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Thread: Hello - and some advice please!
23/11/2009 21:46:04
Hello Admiral & welcome to the site - I like the flexibility of the bandsaw & agree with Baz, I think a tablesaw can cut very precisely. (still waiting for mine - the ship is late from China!) - maybe you can help me with that one Admiral!
Thread: Workshop cyclone 3
23/11/2009 21:38:18
Hi Charlie,
Paid (show special) £285 with two motors and a free 2.5" tool kit. - Sorry, it is the GV286w.  They will make a 4" version as well, but I thought, I have the extra motor for the 'long pull' down the length of the workshop, this will hopefully do what I want!  I was very impressed wth the amount and speed that it was moving  the waste material and if you opened a blast gate, it would still suck your hand to it!
I have just been informed that my tablesaw is now on back order & expect delivery early December, so it does give me a chance to try and get this et up now!
I hope you are going to do some postings of your new new workshop Charlie, it sounds really good -
We have tried to move over the last few years but the market has kept us put for the time being, hoping to move next year, so I can have a go a building a nice BIG shed!
23/11/2009 13:20:01

I succumbed to the purchase of a Camvac extractor whilst at the Harrogate show and awaiting delivery as I write

What did change my view was seeing the machine pulling waste through 19 metres of 63mm tubing and also – many of the turners used one (purchased not lent), with the top pipe being used as an exhaust, which practically silenced the thing.

This, now standard operation of venting through the top came from someone who purchased a Camvac extractor and realised the benefit & Camvac were incorporating this as part of their package at the show.

I opted for the twin motor system with the ‘cage and bag collection system at the bottom, but may well add a separation bin below this?

Once I have it installed, & run some bigger machines, I will post some pictures and give you some feedback as to how successful this has been?

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Thread: Tony's first Pyrographic portrait
23/11/2009 11:22:36
Another stunning piece of art!
Thread: Going swimmingly
23/11/2009 10:16:20
fantastic carving Marc, I wish I could carve like that.  I had a go at an owl a couple of months ago and my six year old could have done a better job!
Thread: The wonderful Tormek grinder
23/11/2009 10:02:31
Following much thought, I recently purchased the Tormek T7 and was instantly rewarded with chisels and plane irons that cut like never before.  As a hobbyist I have little skill in honing without the aid of jigs, but I was amazed at sharpness and the ease of how it was achieved - OK it is very expensive, but with a 5 year warranty, I thought I could not go wrong!
Thread: Matt's Flag stand
20/11/2009 13:10:04
Lovely work Matt, can you add another picture without the pole on, that joint looks very interesting on the feet!
Thread: We're at Harrogate!
20/11/2009 13:05:34
I'll be there on Sunday, hoping to grab a bargain at the end of the show, sorry I will miss Andy though, will pop in at the stand.
Thread: Workshop cyclone 3
17/11/2009 23:22:44

Thanks Frank,

I have looked at that many sites with variations on this theme that I have forgotten some of it, did Bill Pentz system have an internal ‘ramp’ I thought so, and as to the angel of the inlet pipe, sorry I am unsure of this as well, as I never really intended to make my own.

If you are going down that route, look at Bill’s website, he was the guy that came up with the idea, although I am aware of another western manufacturer that have made a ‘clear view’ system, but I gather there are some legal’s going on between the other US company and maybe even the Bill Pentz design, copyright & ownership I think – lets’ keep out of that one!

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17/11/2009 23:12:47

Hi Charlie, you are right about the system I suggested, had another chat today, the external hoses are 50mm, but internals even smaller, fine for power tools but useless for larger static machines – oh well!

The Oneida systems are great, I just cannot justify spending that sort of money. – Just as an aside, as someone who ships materials around the globe, I always get frustrated when people quote ‘cost of shipping’ and then cancel out any exchange rate benefit, if China can do it, so can the states & lets face it, China is a lot further! (rant over)

Camvac also look good and I want to listen to their equipment running to see just how noisy they are, as they are also similar to the Record & Draper system, but Draper is on 100mm!

I use my router table on 63mm and it just about copes, but when running the planer, I always hook up a separate 100mm hose.

