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Thread: Northern Show - Is There?
05/11/2009 23:07:06

Northern Show

> >

It is with regret that all I see in the magazines is for the big southern shows for next year and hardly any for the North of England Woodworking & Power Tool Show at the Great Yorkshire Show grounds in Harrogate.

> >

Surely a very reasonable proportion of your readers must come from the north, so why must we always travel south to the ‘big events’ or always appear to be over shadowed by them & I am not even from Yorkshire – Sorry lads, no harm intended, I do, or did have a lot of friends in Yorkshire, which is unusual for a Lancashire Lad!

So can we have a little more, ‘What’s up North then?’

Thread: Sparky's Trinket Box
05/11/2009 22:55:04

Hi Sparky,>>


Just love boxes like that, I really like the reverse symmetry of the lid and base and then the contrasting reflection of wood types in the feet and the handle, I would have been very pleased to have made a piece like that!>>

Thread: Triangular Pyramid
05/11/2009 22:40:46

Hi Oddjob, I had exactly the same issue recently, only on a hexagonal base and then making a pitched roof out of this.  Equilateral triangles are the same on all sides, so you need an Isosceles triangle, as the two sides are equal and the base is odd.>>


This is how I did it; it should work for your tetrahedron pyramid.  On a piece of CARD, measure your baseline, 3 inch, bisect this and measure your 7 inch from the baseline, centre upwards.  Then, with a straight edge, mark from each corner to the top, thus giving you your angles, two equal at the bottom and one large one at the top. If you put ‘tetrahedron’ in google, it’s like going back to school.>>

The next issue is the pitch, will increase the overall length or height you need, this is where the maths left my head and I flew away with the little birds! – no seriously, when I got to this point I played around with the length a little until I got to the point where I achieved the triangular panels correctly, cutting the bevels though I will leave till another story!

Thread: 50 - 50, Phone a Friend, ask the Audience?
05/11/2009 22:15:02

Have you ever got the point, when no matter which way you turn you are unsure whether this is the right path – I am currently at that crossroads.

Having researched and researched, on three table saws, a decision has to be made, that I will have to live with for many years to come.

So, I am going to use all my three life lines up at once and try & nail it!

I was going to get the DEFT T30, but it looks like the UK supplier has folded, and it was at the edge of my budget for this year - & next!

So, the Fox, on The Record, or the SIP for me?

Fox F36-530 - £699 complete with sliding carriage

Record TSPP250 - £650 with ‘pull saw’

SIP 01332 - £599 – naked!

There are little niggles with each one, some I do not know the answer to so:

Is the pull saw bit on the Record any good and is the motor big enough, as the other two have bigger motors!

Is the blade speed on the fox to slow at 2800rpm, as the others are 3500 & 4000rpm, what are the main issues with this?

Finally the SIP, good reviews all around, sliding carriage now a bit pricey, although I would be prepared to wait till next year to acquire this – but I will have to put in a 16 amp supply & lets face it, we cannot change a plug these days without planning permission & a certificate of competence!

So audience, votes please!

Thread: Newsletters
06/09/2009 00:33:48
Alas, another person with no newsletter! - I checked it and forgot about it until reading the recent postings!
Thread: What happens to unsold power tools?
06/09/2009 00:28:57
Like most people, i hate having to pay full price for anything & hate going into the big 'sheds' to find yesterdays frontline product being sold at a hugely discounted price!
Many of the bigger brands want & need to protect their product from heavy depreciation and will take back as much unsold stock as possilble, as it maintains their market postion (pricing position).
Some of the bigger sheds also buy stock on the grey market in job lots and can then take them to their store and discount - though they are very rarely the new range, just floating older stock.  Supermarkets are very good at this!
Much of the lesser branded stuff  and predominantly from far eastern markets is purchased in bulk orders from distributors etc, these are particulary vunerable to massive discounting at their end of 'shelf life'!
BOGOF, WIGIG, - buy one get one free, when its gone its gone, move them, sell em, shift em!  They made their money a long time ago and do not sell at a loss!  What, how much profit?
Would you like to pay the rates, staff, support etc for jut one of those stores -
THERE IS ALWAYS A BARGAIN IF YOU LOOK HARD ENOUGH - though do not buy today when 'obsolescence' is king!
Thread: Going Down?
05/09/2009 23:31:48

Well , well well, as my dear old grandpa used to say (he was the woodworker) this is creating a bit of a rumpus!  My first subscription was to Get Woodworking, - about 2 ½ years ago, and I am still cr%p, but improving.  From day one I have sought knowledge from my peers and posted most eagerly to begin with.  I did feel, many moons ago that there was some ‘purist feel’ although a lot of the guys helped enormously and I was ever and indeed I still am ever grateful for their advice (sorry DI’YER)

I thought the magazine was there / is an ‘information pack for the new, the current and the wise to pass on knowledge, products etc etc, to those with a passion for the sport of wood shaving – in its various guises!

