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Thread: Kity 619 cabinet saw
15/02/2008 09:33:00
Ah, was that you with the other guy we asked to stand back while we took a picture? Sorry if it was, but hopefully we got a decent one from it, even with me in it! The router looks great doesn't it? Some good unique features, especially the plunge lock - very nice! cheers, Andy
15/02/2008 07:59:00

Hi Julian,

I can't remember offhand if the 619 has the same sort of fence set up as my Kity 419, but if it has the same aluminium box section extrusion along the front as a running rail, there are elongated slots it the holes that fit it to the table itself.

On mine, it was a simple matter of slackening the bolts of the running rail, putting the fence on and aligning it with the mitre slot until it was parallel, and nipping them back up.

The mitre fence running bar can be tightened by making a few indents into the top of the bar near the edge with a centrepunch. This makes a slight bump into the edges of the bar, tightening it in the slot. If it's too tight, you simply file the bumps down a little.

hope this helps.


Thread: Chisels
14/02/2008 23:12:00

Hi Jason,

I looked at the MHG chisels in Good Woodworking a couple of years back when they were being brought in by Bell Tools in Gloucester.

I thought they were excellent - they feel hard on the stone, usually a good indication that the steel is good, so hold an edge well. My test ones certainly did.

There were different types available when I looked at them, firmers, mortice and the bevel edged ones here.

The wooden handles are similar, if not identical to most European ones, including the ones that a lot of people recommend, the Two Cherries brand from Kircshen.

I've used a few of those, and the MHG seem pretty well equal. Hopefully the quality is still the same as it was a couple of years back!



Thread: The london woodworking show
12/02/2008 22:02:00
Paul Dennison wrote:
Paul Dennison wrote (see)

It was only Thanks to the likes of Andy King and the guy at the Aston Diamond Honing Blocks for thier FRIENDLY banter that saved my day from being a total waste.

Well, thanks for that Paul - Must've caught me on an off day though!

On a more serious note, I never really had chance to get off my stand and look around, there seemed to be a fair few people passing, but I couldn't judge the amount.

I think shows in general are harder than ever to get people to attend. D&M are probably the best at it, free entry certainly makes a big difference, and it's pretty easy to get to. The internet and the influx of Far Eastern tools has made a big dent in any profit margins the manufacturers and dealers could offer at shows in the past, so the bargains that used to pay for any entry fees are few and far between, the prices are already cut close to the bone. (I have a friend who runs a tool shop in Bristol and he has told me what he makes on some tools, and it's surprisingly little, especially with commercial overheads and staff to contend with)

Unfortunately, the knock on is punters are less likely to attend, so dealers start to think likewise, and it becomes a downwards spiral.

This was my first'real' show for Magicalia, I did last years as an employee of both future and Magicalia publishing while the deal went through, so wasn't party to any organisation, but Jez Walters, the show organiser has worked tirelessly to try and make this one a success, and I certainly don't envy him his job!

Over the course of the show, Jez has been pitching ideas trying to rally support from all corners to try and make the show better, and we have a few plans amongst us to hopefully make this happen. If we get onto it early enough, the anouncements of the plans will be such that the public and dealers alike will be able to judge whether this will make it more beneficial and to everyone. we hope it will be the case!

I'm sure any suggestions posted here that can make the show a better one for all concerned will certainly be discussed. Ben and the rest of the guys read the site, so we are all aware of your comments, and will certainly take on board any suggestions made here and if we can implement them, no doubt we will.




Thread: Plane and simple
24/01/2008 23:21:00

Hi Guys,

glad you liked the article - in my mind you can spend a lot of time doing uneccessary work to get a plane to peform well. The basics outlined in the feature should help in most situations.

Incidentally, i've just got back from a visit to Clico in Sheffield who make the Clifton planes amongst other things, and it was a very enlightening couple of days.
it should feature in issue 200, which is just around the corner.



Thread: Welcome to the turning section
14/09/2007 22:32:00

Any green as grass woodturners might be interested to know that we are about to start a feature of the woodturning novice (ME!) in Good Woodworking. Our resident genius woodturner Dave Roberts will be taking me under his wing to teach me the basics, with my thoughts on what I found easy or hard and Dave explaining why it can be so, and how to overcome problems, tool selection, you name it, he'll hopefully show me. Or punch me!

Once it's up and running, any readers with problems that they need help with can ask away and we'll try and build it into a 'how to' in the mag, with me hopefully trying to do turn the actual piece or technique that's a problem, and make my own comments and conclusions and Dave will then show and tell us all how to do it properly!


Thread: Veritas limited-edition stainless steel edge plane
14/09/2007 22:22:00

I think for such a limited edition of only 300 worldwide, each one individually numbered, the price of $199 is an unbelievable bargain!

Even if you are lucky enough to get one, would you be prepared to use such a rarity? It'll be interesting to see what price they command in a year or two - keep your eye on Ebay!


Thread: Wood Routing
11/09/2007 19:46:00
Well Ian, not wanting to pre-empt anything (or drop Ben in it!) but I think we are hoping to put a searchable index up on the forum at some stage. I know at Good Woodworking we've use one extensively, and updated it in the magazine and offered an electronic (emailed) version for a while, but it hasn't been updated for a fair old while now. Hopefully it will be soon, if only for my own records! Mine stops at issue 177, but if you or any other forum members or readers have an enquiry regarding tests, features etc that have appeared in Good Woodworking, let me know, either on or leave a message here and i'll check my index and get back to you. It'll certainly save you trawling through back issues! Hopefully we will have a fully up to date searchable facility in the near future, but Ben has enough on his plate tweaking this site at the moment I would imagine, so please be gentle with him! (and me!!) cheers, Andy
10/09/2007 10:22:00
Hi Ian, If I recall correctly, the T-Tech router is badged by Trend but exclusive to the B&Q stores, so doesn't appear on Trend's website. I think there is also a similar range of accessories or cutters along the same lines. I would say that while the 'Pro' Trend routers (T5, T9, T10, T11) are European manufactured, the T-Tech look to be very similar to the B&Q Performance Pro range, so probably coming out of China. It doesn't necessarily make it a bad tool, but it may have limitations in overall build quality and durability, and if its anything like other 'badged' Chinese products, it can be a bit pot luck as to the actual performance as the quality control is nowhere near as stringent as the name brand tool manufacturers such as DeWalt, Makita etc, and also Trend's own high end stuff. It may be that trend have more input in the factory supplying the T-Tech though, so spares, aftersales service and even quality control may be better than the usual 'box shifting' type powertools from China that all look the same, but for colour and a few cosmetic changes on adjusters. Andy
Thread: Welcome
05/09/2007 16:22:00
Well, first one here, so 'Hello' to any new members when they get here! Hopefully myself and others can help everyone with enquiries and advice, so feel free to ask! cheers, Andy Technical Editor Good Woodworking Magazine
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