As for trying to make my own, I hardly have the time to make anything from my hobby, let alone embarking on all that steel or GRP work – so that is also out of the question

Edited By sparky on 17/11/2009 23:21:52

Thread: John's new extreme bird houses
17/11/2009 16:15:44
Hi John,
Just like to add my piece - AMAZING!
Thread: help
17/11/2009 14:22:27
Hi Chris & welcome.
I am sure there are a lot of guys out there with a lot more knowledge than me.  I personally like the SIP products and own a 10X6 planer thicknesser, but paid over £500 for it. That's the SIP 01454, the SIP 01483 come is at nearly half that and is an 8X4.
These products are also available under many different brand names, as they all come from the same factory in China, there are slight differences, but that's about it.
I am very pleased with mine and does give a good finish, although they do take some setting up & I am very careful to ensure that the settings are spot on each time I use it.
Hope this helps?
Thread: Workshop cyclone 3
17/11/2009 09:58:33
I would really appreciate your feedback on this, as it's not very straight forward.
I am off to the Harrogate show this weekend and I know Camvac are there, I am not going to rush into this, as I have spent over my budget this year aleady, my new SIP table saw arrives next Monday!
17/11/2009 09:32:14
Hi Charlie,
I have exactly the same issues as you, and my SIP chip extractor cannot cope with the 63mm ducting!
The bore on the TV100C is only 50mm and this unit is NOT powered, it is just a cyclonic separation unit!
I was pondering this last night - & thought it may well cause more problems.
All there units where they have motors, are all the brush type & I need to keep the noise down to a minimum as all my work is at night, after 7pm.
I thought again about the TV50, and looking at it, with the way the pipes connect to the main housing, that these can be increased using polypipe fittings from a plumbers merchant, it still seems a lot to spend when you have then alter it to make it work.
These machines/equipment are all aimed at the building trade as oppose to woddworking, that's why the bore sizes are smaller.
I do know that they come with very long hoses and that it does improve, according to their stats, suction across the system as it is not clogging up filters.
16/11/2009 15:49:56
Hi Frank, Charlie & Roger,
The images are on the 'latest uploaded photos' on the homepage - is this what you had in mind?
Roger - the bottom storage cylinder is much larger than I thought!
Is this of interest?
Thread: SIP 01332 Blades
15/11/2009 17:42:06
Thanks Roger, although I am yet to recieve my table saw - coming on the 23rd, should take a couple of nights to set up, I do realise that a good blade makes all the difference!
Thread: Workshop cyclone 3
15/11/2009 17:38:43
Charlie, I have a ducted system that I run with a SIP 1HP chip extractor, which I find struggles as I am running it on the Axminster 60mm pack (i think), plus as soon as I have done any sanding, the upper filter bag soon becomes clogged, loosing more suction.
I also have the earlex workshop vac & the Erbauer workshop vac, plus i also run the fox overhead air filtration system, even with all this, I still have a film over all my tools and equipment!
I was looking at the Camvac, but cannot afford all these items & the good lady wife has yet to authorise the cyclone system!
Just as a matter of interest Charlie & Roger, the TV100C apparently looks like the TV120C without the motor on top, will get all the info as soon as I can.
I am unsure which is the best vac to hook up to this cyclone, but I will have a go with each, the reason I do like the SIP option though is that this has an induction motor, which is much quieter, more suited to the twilight hours that I get to play in my shop!
14/11/2009 14:18:13
Hello Roger,
At the expense & intensive effort & time affordrd to manufacture your own, I spoke the the company on Friday, who quoted me on three versions, as detailed, I am awaiting some greater detail on the TV100C - which seems to be the item that would be most suitable for the woodworker, they are getting back to me Monday, so hopefully will post a link or attach a file for those who are interested & the price quoted seems to make it cheaper to buy than manufacture?

Below are the cyclonic interceptors available:

 Xyclone Pre Separator, Complete with trolley and bucket = £119.00

 TV50C, Pre Separator/cyclone only = £176.00

TV100C, Pre Separator, dual cyclone, dual filter = £212.00

TV200C, Pre Separator 100lt = £280.00
Hope this is of interest? - The TV100C is NOT on their website!

Edited By sparky on 17/11/2009 23:22:59

Thread: Northern Show - Is There?
12/11/2009 08:58:08
Good morning Marc, early bird catches the worm, 05:13 posting, coffee & a bit of early morning moderating, that is an early start!
Thread: Workshop cyclone 3
11/11/2009 19:40:10
I will have a chat with the company tomorrow, to see if there is any interest in providing a more bespoke system, for the wood workers needs.  I feel that there is a very large market out there, that remains largely unchallenged, unless you have a grand or so to spare!
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