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Thread: Campervan Project
23/03/2020 10:12:08

Hi, thanks for your views regarding the article. I can assure you that the author was NOT paid for the project. I appreciate your views, and if you would like to contact me directly, please email me here:



06/03/2020 10:24:46

Hello all, Jolien Brebels, the author of the article has advised anyone who has a query regarding the diagrams to email her directly. She will then send you the full-size versions, which should then enable you to make the project accurately. Please email her at and she'll be able to assist.

Thank you,


Thread: poor quality paper
09/12/2017 12:35:00

Hi Roy and Ronald, we did answer this question within the letters section of the magazine a few months back, but since then the paper stock has actually improved? We've received feedback from a number of our readers saying that they've really noticed a difference in the weight and quality of it, so I'm sorry if you do not feel the same. As Mark explained in his letter thread, unfortunately as a publishing company we're under a lot of pressure due to rising paper stock prices, but we always try to deliver the best possible quality product to you, the readers.

I hope this helps to answer your questions, and thank you again for posing them - this is something we take very seriously.

Best wishes,

Thread: GWW Index
09/10/2017 08:19:00

Hello John, and thanks for your email. That is a good question and I do not know why there was not one compiled by previous editors, but this is something I have been doing since I started, which I know isn't particularly useful now, but hopefully will be in a few years' time.

Unfortunately I don't have the time to go through every copy of the magazine and catalogue the contents, but if there are any readers out there who may wish to, then please let me know.

In the meantime, if you have a query regarding a specific article you're looking for, then let me know and I will do my best to locate it for you.

Apologies again for this omission, but it's something I'm doing my best to rectify. Thank you for getting in touch and we hope to one day have a full searchable index for readers, as with WW.

Many thanks,
Tegan Foley (Editor, Good Woodworking)

Thread: Garden chairs
09/09/2016 10:34:24

Hi Greg, yes, this project and A2 plans were featured in GW304 - copies are still available. I hope this helps!

Best wishes,

Thread: Nick Gibbs - how is he?
01/08/2016 10:42:39

Hi Mike, Nick did get in touch earlier this year and ask to write a monthly page for the magazine, which he did do for a few months, but then unfortunately he said he wouldn't be able to continue this. I haven't heard from him in a while so I do hope he's OK. The last thing I heard was that he'd applied for a job in his local B&Q.

Best wishes,

Thread: Wood Suppliers
24/07/2016 10:05:57

Hi Jim, thanks for your post. I've had a quick look online and can find a few near you:

Beesley & Fildes Ltd (Chester)

Address: Warrington Rd, Mickle Trafford, Chester CH2 4EB

Phone:01244 300287 -


Hoole Bridge Building Supplies Ltd

Hoole Rd, Chester CH2 3NQ

Phone:01244 350820

Springfields Timber and Building Supplies

Springfield House, Broughton Works, Chester Rd, Bretton, Chester CH4 0DH

Phone:01244 66035


If you do a Google search under 'timber suppliers near Chester' then you should turn up some useful results. Hope this helps!



Edited By Tegan Foley on 24/07/2016 10:06:28

Thread: Good Woodworking wants your help!
10/07/2016 17:08:02

Hi Mike, thanks for your response and I'm very sad to hear you're on the verge of cancelling your subscription - I guess this is a case in point of not being able to please everyone, sadly. I am very lucky to still have Andy and Phil working on the magazine and at least this is something you do still like. I am actually in the process of bringing in two new series of beginners' articles looking at the basics, so I hope this helps a little.

I agree that Fine Woodworking is indeed a great magazine, but the big difference between ours and theirs, unfortunately - and this is what it always comes down to - is budget. They have a FAR bigger editorial budget than I do, and of course this means that they can afford to go out there and seek out the best authors and commission great series. I am working to an extremely limited budget and am trying to do the very best I can with the very small pot I have available. I am lucky to have great authors such as John Bullar writing for me, but these don't come cheaply. It is all about compromise, juggling, using free content where available and hoping that you're doing an OK job to keep the majority happy. It is sad to hear that I am not succeeding in that, but I'm not really sure what else I can do? As far as drawings are concerned - again, getting technical drawings re-drawn is very expensive, so I have to make do with the skills of (on my opinion) my incredibly talented designer.

Going back to money, I solely edit the magazine. I have authors who write for me, but everything else is done entirely by me. I do not have the luxury of assistants or interns, etc. Therefore I do not always have the time to re-write every press release and spend hours on the news pages, but I try my best. I have taken your views on board and will concentrate more on giving an impartial view when featuring press releases.

Once again, thanks for your views - I'll try hard to implement your suggestions where possible.


Thread: Wanted
08/07/2016 17:01:28

From a quick look, they all seem to be pewter. There's lots of outlets for them - I hope that helps, Gerald.

Thread: Hi from the land downunder, ( Australia )
08/07/2016 13:09:39

Hi Roger, in answer to your questions:

1. You have just missed the September issue, but if you could send in the next week or two then I will get this into both of our October issues. I can also place a press release on the website for you at any time

2. Please email to me:

3. Our circulation on both magazines is 16,000 each

I hope that helps. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

08/07/2016 12:21:55

Hi Roger, ah, I see. Your plans sound very involved and therefore not suitable for downloading, as you mention.

I'm not personally very knowledgeable when it comes to the importing of plans, but I'm sure it's possible.

I would be very happy to run a similar editorial piece about your new range if you're able to email me some text and images?

Amazing work and I'd love to give you some help in raising awareness over here.

Do let me know.



Thread: Good Woodworking wants your help!
08/07/2016 10:17:40

Hi Eric, I am trying to introduce new series' looking at more simpler woodworking, made using basic tools, so I hope this will help.

