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Thread: Done! Finished! Hurrah! Yippee!
02/12/2011 13:21:21
Thanks Richard - I did say I was a lucky lad - Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry - probably does not make you feel any better - SORRY!
02/12/2011 13:19:27
That's very kind of you to offer Simon - what's my budget?
Thread: Bit of a change for me
02/12/2011 10:44:52
- yeah, I can appreciate that one Mailee.
Thread: burr elm bowl
02/12/2011 10:41:19

Did you drop it Dennis?

No seriously - nice bowl Dennis - know what you mean about the fingers!!


Thread: Done! Finished! Hurrah! Yippee!
02/12/2011 10:19:26

Yes - I realise that I am a very, very lucky lad who has a very understanding wife!!

When we moved back in July, part of the moving 'allowance' was set aside for me to convert the garage into my workshop.

You don't think I am going to use it and get it all dusty Mailee??

For those that are interested in cyclones - I have done quite a bit of research, but my knowledge is really only very limited compared to some of the guys out there. I know that some of the forum members have them.

Basically, the cyclone is the 'V' shaped unit sat on top of the drum next to my extractor. The extractor pulls the air through the cyclone first, which sends dust, wood chips etc spiraling outwards against the wall and down into the dump bin at the bottom and clean air is pulled through to the extractor as normal.

The benefit is - is that very little gets through to the actual extractor, giving you much cleaner filters and improved extraction.

On Wednesday evening (the first day I had full electrics), i did some turning for the first time, which always produces lots of sawdust etc - I cleaned this all up using my extraction system and you can see that there is nothing in the bag at the bottom of the extractor where it all normally goes!

There is a whole raft of information out there and although I did have a go at making my own, with various levels of success, I succumb to purchasing one through Oneida - who used to advertise through this site at one time.

In particular response to Sam - your Record twin motor sounds remarkably similar to my Camvac twin motor system - mine runs really well with both motors switch on at the same time ( I also use the same sized ducting) - it should work perfect on yours.

It is very technical really, but thats all taken care of by Oneida, as long as you have good airspeed on your extractor it should be fine.  

Just type 'cyclone' into the keyword search on this site or google Bill Pentz - who appears to have been very influential and one of the first people do have set this up for the home workshop.

Hope this helps


Edited By steve h on 02/12/2011 10:32:06

01/12/2011 13:48:03

Picture above taken from the side access door.

To the right of the corner unit is where the up and over door is - behind the paneling!

Where my extractor sits with my cyclone pre-separator

I even managed to do a little turning last night - for the first time in five months - I had nearly forgotten how to do it!

Loads of room now - Think she is expecting me to swing into action now??


Thread: snowman sweet ornament
29/11/2011 23:32:39

No Dennis - we just make better beer on the other side of the pennines!!


Thread: dust extraction
29/11/2011 23:17:21

Hi Bob,

I found exactly the same issue with the big chip collectors and finding a constant layer of dust on everything started to bother me.

I started at looking at various ways to control it - but found venting it outside a non starter due to the heat loss (as mentioned by the lads)

I have spent a lot of time (and money) on this and found that the way for me to tackle this was to put in a first line of good extraction and then an air cleaning secondary system.

The first issue is that all vacuums pull air through motors one way or another and filters have to be in place as all the dust etc will damage them.

As Geoffrey mentions - cyclonic extraction is the way forward and this is really how and when it all started to get really interesting for me.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I did install a small cyclone system with a dump bin just before the extraction unit and it works fantastically well. Hardly any of the dust and bigger wood particles get anywhere near the actual extractor itself because of the cyclone. I also change the paper filter bags on the extractor as per manufacturers instructions and wash the other cotton bag very frequently, giving me excellent machine extraction.

I then have an overhead fine filter air cleaner which hopefully picks up anything my extraction system misses. (which runs all the time I am in the garage)

I do find the biggest issue is the hand-held power tools and controlling the dust on these - and as everyone has mentioned - MDF is a nightmare for creating massive volumes of airborne particles.

That's my next purchase - a very small cyclone unit with dump bin for my small vacuum system - if the dust does not get to the vacuum, you are eliminating most of your problem.

As a matter of interest, both mine run down to 0.5 of a micron filtration..

There are loads of posts from lots of people about cyclonic extraction, just type it in the search bar above to see all the posts.


Thread: Nearly Done
26/11/2011 23:42:05

Hello everyone,

Nearly done - had my sparkie out on Wednesday to complete the two new ring mains I have put in my workshop - one for the sockets and one for the lights - only to be told that the consumer unit in he garage does not meet current regs and will have to come back next week to replace and make the final connections and test the system - another week lost!!