I also subscribe now to alternative sites, but very much as an observer, participating occasionally, as my American is pretty poor!

My passion is to learn what many of you guys do in your sleep, getting constantly frustrated trying to find information across a plethora of sites, although I have always come back to GW!

I am sure that there are a lot of people out there,  (age group perhaps) many of them not ready for the online forum experience, or just to afraid to put their ahead above the parapet, as they feel that they have either or neither the qualifications, experience or skills that many of you have.

But – you are a very friendly helpful bunch, and I realise that there are some that post frequently and consistently (thankfully) – many of us mortals often sit back and smile, laugh, gesticulate, and curse whilst reading posts, without the (written)  involvement.

It is a great experience to get involved in the site, share the all joviality, and experience the richness of experience that many of you have to share.

Switch from diesel to electricity, get more videos on, get some member discounts of participating sponsors, and get the literary team more involved in posting on the web site & contributing to the whole experience!>>

Did someone else mention that the only person doing any work here was Sparky? – It is nice to hear (electronically) the sound of the voices of Andy and the like, it is positive to hear your comments rather than just seeing your smiling face whilst advertising another manufacturer’s products!  Only teasing Andy – must be really hard looking at all those new toys! 

I think my consultation is complete – getting out of the chair – cured! – I hope I don’t get as crazy as you lot!

Thread: Math headache!
05/09/2009 22:15:05

Hello & thank you very much Sam!>>

The one thing I had figured, going back to my school days (online help!), it is an Isosceles triangle, and ironically got it to 75 degree x 2 and 30 degrees.  But the one thing this does not take into account is the pitch, not everyone wants 45 degrees!

So therefore Sam, your answer is spot on – thanks again
Is it, you learn something new every day or you remember something you once lost?
04/09/2009 22:31:20
sparky, big al, derek & sam, thank you very much for your replies, I am going do do some research now on the net & see what I can find, will keep you posted - there must be a reasonable mathematical equation out there that can easily solve this.
derek, i recently made a tray like this, unbelievably for the hamster tray to stop all of it's sh** falling out - good practice though doing those compound mitre cuts, that was a first for me & it did not come out to bad at all, although in this case, it does not work, regretably as it is, i think more about the rise and what it does to the angle or the pitch, or steepness of the triange (i think) - good article though, printed off and saved, very usefull!
Sam, someone at work suggested that I use cardboard & keep cutting templates to see if I can find a suitable one - but I would like to know how to calculate it, even if I have to get someone else to explain it to me - as math was never my forte.
04/09/2009 11:42:10
Please could anyone help with a little calculation, I was asked to make a few bird tables for some presents & I thought I would push the boat out a little and make some nice hexagonal ones.  making the base was easy, it was when I came to the roof that my problems started.  I had all the angles and mitres set up nicely and never thought that it would come out completely wrong, but when laid flat the triangles for the roof are perfect, as soon as you raise it, 30 or more degrees, the last roof triangle is far too large.  Is there a calculation I can use, as I cannot figure this one out - Thanks!
Thread: Swing Seat
14/08/2009 12:51:36
Sorry Derek, missed your posting there!  It does not make any difference whether it's one or a hundred, one minor indescretion and they (the female folk) wipe them out in one pass!  For all the lady woodworkers, I do not feel I am being unfair with this remark - more brownie points lost?
14/08/2009 08:27:01
Thanks Ralph, although being honest, I have been pestered for some time - you keep buying all these tools, but nothing ever comes out of that garage! - well, that keeps things quiet for a little while?
13/08/2009 07:20:46
Thank you Ron for your kind words (as I still see myself as very much an amateur - but learning all the time!) - I am using chain though, 20mm bright zinc coated, was after fully galvanised, but struggled to get it through my local ironmonger - I will see if this lasts?
12/08/2009 13:37:44
Hello Richard (Odd Job)
The legs have a large coachbolt and there are two large additional screws either side.
I am not yet up to cutting angled mortice & tenons, but I also wanted it to be 'knock down' as we are planning to move next year and it would be er - very difficult to move otherwise!
I was not sure what you mean by legs splay outwards, but if I assume correctly, cutting those large angles was not easy - first time I have cut anything like that.  The hardest part was cutting the braces and those very long angled open tenons, they are tight, but not perfect as the angle was slightly out.
There is a briken water feature at the side, that I just fitted early this year, which I smashed when trying to assemble the frame on my own with standard clamps, get one brownie point and loose ten!
12/08/2009 12:28:03
My first large project - steep learning curve, having never used a rafters square & trying to remember maths, that I have not used for - too many years.
Anyway, the wife is happy, & hopefully we may get chance to use it this year, weather permitting?

