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Thread: Bandsaw Advice
17/04/2020 11:36:54

My primary interest is to make acoustic guitars and with this in mind I'm deciding on a bandsaw. I need a minimum depth of cut of 100mm for neck blanks, so probably wise to go a bit above this to have spare for the odd unexpected piece & maybe a house DIY Job or two.

I've looked at the Axminster Craft & Trade ranges and they tell me the difference between them is the Craft are designed for 1 - 2 hours use a week while the Trade range was a lot more, but I forget exactly. He steered me to the Trade option after I told him what I would be doing but now I've come off the 'phone I'm thinking 1 - 2 hours a week could be quite enough in my world of guitar making.

Could I get away with the Craft v the Trade machine? Of course I realise there will be a difference in performance. It's a question of a £400 machine v a £800 machine.

Thread: Campervan Project
22/03/2020 20:02:44

So, emailed Jolien Brebels. No reply. Emailed again a week later and was sent a few sketches that together with the "project" article still leave me with too many omissions to encourage me to begin the model. She also explained her business model on, I seem to recall, the Patreon platform. Of no interest to me. If she was paid for the piece I think everyone has had a poor deal aprt from maybe her.

06/03/2020 10:52:29

@ Derek Lane: Yes they do need enlarging. After reading Step 9 where the dia of the wheels are given as 30mm I was able to determine that Fig 1 is approx at a scale of 3:10. I say approx because the circle representing the wheel is distorted slightly in that the dia measured vertically is a little different to that measured horizontally. Perhaps to be expected in a printed magazine.

@ Wilf.T: I don't directly have access to a photocopier but my wife does. However I'm not optimistic as to the outcome. It is a technique I occasionally used at work but the results were never good: distortion of straightness and variable enlargement horizontally and vertically. Additionally, the feature, in Fig 7, refers to drawings A, B & C and these are not included in the magazine!

@ Tegan Foley: I will email Jolien Brebels

05/03/2020 21:54:51

Yes they do need enlarging. But what publisher sells a magazine with a project in it that has unusable diagrams? Without full size drawings its not a workable project. Probably the most practical solution is to use a pantograph, but...really?

05/03/2020 17:28:35

I've just bought the March edition of The Woodworker as it features a project on a VW Camper Van. I do think the feature is very misleading as the diagrams, not really plans, are very small and not to the same scale as the project being demonstrated. I don't want to make a model to the very small scale of the provided diagrams.

Thread: Wood Garden Structure
07/02/2020 11:32:43

What suppliers can I look at for the timbers suggested? I do have access to a bandsaw so can cut to thickness.

06/02/2020 15:04:11

I'm making a painted hand cart that will be used at my son's wedding and then transferred to his garden. So needs to be suitable for outdoors. I envisage most of the structure will be sheet & boards around 18mm thick, apart from cart wheels, where I will need to do a bit of research.

I'm pretty much new to woodworking so guidance on suitable materials and finishes appreciated. Also construction details for replica cart wheels.

Thread: The English Woodworker
08/12/2019 16:26:55

In my search for info on workbenches I've come across The English Woodworker website. Are the services offered by this site of any value?

Thread: Power and heating
09/08/2019 12:22:58

Baseboard heater?

Not familiar with these.

Thread: Workshop heating and humidity
06/08/2019 15:02:38

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately, I didn't foresee the need for insulation and the workshop currently is not insulated.
To avoid reducing the interior space I'm looking at adding external insulation boards. They are available. The roof I can insulate on the inside. I'll look out for an Ebac dehumidifier.

Once again, thanks for the info.


Thread: Workbench
03/06/2019 23:38:32

Hi Julian, thanks for information.

I’ll take a look



22/05/2019 14:26:41

Hi Brian,

Thank you so much.

Interesting work!


18/05/2019 12:58:45

I'm thinking my first project should be a workbench and browsing around an Axminster store a couple of days ago I came across Veritas plans for one. Are these any good? What are the alternatives?

Thread: Workshop heating and humidity
12/05/2019 16:28:09

I’ve had a small workshop built for me to take up woodworking in my retirement.

being ignorant in these matters I’ve not considered heating it or controlling the humidity.

Now I find for one of the projects I want to do, a guitar, the tonewood supplier talks about a working environment of 20 degrees and a set humidity. What are my options? Building is thermal blocks with concrete floor and no insulation in roof or anywhere for that matter.

Thread: Wheelbarrow
13/04/2019 10:10:49

Hi Cedric,

There's been some Chinese Whispers going on!

I was told wheelbarrow but apparently what my son wants is a sweet cart.
The sort with an apex roof; a pair of wheels on the front and handles the length of the cart.

Sorry for confusion.
Typical communication skills in my family.


13/04/2019 08:23:40

Hi. Cedric,


I’ll call you.


12/04/2019 18:08:27

My son has asked me to make a scaled down wheelbarrow to put sweets into for his wedding reception. I know the sort of thing he means but any idea where I might get a suitable plan from?

Thread: Power and heating
21/02/2019 12:48:14

Hi Paul,

Thanks for very interesting reply.

There’s a load factor that electrical designers employ and I’ll talk to my electrician about that as I won’t ever run everything together.



20/02/2019 11:17:16

Hi, while having an extension built I'm getting the builder to put up a 3.4m x 2.85m internal dimensions, thermalite, block wall workshop. The biggest I can fit in the garden. I want to take my low skill DIY woodworking to a higher level (to make guitars initially) and the workshop is the start. I'll probably want to take on other interesting projects for the house. One I've already thought of is a bespoke double door frame so will need to consider other power tools.

I've got guitar making books which cover the tools required but can someone give me an idea of a "sensible" figure for power requirement so that I can tell the builder what I need so he'll instruct his electrician. A bit of spare capacity would seem sensible.

Am I looking at a sub CB board?

Also suggestions for heating?

I hate the idea of electric heating because of the expense, but to get gas to the building 30m away from the house? Gas bottles an option? Solar panels?

Any advice for this novice.

I've also messaged regarding this subject to a couple of private messages in my inbox so thanks to Colin & Paul.



Thread: Beginner
13/06/2018 13:43:45

Hi Julian, Thanks for the link. Crimson do have an interesting portfolio of work. It does all seem to be electric guitar biased and as I'm almost 100% focused on acoustic guitars are not sure if they would be for me. I'll ask them. I'm actually keen on attending an acoustic guitar making course in Queensland, Australia next year. As I love the guitars the luthier makes. KR John

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