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Thread: new workshop
10/03/2011 17:41:34
Here's my contribution to workshop layout.

Edited By Dominic Collings on 10/03/2011 17:47:23

Thread: Router Table
10/03/2011 17:33:08
Looks great Brian. Thanks for the complement.
Thread: Spray Gun or HVLP Spray System?
14/10/2010 17:46:52
That's great news. I definitely need a smaller size than the 2mm.
14/10/2010 15:32:48
It is a good choice and the standard 2mm needle set should be good for painting. You could do with a finer 1 or 1.5mm needle set for varnishes but be warned that these cost ?50 on their own if you can find them.
13/10/2010 19:01:41
Tricky one this. I've tried both and there are pros and cons to both. Using your existing compressor will give you access to a greater range of guns. Servicing components are easy to come by but the the HVLP convertor can be cumbersome. HVLP is a more compact, transportable and useable system with advantages like low overspray bounce back. That said while overspray less it's still a problem. I have an earlex 5000 which is a great unit for the price but I've had lots of occasions where a gravity fed gun would be better and that's not an option. Different size needles are impossible to come by ( although the standard 2mm one is very versitile). The problem I'm currently having is temperature. Many finishes have a minimum operating temperature of 20 degrees which is impossible this time of year in my unheated workshop. A least by finishing by hand I can do that indoors. I'm in the middle of a project at the moment that means I have to stick with the spraying till it's done but after that I may drop it altogether.
Thread: Router lift
02/10/2010 12:05:37
Looks perfect as a base. For the top on mine I built a perimeter frame of 2 x 4's, added an 18 mm top, trimmed the edges with about 20mm worth of hardwood then Formica over the top. Like I said it's very heavy.
01/10/2010 07:50:53
Now that I've read the comment on Axminster it's impossible to put his problem into any kind of meaningful context. He says both the speed and lock are one the wrong side but they are on opposite sides of the machine so how are they both wrong? I've checked the manual and I can't find anything in it about not being suitable for and enclosed table. My suspicion is that he's using a box for a base with no door or access to the machine which is a poor design of table rather than a poor design of tool. Without any pictures of his table, for all I know he's using it mounted to a sheet of 12mm MDF on top of a shoe box. If his table is very light, the resulting vibration I accept could move the height adjust but again that's a poor table and not the fault of the tool. As for mounting it it's simply machine screws counter sunk through the top plate into the existing tapped holes In the base.
30/09/2010 22:44:39
It's absolute rubbish Brian. I know three people that run T11's in tables and none of them use the lock. I've just ran a 1/2 inch rebate at 5mm deep in one pass for three drawer bottoms consecutively, probably 6 and a half meters worth an it didn't move at all. Even the trend agent at the SECC show I spoke to a few years ago said he never locks his and has never had it move. The biggest problem with the T11 is the limited plunge depth. Mount it or a 625 in a lift and the situation is worse. I once met a guy who had administers "router lift" and that suffered from chatter when using a panel raising bit. The new 4 post lifts are better but expensive. With a 625, lift and materials for the table you're easily into spindle moulder price. If you want something that heavy duty then I'd go for that instead.
26/09/2010 16:34:23
As expliained in the video it does have a lock but it's not really needed. I guess it depends on how much vibration the finished table has. The heavier the better. I'd say my table is about 200kgs possibly more so I get no vibration that would transmit to the rise and fall mechanism. It's never moved yet but it does also have a locking lever on the plunge bars.
25/09/2010 07:28:33
Brian I'd save the money and buy a T11. It's just a Dewalt 625 anyway but with a built in lift. Take a look here. 