Thread: Table Saw
10/08/2009 14:52:00
Thanks Ron, I tend to be a little spontaneous and using word then coming back to it later does not always work (for me anyway), it's either that or just working out a faster way of getting what I want to say - done much faster?
07/08/2009 21:40:47
After spending 20 minutes writing a huge posting, the bloody thing logged me out without notification, so I will keep it short.
1. look at this, & the DEFT T30, with full dado capacity, lovely machine, fantastic price.
2. look at this, & the platinum left tilt table saw, same machine, different badge, good videos of the machine.
3. type Deft T 30 into your google toolbar and click on the links for info aand guidance from others.
4.  I have decided,this is the machine for me
5 This to satisfy the moderators and lets face it, the removal of the crownguard is not allowed under EU law for commercial shops, but homeusers can do what they want, but you have also to look at the accident statistics for the US and elsewhere, the crownguard makes sense, but this machine has a very clever one anyway!
15/07/2009 19:19:56
Thanks again Al,
Yes, tenons and accurate mitres is really what I am looking for, as said, i do have a lot of SIP equipment (morticer, planer thicknesser, bandsaw - to name a few) & for the most part, I have been very happy with my purchases.
Purchased virtually all from new, from one supplier up in Scotland - very good prices!  You do seem to get a lot for your money!
With all your experience Al, you might be able to help me out with another issue - EXTRACTION!
Yes - another SIP product, I was very happy with the extractor until i fitted a ducting system, the one from Rutlands/Aminster, 60mm is it?  Anyway, the garage is a standard single garage, but have lost all the suck on the smaller sections of pipe.  All well sealed with tape and the push fits were very tight as well, but a real loss of power.  Again, was looking at the record power ones, but concerned about the noise on the brush motors, not really an option to vent through the wall & keep outside!
14/07/2009 23:37:10
Hi Al,
Thanks for your honesty!
the motor on the SIP machine is bigger than the one on the Record isn't it? I think the max depth is slighlty (5mm) smaller than the record?  I just fear that the power may not be enough?  This would be a once in a lifetime purchase - or at least ten years or more as I am only a 'hobbyist', but wanting to invest longterm.
I know the guys (sometimes rightly or wrongly) go on about you get what you pay for, and some machines do look identical from the outside, but I have been taking the time to look much more closely, & although I would swear that the country of origin may be the same, the internals and fittings does appear to vary from brand to brand.
I suppose I am really looking for accuracy as well, as the cheaper stuff, even with a lot of setting up, still can produce cuts etc that still requie a lot of work afterwards, time I do not often get (she only allows a few visits to the garage a week!)
I have noticed quite a few of the SIP models coming up on ebay recently and have been very tempted - but the five year guarantee from Record is also very -----assuring!
14/07/2009 13:23:17
Hi All,
I know there have been several discussions about table saws, i just wanted some feedback from members who actually own the kit, their experinences, down to the 'bare bones' as it where.
I want to invest in a table saw and have been offered a new Record tspp250 at £650, without the sliding carridge.  I reckon, with some considerable moving around of existing machines that I can get this in my shop.
I have a lot of SIP machines, but really fancied the Record, the other plus point - to me at least, is the sliding mechanism - pull saw effect, the huge cast iron tables and a motor that does not need it's own 16amp supply.
If i can get this in my shop now at this price, when we move, this should then become the 'centre' of my workshop
Any feedback would really be appreciated, £700 is about tops as I would a few hundred quid is needed to buy a dewalt router.
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