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Thread: Ferguson TEA20 Tractor
15/10/2016 07:18:54

David A Moody,- I have several sites on Facebook,- ( 1 ) Genuine Australian made wooden model road trains & big rigs.

( 2 ) Aussie Big Rig Woodworking Plans

( 3 ) Genuine Aussie Designed Toy Plans - I think I have a realistic tractor on there but its not a Fergy.

Simply hop onto Facebook and type in the group names ( separately ) onto the searchbar, and go from there.

** You recently commented on my 1:15 scale Kenworth Aerodyne Cab-over with working LED lights.


15/10/2016 07:01:48

David A Moody;- What size / scale are you thinking of, as I am a Wood Crafts Designer here in Australia, with my own range of big rig woodworking plans, plus do a bit of custom design work too.

** Simply require some original specifications, dimensions and artwork of a real TEA20, and can work from there.

Thread: 1:15 scale wooden model Aussie Big Rig,- complete with working lights !
30/09/2016 03:15:01

k200, & b-double 004.jpgBased on a real Kenworth K200 Cab-over Aerodyne, set to, 1:15 scale for realism, and with working LED lights too.

Dimensions,- 500mm.long x 165mm.wide x 300mm.high, ( 20" x almost 7" wide x 12" high ).

Made from various thicknesses of high grade ply, while the chrome work is simply good quality aluminum house paint applied over white undercoat to enhance the 'chrome," The sunvisor is made from a strip of real aluminum, and the mesh Stone guard is shaped & soldered from thin brass rod and some black aluminum fly wire. Finish is 3 coats of high gloss lacquer, and the LED lights added afterwards, which run off a battery pack mounted underneath the cabin & between the chassis rails.k200, & b-double 004.jpg

Thread: 1:20 scale Kenworth T908 Tri-drive, Side-Tip Quad Road-train.
17/08/2016 00:26:05

Derek Lane, ( & everyone else ),- The 1:20 scale side-tip Quad Road Train was custom built for a, Queenbyan, New South Wales, Australia, client who is a truckie, ( truck driver ) & loves his wooden model big rigs,- That one was his forth order he got me to build for him.

As to where he keeps them,- I have no idea.

****One 9yr old,- One Big Truck. The biggest wooden model I have made so far was for a little 9 yr old boy who has major sight problems, & wants to become a Truckie like his Grandpa, but cannot due to his disability, therefore with the kind assistance of several Aussie truckies I custom built a 1:15 scale Kenworth T908, hauling a triple Road-train completed with load, tarps, & working LED lights.

It " ONLY " measured, 3.8 metres, ( 12ft ), in length,- Got a heap of pics here so will post them here later, Added a photo of the young lad holding his very own Prime-mover, ( Truck )

Thread: Rogers Big Rig
15/08/2016 02:38:23

John Kinch, ( & everyone else interested ) Here's a photo of the, Aussie Kenworth T908/909 Big Rig Sleeper, which is now available as a woodworking plan,- Dimensions,- 400mm.long x 127mm.wide, ( 16" L x 5" W. )t908 model, & plastruct checherplate 001.jpgsimply message me for more info.

Edited By Roger Jenkins on 15/08/2016 02:39:34

15/08/2016 02:29:06

John Kinch;-( & anyone else interested ) Plan now available to build a 1:20 scale Aussie Kenworth T908/909 Big Rig,- similar to the one in main post photo, but smaller @ 1:20 scale,- Highly detailed actual size plan, includes paper templates, dimensions, instructions, & helpful hints. Plan has two cabin styles, tow sleeper sizes, plus info on how to build a spectacular Tri- drive version too. ** Plan has duel imperial & metric dimensions where practical too.

Standard model dimensions,- 400mm, ( 16" ) long x 127mm. ( 5" ) wide.( will supply photo next post )

*** Only available in paper copy due to size of the Big Rig Woodworking Plan,- message me for more info.

Thread: 1:10 scale series 2 Mack Superliner with van, & LED lights.
14/08/2016 02:45:33

This is a photo of the largest scale wooden model I have built to date,- although next year have an order booked in for a bigger wooden model set to, 1:8 scale, ( 1/8th ) - now that is getting B-I-G !!!1:10 scale Mighty Mack with Van, & Lights.