Edited By sparky on 25/09/2010 12:02:00

Thread: Air filter
23/09/2010 15:23:32
I have a jet air filter and to be honest the internals are very much like a kitchen extractor. Three speeds too. It is just as loud but bare in mind that it will be mounted high and not at ear level and it's usually on to catch the dust the extractor generates or misses so 99% of the time there will be other noise in the shop that is louder. The filters on the jet look identical in size to the axminster filter but theirs are cheaper. Basically I think it would be an easy build but remember that by time you cost in material to make the box, the 2 filters, wiring, a rear vent and a timer, you might not be as far away from the commercial products cost as you might think. The jet also comes with a bult in timer and a remote control.

Edited By Dominic Collings on 23/09/2010 15:51:01

Thread: jet tablesaw part
31/07/2010 22:17:27
Axminster are the main importer of jet tools or it would at least apear that way as jet UK and administers addresses are the same. That said, they don't carry all parts as I found when the locking handle on the cross cut fence snapped on mine. Parts from the states take about 6 week to arrive. That said the belt issue is a known weak point on the supersaw so that may be a part they carry.
Thread: Coffee Table - Big Mistake!
09/07/2010 16:46:19
Doesn't sound like much of a problem to me unless I'm missing something. Presumably the front edge lippjng will run with the grain so no problem there. You say you profiled the edge and once cut off it's too small. By this do you mean it's too small to cover the top at all or does it cover the top with little or no over hang? It must have been a major router bit to eat up 20mm all the way around. There are several options I can think of If it does cover to top consider changing the design so the to is flush with the sides. I've just made a computer desk with a top like this. I added a chamfer to create an artificial shadow line do it doesn't look odd. Consider bread boarding the ends by reducing the width of the top further still and adding ends to the current top. There are plenty of solutions without spending on extra stock. Do you have pictures?
Thread: Hardwood suppliers
09/07/2010 14:28:31
Appologies for all the spelling errors above. I'm hardly ever able to get to my computer these days so reply to most things on my mobile which can be a bit tricky with predictive text etc
09/07/2010 14:24:31
There's a place in Lanark strangely I thing it's lanark of Lanarkshire woods or hardwoods where you can self select boards. There's Scottish hardwoods in Inzivar which is on the north bank of the forth between Kincardine bridge and Dunfermline. Very good there and again it's pick your own. You won't get any cherry though but native ash, oak, sycamore etc. For veneered boards mdf etc I use international decorative surfaces at rosyth. Birch ply I've only found in Perth an rembrand but it you need a bit they will deliver. There's also burhouse up at dunkeld which again is pick your own, has imported timbers but is expensive. It's very difficult in Scotland to be honest. You have to be prepared to travel for your stock.
Thread: Formica
17/06/2010 18:39:54
International decorative surfaces IDS is where I buy mine. They are nation wide but they don't do offcuts. Oddly the standard size for such things is 10x4 as opposed to 8x4. Expect it to be about ?40. It sounds a lot but I rattled though that sheet pretty quickly doing my router table top and then all the component parts of the fence. I've also used it on jigs I use regularly and on toys where I want mating surfaces to slide.

Edited By Dominic Collings on 17/06/2010 18:40:37

Thread: Kity 613 Bandsaw
19/05/2010 18:37:06
You know I think I have both connected but am not near the workshop at the moment the check. Pretty sure though, two pipes into one just before the blast gate. The extraction is still pretty poor though especially if like me you have a zero clearance insert installed.
Thread: Table Saw
18/07/2009 12:13:21
That said that was when they cost £1000 new and now they've gone up by nearly 50%. Theres one here which is a little more than they used to go for. Some shrewd negotiation could see bought at a price closer to my previous top estimate.

Edited By Ben Plewes on 22/07/2009 18:53:58

18/07/2009 12:10:13
I bought my Jet SS from Axminster as an end of line for £500. They go used for between 500-750 which IMO is a much better bet. That said the NVR switch has failed on mine 2 years into ownership but is was only £14 to replace.

Edited By Ben Plewes on 22/07/2009 18:53:01

Thread: This months GW
18/07/2009 12:07:28
So what date is GW217 out then?
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