And John, I have forwarded your comments on to Andy King and we will look at doing tool comparison round-ups and hopefully bring these in fairly soon.

Many thanks for your comments.

Best wishes,

08/07/2016 10:10:25

Hi Gerald, many thanks for your feedback and your thoughts and views are very much appreciated.

The point you raise is a very valid one and something I will definitely pass on to my authors. Give me a month or so to implement these changes, but it's very doable.

Once again, thank you for your kind comments regarding the magazine - we do our best to make it approachable to all, but we can't make it better without your input, so thank you!

If you have any other suggestions for me, please email directly:

Best wishes,


Thread: Wanted
08/07/2016 10:07:48

Hi Gerald, I found some pewter ones here:

And some brass and ceramic ones here:

And some more here:

I hope that helps.

best wishes,


Thread: Hi from the land downunder, ( Australia )
08/07/2016 10:05:26

Hi Roger, thanks for your post. As John says, a website would be a great way of getting your name and your work out there.

We've recently run a few articles in The Woodworker magazine documenting the build of a Mercedes truck and a motorbike rocker, both of which were made using downloadable plans.

I'm not sure what to suggest re selling your plans over here, but I think the downloadable web option would probably be the easiest and most straightforward.

I think there's definitely a market for this in the UK and Europe so definitely an avenue worth exploring, and judging by your avatar (which I assume is one of your truck builds?) your work looks absolutely stunning!

Feel free to email me directly ( if I can be of any more assistance.

Best wishes,

Tegan (Group Editor, Good Woodworking and The Woodworker magazines)

Thread: Good woodworking ukelele
08/06/2016 10:07:17

Hi Adrian, as Derek rightly says, part 1 is in GW303, part 2 in GW305 and the final part, part 3 will be in GW307, which is on sale 24 June.

I hope you've enjoyed the series - do send us a photo of your finished ukulele when it's done

Best wishes


Thread: Wrong price printed for CompacTool set in issue 299
09/11/2015 10:31:24

Hi all, I just wanted to let you know, in case some of you haven't already realised, that unfortunately the incorrect price was printed for The ToolPost's CompacTool set, which was tested by Andy King in issue 299.

This was my error and I can only apologise. The correct price should be £120 for the set. An erratum will also be going in issue 300.

Apologies again and thank you!


Edited By Tegan Foley on 09/11/2015 10:31:36

Thread: Michaels Musings
06/11/2015 09:55:21

Hi Chris, please see below response from Michael Huntley, posted by me on his behalf!

Hello Chris, I am sorry that I wasn't clear enough in my comments. I called it "stabbing" because I don't agree with what appeared to be a random uncontrolled paring, even though it was undertaken by a skilled craftsman. My point is that a skilled, experienced man can use tools in a way that an inexperienced beginner cannot. It may be to do with muscle memory. Paring must be controlled to be accurate and safe. Fast paring at stabbing speed is correct for a chap with 20 years experience but is dangerous and inaccurate for a learner. I clean laps by chisel paring and then with a shoulder plane. Guide paring blocks also help. Thanks for your comments, I'll try and be more precise in future but that may make the "Musing" more wordy!


Thread: A message from Get Woodworking
03/11/2015 11:36:21

Hi Mike, I very much agree about your comments concerning advising authors, and this is something I will be doing, and have been doing, since I took over from Andrea. After all, having the contributors on our side is incredibly important to the magazine, and therefore essential - in my opinion at least!

Well, you've hit the nail on the head regarding budgets and yes, they are, unfortunately, ever dwindling. There are so many incredibly talented authors and woodworkers out there who I would love to approach but unfortunately there's no way we could afford them... so yes, thinking creatively and outside the box is an absolute must.

Yes, GMC killed off that mag quite a while ago. I think they're trying to appeal to a different audience now - perhaps the green woodworker - but the jury's out as to whether this will be a success. Good luck to them, I say; no doubt they are suffering similar problems to us.

Well, I plan to be here for as long as I can, and my aim is to grow and develop the magazine to the very best of my ability. The contributing editors on the magazine are amazingly helpful and supportive and we make a great team, and for that I am very grateful!

Fingers crossed we see a change soon; I have everything crossed!

02/11/2015 15:11:13

Hi Mike, this is Tegan - I'm the new Group Editor on Good Woodworking and The Woodworker. I've just seen your forum post in relation to my post asking people to write for the magazine.

Firstly, I'm sorry to hear your drawings were altered therefore rendering the article incorrect. I do understand your frustration. Since I've started, I've introduced a process of sending all authors PDFs of their articles prior to publication. This will hopefully rule out the majority of errors creeping in, especially the more important technical and numerical ones.

Secondly, I'm sorry your article was used again without your permission.
I will make sure none of yours are used again, or at least not without prior permission being sought and a reuse fee offered.

As you rightly say in your post, times are hard for print publishing and unfortunately, I have a very, very small budget to work with. I'm constantly trying to look at ways to add value for the reader at the same time as producing a good a magazine as possible, but it's incredibly difficult. In an ideal world, all content would be brand-new and we wouldn't have to rely so heavily on archive material, but it's a constant struggle. It's not a case of saving money; it's a case of the money not being there and having to think of ways to use the budget in the most creative way possible.

I have had readers complaining about content being re-used and I agree that it does devalue the magazine to a certain extent. I will do my best to make sure archive material is kept to a minimum and will look at ways in which I can try and source new content while staying within the constraints of the budget.

I do appreciate your feedback and apologies again for the frustrations you have. I hope I have addressed your concerns and will do my best to try and improve the magazine as much as I possibly can.

Best wishes,

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