Thread: 1:20 scale Kenworth T908 Tri-drive, Side-Tip Quad Road-train.
14/08/2016 02:40:49

Fairly common here in Australia, as they are cheaper to operate than building a railway line, plus can go where trains cannot !

A real Side-tip Quad, Road-train, "only," measures 175 ft, ( 53.5 metres ) in length, and hauls a good 120 tons of material / ore, and travels at about 50mph on the open road. They do come longer,- some haul Five, Six, or even Seven trailers!!!

This 1:20 scale model is of a standard Kenworth T908 sleeper, hauling a Quad Side-tip Road-train, ( Called a," Quad," as it has four massive trailers ). and stretches an impressive 2.7 metres, ( 9ft. ) from end to end !! 1:20 scale Side-Tip Quad Road-Train.

Thread: Aussie designed & built wooden model Big Rigs & road-trains.
14/08/2016 02:29:31

Hi everyone,

Here's some photos, ( all in separate posts ), of some of my Aussie wooden model Big Rigs, & classic, Aussie " Monster,' Road-trains I design & custom build to order.

Tegan Foley who is your, Get Woodworking Magazine's Group Editor, is also keenly interested in my work, especially now that I am drawing up the woodworking plans for any woodworker to purchase and have a go at building their very own Aussie Big Rig set to varying scales.

Photo shows a 1:20 scale Kenworth T908, hauling twin trailer Road-train which I recently completed for a local transport company. 1:20 scale Kenworth Twin-trailer Road train

Thread: 1:15 scale wooden model kenworth with working LED lights.
14/08/2016 02:19:52

t908 at night with leds switched on..jpg

Thread: 1:20 scale classic Aussie B-double stock crate model.
14/08/2016 00:36:41

2-b-double stock crate set, etc 002.jpgThese Big rigs are quite common here in Australia outside of the cities as they travel to farms to load livestock then transport the animals up to several hundred miles, or more to the livestock market.

This model is based on a 1988 series 2 Mack Superliner, complete with classic Roobar, long-range fuel tanks & sleeper, hauling a standard B-double twin deck set of stock crates.

** For anyone on this site who would love to have a go at building their very own wooden model of a 1988 Series 2 Mack Superliner, simply contact me as I have the plan here, ( which is my own design )

Thread: Hi from the land downunder, ( Australia )
08/07/2016 23:50:43

Hi Tegan, Thank you kindly for your prompt reply.

Shall work out some editorial content in the next couple of evenings, ( Aust. time ), include a photo or two, and email everything to you, then you can set up the editorial, & include the best photo.

I am also have a group site on Facebook, which has heaps of photos of my wooden model Big Rigs, plus some info about the plans too;- will include that info in the personal email to you, otherwise someone is bound to tell me off for adding the info here.

Thanking you kindly,


08/07/2016 12:52:43

Tegan;- Offer accepted for an editorial section about my New range of Big Rig models.


( 1 ) When is your Magazine's deadline for editorial content ?

( 2 ). To whom do I email the editorial info to ?

( 3 ) What is your circulation per issue ?

** From October of this year I will be running a small color display Ad in The Australian Woodworker magazine,- maybe could do something similar in Your Magazine too after the editorial info has been published.

08/07/2016 12:18:10

Tegan, Although I like your suggestion about having downloadable plans, which I know are all the fashion nowadays, my plans are all drawn Actual Size, onto A3 size paper, and being highly detailed, with paper templates, detailed artwork, materials list, and easy to follow instructions, which on average cover 20 plus A3 pages, to convert these into PDF documents for transmission by email is almost impossible. I have tried converting my plans into PDF documents, but unfortunately by the time everything is scaled down, converted into PDF, then send by email to a buyer, who prints them off,- heaps of artwork, & associated info is lost, or is distorted when downloaded. Personally I would prefer someone to import the plans from me, under Copyright License & reprint them for the UK market.

