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Thread: Sad Sam's Vase
14/07/2016 22:27:29

Nice vase Sam,I like the wavy line and the diagonal feature, the finnish looks good to from here, cheers, Eric.

Thread: Removing Bitumen from wood - help please
08/07/2016 18:41:10

I have a 20 grit tungsten carbide sanding disc that fits on an electric drill or in the lathe in a drill chuck,its very aggressive,so you have to watch your pinkieslaugh

Thread: Cellulose sanding sealer
08/07/2016 18:32:13

There`s always shellac based sanding sealers too for filling the grain before French polishing.

Thread: what am I doing wrong
08/07/2016 18:25:11

less friction polish would probably be the answer,as with was polishes,to much builds up rings when you buff it up,you`ll probably need to sand it back or use meths to melt it so you can wipe the excess off,then re friction polish it or rebuff after excess is wiped off,as with all polishing less is more as they say,ie; thin coats,as friction polish is the woodturners version of French polish,I hope this has been helpful,Regards,


Thread: Good Woodworking wants your help!
08/07/2016 18:06:47

Thanks Tegan,I`ll look forword to seeing the artilces,Regards,


06/07/2016 18:07:07

What would be nice would be articles written for people who don`t own all the posh powered tools,people that do most tings with hand tools(without biscuit jointers,planer/thickesser,etc,or the ones that don`t have hollowing rigs and stuff like that for lathe work,cheers,


Thread: First lathe
21/02/2014 10:32:59

or glue a bock of wood to the back of the blank and then turn your bowl complete except the foot which require sanding after you split the block off,assuming it comes with a faceplate that is.

Thread: vice
14/02/2014 09:23:39

great vices,I inherited my Dad`s one in 1971 and its still going strongly,it was about 15yrs old when I got its,so its around 58 yrs old now.


Thread: High Frequency Noise when Skew Planing Spindle
11/02/2014 17:10:33

tightening the tailstock to tight can also cause this problem as it bows the wood and makes it vibrate,and as the others mentioned ,take light cuts,the thinner the stock the lighter the cuts need to be,if you can make/buy a lathe steady that might also help,old roller skates or skateboards can have their wheels pirated for this if you make your own.

Thread: Which deep hollower?
11/02/2014 17:00:54

I have the Sorby ultima,the bigger version,I`ve found its an excellent tool,I`ve hollowed to a depth of 16 inches with it,but found I had to add the joiner so I could put my other handle on the end at that depth,then I was back in control again,I used to use a home made hollower made from an 8mm ring spanner with a cast iron homemade cover,and what took me four to five hours with that I could do in 1/2 an hour with the Sorby,I`d say about 10 inches deep by four to five inches wide inturnally for the two of them,I`m glad I bought the Sorby Ultima,has saved me so much time since I bought it,and I get a lovely smooth finnish inside now to haha,cheers,


Thread: Sanding bit
11/02/2014 16:45:43

Simon Hope was doing them at one time,might be worth getting in touch with him,he has contact numbers email etc; on his website.

Thread: What,s In Store
09/01/2014 09:44:03

I bought half a dozen cake slice blades to make handles for,for her indoors to have one,give a couple away as presents and auction the rest off at our summer strawberry tea fund raiser for breast cancer research,oh happy new year to all,


Thread: lathe not turning "round"
09/01/2014 09:40:01

have you checked for front to back movement on the bearing as well as side to side movement,if theres play front to back that could cause the oval shaping,just a thought.

Thread: Xmas
21/12/2013 11:08:55

Seasons greetings to all,regards,


Thread: thin platter
18/05/2013 10:20:52

thats a really lovely piece Dennis,regards,


Thread: Natural edge
17/05/2013 08:36:09

well done Derek,beautiful piece,I bet that made alot of noise when turning it,regards,


Thread: My three latest pieces of art
15/05/2013 14:17:32

materials used were Oak,Brown Oak,American Cherry,Cherry,Maple,Anjan,Padauk,Beach,Elm,Ash and that abrasive Australian wood I can never remember the name of. The piecing tools I have the small one125W isthe one Argos do,the big one700W with a flexi drive is basicaly a B+Q plasterboard cutter witha flexidrive attachment,but the good thing with it just by the side of the colletchuck on the flexidrive is a small but bright light so you can see what your doing easier,its also got one on the body unit so when you use it as a mini router/plasterboard cutter it also has the light shining on the work,I`ve had this unit about six years,the only problem I`ve had with it was when I was using a rotory saw as a carver and it snagged in my jacket and snapped the inner drive,took me 2 months to find a replacement,which I got from Axminster in the end after searching the world on the the thing is how spectacular can I make the next one haha,cheers,


Thread: open segmented bowl
15/05/2013 08:29:13

this is a marvelous piece Dennis,don`t think I could manage that or have the skill ti get those top rim pieces to fit together so well,regards,


Thread: My three latest pieces of art
14/05/2013 21:32:54

about 6 months work between the three of them Ian.

14/05/2013 15:47:24

This is my three latest pieces,its my reprisentation of fountains in wood,the first is 7" high and 6" wide,MK2 is 13" high and 12 1/2" wide,MK3 is 16" high and 14" wide,I hope you like ,regards, Eric.

fountain 001.jpg

fountain mk2 002-001.jpg

Fountain MK3.jpg

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