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Thread: Spline Jig
14/10/2010 22:34:32
Thanks, did as you suggested and worked a treat. Until I forgot that the thickness of the shaft of the router bit was thicker than the dovetail bit and when I cut deeper I had a seriously smoking and burnt looking bit so I had to go through again with a much wider straight bit. We learn as we go along.
14/10/2010 10:37:21
I have recently (Tuesday evening) made this spline jig, which I thought was in one of the magazines from this site.  I know I have seen it somewhere recently and made it from memory!

I am unsure though how to commission the project - as in setting the first cut in the jig. 
As I am intending to cut the butterfly/dovetail splines in boxes, using the sled on a router table, am I better off cutting a hole through the base to accept the dovetail bit, then pass that through the jig, or pass a straight cutter through, then a dovetail bit - any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thread: Coffee Table - Big Mistake!
07/08/2010 21:26:11
Time flys when you are having fun!
I cannot believe it was a month ago since I made this initial posting - I have gone away, pondered what to do - decided to start the whole coffee table from scratch, but have decided to cut up the orginal top and make it into a small table come stool.
This was very much completed, for a little sanding and finishing, but holidays beckoned and I have not had chance.
So, by the end of this week - I promised SWMBO to have it finished   I will have to add some pictures of my little table - nothing fancy or complicated, (not that I can do fancy or complicated!) I just wanted to use up the timber.
I had selected some oak for the new top and had bonded this prior to the holiday! 
I do have to remake the frame as well now, as this got damaged accidently and had to be thrown away - oh well - only 15 hours work or so!
13/07/2010 19:36:36
I find myself apologising a lot these days, for never having the time for anything, 101 good intentions, with only enough time to actually deliver a few.
Thank you all very much for your thoughts, knowledge and inspiration, when sometimes you wish you could just walk away from it all, put it in the woodburner & start again.
I have decided to remake the top and see how it goes, although all the best timber has already been used, so it may not be that great and being a little tight on budgets these days, additional timber purchases are not an option.
Thanks again guys - I will add some more pictures - next week - if I get the chance!
08/07/2010 23:34:50
Firstly I would like to apologise for not having been on the forum for quite some time, it comes down to the culmination of 2 and half years of designing and having had built a brand new facility for the company I work for.  We just moved in at the begiining of June and have been settling in since - although time afforded to my hobby has been very limited!
Just as well really considering the whopping mistake I have made with my coffee table and I would like some advice - PLEASE!
I made the tabletop oversize, about 20mm over all the round round and had decided to profile the edge - I did and hated it, so decided to cut it off - Mistake No:1
Now the top was to small - ok I will add some lipping, I was looking at do some contrasting inlay with a maple drawer front, now maple lipping with the matching drawer.
Mistake No:2 I made the lipping, but the top is solid oak, so how do I attach the ends?
I decided to miller dowel the ends onto the bonded side lipping, but I now fear that when the wood expands, It will crack the joints.  I have only dowelled the ends, but fear my mistake is to big.
Have I caused myself a huge issue, or can I get away with it - the main issue eitherway is that I have ruined many hours of work and if it ever gets the opportunity to adorn our living room, I will always see all the mistakes I have made!
Maybe I should stick to what I know - which I have decided is not a lot!
Thread: Segmented Bowls
13/05/2010 15:29:42
Stunning work Dennis, I look forward to each segment! (sorry!)
Thread: wood movement
10/05/2010 08:50:40
Thanks Al & OPJ,
Very much appreciated, now I understand.
08/05/2010 22:47:41
Hello all - I was wondering if I may pick your brains on a this issue of wood movement.
It is more on a particular style of tabletop that seems to be at odds to what I have read.
on tables with long boards edge jointed, some styles have then, like a workbench, have boards running against the grain at each end & then pegged or dowled!
Why do these joints not break or split, as they appear to completely restrict any movement of the table width.
Many thanks
Thread: wood turning club event with Andrew hall
07/05/2010 12:39:45
Hi Dennis,
I am not a turner but was fortunate enough to see Andrew turning his hats at the Harrogate Wood Working show.
Absolutely facinating to watch and you can virtually see the wood shrink as it dries out after he has turned a hat.
I was introduced to him by a very kind gent, (i forget his name now), who I spent the entire day with (went alone), who I must thank  him again for introducing me to a whole host of extremely talented people. (household names to most of you guys I bet?)
Maybe sometime in the future I will have a go at turning.
Thread: Big Al's tables
07/05/2010 12:31:10
Excuse the expression Al, but "nice set of legs" & like the rest of the comments - great work.
Thread: Oak and Pine Table
05/05/2010 16:02:32
Sorry Sam, I too love the top, maybe it's the colour of the legs, I don't know.
Very nice piece of work all the same and very interesting with the pine T&G inset, then the oak in different orientations, makes you want to keep looking at it.
Where do you get your get pallets from?
Thread: Conundrum
01/05/2010 07:59:02
I like item 4 Sam - I think the FD (SWMBO) is now extremely weary of my constant - "I could really do with that-----------"
My other headache is pencils, by the end of each evening I could have 5 or 6 pencils out and none of them turn up, until  I start clearing up!
Thread: Oak Stereo Cabinet
27/04/2010 11:44:24
Hi Sam, just echoing everyone elses remarks, very nice piece!
I did a double take when I spotted your logo on the 'T shirt' - presume that's the name of your company?
Thread: Which material
24/04/2010 23:59:50
Sorry Al, just had a look at your album, now i understand - I have never tried anything like that! - Or steam bending!
24/04/2010 23:15:19
Welcome Aaron to the site, I made some from birch ply and then added real wood lippings (thin strips of real wood) to the edges to make it all look like real wood -sorry, i never did take any pictues of that one.
Al, love book shelf three, did you steam bend to get those curves?  That really is a lovely piece.!
Thread: Just Joined
22/04/2010 20:10:03
Hi Widworx and welcome to the site, very interesting avatar and name!
It's prompted me to find an interestng avatar again
Really like the bird tables - very clever concept! 
Thread: Cyclone Pre-separator
19/04/2010 12:54:11
Hi Charlie,
The Camvac has been working a treat, with regret I moved my pre-separator and broke the seal AGAIN on the extractor connector.  The drum did work a treat, as it is a chemical drum and would be virtually impossible to collapse.
I am awaiting my funds to be replenished at present, and I will buy the half 205 litre drum from Camvac, without any motors, as this has all the connectors pre-fabricated, it should resolve my issue for good (hopefully)
Thread: Sealing tanalised timber
12/04/2010 13:50:35
Apologies to all for my rampaging entries here, but I wanted to get to the bottom of this, & thought this would (wood!! ) be of interest.
It appears that restrictions are very much in place for the use of CCA treated timbers to be in the 'public domain' but even for professional use it must be cleary identified as containing arsenic, please see link <HERE>, it puts my mind at rest, but I am still unsure of the new form of tanalised timber being safe for the marine environment.
I suggest Graham, a call to the organistion on the link above should be able to satisfy your request??
12/04/2010 12:48:19
Sorry Richard, - I am on a mission now!
For all interested readers, please see linked document from the HSE, <HERE> ,interestingly, it prohibits the use of CCA treated timber since June 2004 for childrens play equipment, however, I am still unsure about all the tanalised timber I have recently purchased, is this produced from CCA?
12/04/2010 12:08:09
I have just found this link <HERE> that clearly states that it should not be used for pond liners etc.
It does not indicate it's potential hazards (not as onerous), as per Richard's link, but is informative nonetheless.
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