** If anyone has a subscription with The Australian Woodworker Magazine, there is an editorial about my new range of Big Rig Plans, in the current Aug.2016 issue, Pg. 74, & 75.

Photo added of a 1:20 scale Kenworth Aerodyne, hauling a Custom tri-van trailer, which I recently designed & built for a local client.1:20 scale Kenworth K108 & custom van

Thread: Rogers Big Rig
27/05/2016 03:24:45

John Kinch,- ( & anyone else interested ),Have the 1:20 scale plan almost completed to build a 1988 Series 2 Mack Superliner,- just some final artwork to add, then down to the materials list, & the detailed assembly instructions, It is the first of my New Series titled, " Big Rigs, " which will initially just be , 1:20 scale wooden models, and later, a range of larger, 1:15 scale models too with heaps more detail, plus the option of fitting working LED lights. As each plan is drawn actual size, & with actual size templates, etc., they cannot be transmitted by email as the templates & artwork becomes distorted & out of scale, therefore it is worldwide delivery by Air Mail only at this stage. Simply message me for more info.

** ( If allowed ),- I would love a Distributor/Agent in the UK region, as also have my own range of 50 Toy individual Plans, along with a range of Funny Signs & Witty Expressions woodworking Plans;- If anyone would be interested simply message me and can work out a business arrangement.

***( If allowed ),- Am also on Facebook,- type, " Genuine Australian made wooden model road trains & big Rigs, " onto the searchbar

Thread: Good Woodworking wants your help!
26/05/2016 13:00:52

Would you accept a 1:20 wooden Model Plan to build a 1988 series 2 Mack Superliner for something totally different in your Magazine, as there's bound to be numerous readers who would enjoy having a go at something different to the usual furniture, & cabinet making articles.

Or maybe I supply all the artwork over a series of Magazine articles enabling any of your readers to build a magnificent Wooden Model of an Aussie Road-Train set to, 1:20 scale.

** Used to supply Toy Plans for publication in The Australian Woodworker Magazine for a number of years from 1985 to to about 1997 when the new editor changed the magazine's content.

Just a thought.


Thread: Rogers Big Rig
26/05/2016 11:53:38

Derek,- Thank you kindly for the compliment. That model is over 1.2 metres, ( 4ft. ) in length x 175mm, ( 7" ) wide and set to, 1:15 scale for realism. The owner is a, ( wait for it ),- a Fifty year old, " Kid," who drives a real one of similar shape.

Although I drill all the location holes for the LED lights an Electronics mate of mine does the actual lights & wiring as he knows what he's doing more than me.

For anyone interested, the truck is based on an Australian T908 Kenworth sleeper, hauling a flat-deck tri-axle semi,- also for any woodworker interested, ( & I don't wish to step on anyones' toes here ),- I am in the process of drawing up Woodworking Plans for our Aussie Big Rigs, & Road Trains;- simply ask for more info.

Thread: Hi from the land downunder, ( Australia )
24/05/2016 04:25:07

Hi, Have just joined. Here in Australia I am a wood crafts guy with a good 40 something years experience, and over the years have drawn up my own range of wooden Toy Plans, plus, nowadays specialize in designing & custom building wooden models of our Aussie Big Rigs, & our iconic Road Trains,- which I am now slowing drawing up as Plans for anyone interested.

Question;- As some of these plans are probably suitable for the United Kingdom, & European woodworkers to buy and build their own wooden toys, or wooden model Big Rigs, ( Big Rigs set to, 1:20 scale, & larger ),, has anyone got any useful suggestions for me to contact as per possible importation, &/or published under Copyright License in the UK / European region ?

Over years past I have had editorial info published in The Australian Woodworker Magazine, plus years ago used to supply a few Toy Plans for publication from 1985 up to 1997 when the Australian Woodworker Magazine changed its format.

Roger Jenkins, Wood Crafts, Port Vincent, South Australia.

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