As in the recycling business I was very lucky to get a few complete fire doors delivered as make shift pallets and one of them was a perfect fit for the original and very rotten original side door - that went in this morning and has made a huge difference with a couple of draft excluder's.

I have made a few things in-between to be honest - like a wood store for the new multi-fuel stove we are having fitted in the house and the new corner storage cupboard for my new workshop - but it is very slow going when you have only one socket and one light fitting - and more cables and extensions that you know what to do with - and fall over!!

I will post some pictures next week and it sounds like the wood wizard Mailee is about to double his workshop - sounds like fun!!

I must make a final visit to my turning club this year as due to moving - sorting out my garage/new workshop and my wife traveling down to Wales most weekends due to the failing health of her parents has made it very difficult to see the 'very nice old boys' at the turning club.

Hopefully I will get chance to really get back on track by the New Year and start doing the things I enjoy - although the wife has not noticed any difference as from 8 till 12 most nights i have disappeared to the bottom of the garden!!

There is a lot to do!!

Edited By steve h on 26/11/2011 23:43:37

Edited By steve h on 26/11/2011 23:45:26

Thread: Welcome to my Workshop!
16/11/2011 13:04:38

Julian - 'The Inner Sanctum'.

Looks very busy - lots of timber!!

I don't know why but it feels a bit weird looking inside someone else's secret workshop - I don't know about you guys but I try to keep mine out of the eyes of everyone else and I am a bit reluctant to let anyone in - including the wife!!


16/11/2011 10:51:24

Nice big workshop you have got there Paul -

Looks like most tools have a home??

I bet there are a lot more chaotic workshops out there?

Will post some of mine very soon - nearly there now - I have just spent 4 months converting a double garage Paul - thankfully its just a hobby and I don't have to make it pay for itself!

Well there is always a cost - (my wife is very understanding as long as i get all the jobs done!!)


Thread: Got There At Last
16/11/2011 10:39:33

Just wanted to add my bit Derek - fantastic job and well done!


Thread: Why I have been so quiet
14/11/2011 13:12:06

Hi Mailee,

How did you make all those scrolls at the top?



Thread: Frustration!
10/11/2011 11:29:30

Hi Richard,

I have found the well known carpet company (ha ha!) always very good - but none of us get it right all of the time.

I think your right Bill - but one case does not make them poor - if there are a string of complaints - well thats another issue - I rather liked Richard's clever reference of the name!


Thread: english bulldog
10/11/2011 11:20:12
Brilliant Robert - presume you are a scroll-saw master??
Thread: Dust extraction fire risk
09/11/2011 15:42:02

Hi Mike -

I run purpose made 63mm plastic ducting, that is great for what i want out of it - this is cheaper than the metal ducting and as I am only a hobbyist - forking out for metal ducting is not an option.

I run mine through a cyclone system into a dump bin and then through my filters - I have a spare bag on the internal Camvac extractor allowing me to clean and wash it regularly.

I also run an overhead fine filtration system -

I find the biggest issue is the poor extraction ports on machinery - especially the hand-held tools, even when connected to a vacuum or dust extractor.


07/11/2011 09:38:54

Can you add the images Natalie - it would very helpful to see the pictorial instruction along with the written instruction.

Many thanks


04/11/2011 22:09:48

Its coming up to five months since we we moved and I am still without a workshop!!

Well - that's not totally true - I have a workshop in progress, but due to many factors, I am about a month behind schedule in getting it completed and I am now at the point of getting the electric sorted -

Its been a very long road and its been nearly six months since I have done any turning, which I only took up in January to start with - and I started packing my old workshop a month before we moved - I hope I can remember what to do??

I know i should be out there now sorting it out - but SWMBO has got a busy schedule at the moment and if I want all my toys for Christmas - I have to be a good boy!

Thread: Dust extraction fire risk
04/11/2011 21:57:57
Hello again Michael,

I had a discussion this morning with the company I purchased my extractor from and they forwarded to me a technical sheet on how to to electrically bond the plastic ducting systems.

I discussed using their tech sheet and they were trying to post this onto the forum earlier, but had some issues themselves posting - they said they will make this available, so hopefully it will get posted soon.

I do not want to add anything that may 'steal their thunder' or may get me into trouble for copyright or intellectual property rights!


Thread: What or which mitre saw
04/11/2011 13:12:53

Hi John, blade quality is very important, however, I have had in the past a cheap far eastern affair and was very disappointed with the set cutting angles and found them all the be slightly out - and got shut very promptly.

There was no adjustment by the way as the base plate had been formed with the stops!

I have also been looking for awhile and really fancy the dewalt, bosch or makita ones, but with a price tag of £500 and above - I will be waiting a lot longer!!

maybe some of the other guys have got more mid range priced saws that are really good? I just use my table saw now for practically everything!


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