments - it just increases the frustration - still, i do get a chance to get on the web for an hour or so - now ive got the little one down for the night! (my little angel - sometimes!)

27/09/2011 10:49:37

Hello all -

Sorry, I have not posted for some time, nor have I had to chance to get on the site that often -

We moved house on 8th July - it took me two weeks before moving to pack and dismantle all the equipment and since we moved in, there has been a lot of jobs to do at home, plus sorting out the garage to completely convert it into a new workshop.

Its been hard going, I have lost count how many times I have moved everything.

Started by cleaning and preparing the floor, which is painted, then put a full vapor barrier around all the walls.

Then built stud walls to take the 6mm ply and insulated with rock-wool.

I have also done the open trussed ceiling the same way.

I still have only one socket and one light - so my next job is to install 10 double sockets - 4 tubular heaters and 4 more twin fluorescent light fittings.

I then still have all the ducting for the extractors and to build myself some storage cupboards

Having fun - will post some more stuff later - probably December!!

Thread: What You doin
19/08/2011 14:37:56

Hi Derek -

we moved home on the 8th July - have been trying to get my new garage into some sort of shape - have put DPC on all the walls - put studding in and now need to insulate before I panel it all off - then the electrics - then the ducting!!!!!!!!!

Have run out of money so having to wait until I can afford (with permission) all the materials I need.

Hopefully be up and running before November (if I am lucky?)

Thread: Finished at last
18/07/2011 10:30:31
I would just like to add my thoughts as well Al - lovely piece - you have every reason to be proud of this work.
Thread: Curved end sideboard
31/05/2011 21:51:47

Hi Big Al,

That looks fantastic - I love the lines and how you have made the draw fronts follow the curve is - very elegant.

I would be proud to own such a piece - never mind make it.


Thread: Woodfest Wales
27/05/2011 23:25:49

Hi Bill,

Used Little Sheffield for many years and although I missed her at our turning club, apparently, she does go to some club demos where you can get a bit of extra discount to (allegedly?).

Thread: A message for George
27/05/2011 23:16:30

Just to let you know guys - IE9 is a nightmare and caused no end of issues on my servers - decided to go with OPERA - great web browser - has a turbo facility for slower Internet connections and also checks your spelling as you type!! - how good is that!!

Just an alternative if you need one?


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