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Thread: Workshop cyclone 3
11/11/2009 15:55:06
Sorry, use this link, it is more direct!
11/11/2009 15:48:49
Hello Roger and any interested party in cyclonic extraction, take a look at the link, I think I will have a go at one of these and give some feedback, very, very well priced!
Thread: SIP 01332 Blades
11/11/2009 12:00:02
Thanks guys for your help, I wish to place an order with Axminster, which I can now complete - many thanks to all.
Thread: Workshop cyclone 3
11/11/2009 11:54:02
Hi Roger, I am currently reasearching manufacturers of conical shaped plastic extrusions, to see if there is an 'off the shelf' product that can be used as the base unit for the cyclone and then add on from there.
I have found other manufacturers of cyclones, but they tend to be industrial, will keep you posted.
Thread: SIP 01332 Blades
10/11/2009 20:03:17
Cheers Al, just as a matter of interest, whose blades do you use?
many thanks - steve
Thread: Just joined!
10/11/2009 14:32:30
Hello Richard - fantastic!
I have only tried turning once, on a very old clarke lathe and scared the doo out of myself!
I would not have the faintest idea how you created these, but they really are works of art.
Thread: Workshop cyclone 3
10/11/2009 14:20:36
Hi Alan, look down the right hand side of this web site, all the flashing advertisement windows,  and you will see someone advertising them!  Oneida.
Thread: Northern Show - Is There?
10/11/2009 14:17:27
Sorry to hear about that Sam, my mother has just had her hip replaced last week & she is home already, hope you have a speedy recovery to!
Thread: SIP 01332 Blades
10/11/2009 14:10:34
Thanks to those who helped me with my decision to purchase the SIP table saw, now that it is on order, I would like to purchase some better blades in advance, but have noticed the not so common bore size of 25.4, please can you tell me where you purchase your saw blades from - many thanks
Thread: Workshop cyclone 3
09/11/2009 23:12:53
Frank & Roger, I thought there would have been more interest in the cyclone, I have just asked for a quote from an American Manufacturer and was gob-smacked at what they wanted, well over 1K, & it is not their flagship model, a long way off in fact!  It seems like they do everything people want in terms of extraction, but I just cannot get my head around the price - if they made them more cost effective, they would have orders all day long for these!
Any feed back as the whether this article can be made available to sister publications?
Thread: big elephant pyro
09/11/2009 09:48:09

That, I must say is absolutely stunning!  I could not even draw an elephant, never mind do that – amazing!

Thread: 50 - 50, Phone a Friend, ask the Audience?
08/11/2009 23:32:49
The issue is, that I keep getting told is now against the law, and as we wish to move next year, I need to ensure that all is squeaky clean.  So although I fitted it all out, an electrician was required to to make all tyhe final major connections, to the consumer in both the house and the garage & certify all the work.
I know there are a few that will bypass the latest regs, but I felt that I should do the right thing.  The supplu should take it, and I do not really want to add any further costs if we do move next year, I amy have to start again.
Thread: Workshop cyclone 3
08/11/2009 19:00:35
hello Roger, I already know you are in the South West from your postings, I am interested in the cyclone & maybe there is some life in this idea of yours, as these things are outrageously expensive for what they are. 
I have been waiting to see this in the woodworking magazines, but it is in the woodworker,  which I have never read, but subscribe to get woodworking, but cannot access digital files from sister publications -
Thread: Get Woodworking Live meet-up
07/11/2009 07:48:26
Thank you Andy, I was not directed at you, but thank you.  It is good to hear that the stand will be covered for the whole of the show.
It is always nice to meet your mentors, as for some like me, the only way we learn is through the magazines & by reading your articles.
Thread: Northern Show - Is There?
07/11/2009 07:28:52
Hello Roger,
Being no stranger to the roads myself and in the past, travelled the UK covering many 10's of thousands per year, driving is not the issue.
It's about fair coverage and accessability for everyone, and many would probably not wish to make the journey, nor may they be able to afford it.
The show in Harrogate has being going go 18 years I believe and is very popular with the Northern and mid country folk.
It's fine to focus all your efforts to one particular area of the UK, but people will vote with either the loss of subscription revenue or turn away from the site.
Thread: Get Woodworking Live meet-up
06/11/2009 21:36:24
Hi Dennis, I have just made a new posting about the lack of advertisement in respect of the Harrogate show, but I wanted to go on Sunday to see if I could drive a bargain or two at the end of the show, It is a shame that the stand will only be covered for two days, I bet that is not the case for the southern shows!
Thread: Triangular Pyramid
06/11/2009 14:23:43

> >

Richard, sorry if  have mis-understood what you are trying to convey – but,

> >

The way I did it was to set up my band saw to cut one of the long angles & the table saw to cut the other angle. 

> >

My big problem came when I needed to then cut the bevels, at 10 to 15 degrees, start at 10 and work your through each one till they meet and sit flush.

> >

I did not have a single piece of equipment to do this & with regret, my hand plane skills are not up to this, so I tried by setting up my planer thicknesser and plane off the angles, what a very big mistake this was, as I ended up with nice bevels, but different sized triangles.  This project is now ditched until I figure it out!  Sorry not that useful really!

Thread: Northern Show - Is There?
06/11/2009 10:12:12
Cheers Baz,
I have been wondering about that - where are all the woodworkers based?  As a lot of the advertisers in the magazine seem to be southerly based,  or maybe I am just intensifying the North/South debate?
Thread: 50 - 50, Phone a Friend, ask the Audience?
06/11/2009 10:03:55
Thanks Al,
If I I decide to go down the SIP route, I will give it at go, if it starts popping the RCD because it's taking to much load, or getting hot, I can always get it sorted afterwards, interesting though, that yours appears to run OK, I presume that this with extractors, lighting & heating running all at the same time?
05/11/2009 23:23:13
Thanks OPJ, yes the SIP one come in many other guises or different colours & badges, although in particular the axminster one has very good reviews, as does the SIP one & the price I have shown is from Rutlands, good price, although the sliding carriage is pricey, but they have to make it back somewhere?
Thanks Mailee, I did put a large 32amp feed into my garage last year at great expense, its detached from the house, but did not put in a 16 amp socket, it should not cost me too much?
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