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Thread: let it snow
28/01/2015 08:33:15


I have finished making a wooden taboggan from Beech for my son and have been waiting for some stainless steel runners that a friend is making me for the bottom.

Can someone advise me what finish i should use to protect it from the weather and possibly a bit of falling off! I would like to keep the natural wood look and colour as much as possible so I would not want to stain it too much. I was thinking of some sort of wax but wasnt sure if this would just wear off quite quickly.

any advice would be much appreciated.... i think we may get some snow this weekend!

(ps when all is finished i will post some photos)

Thread: ideas for Increasing size of my table saw bed.
10/07/2014 17:34:05


I would like to increase the use of my tablesaw (pictures below).

I have some left over MDF sheets 15 18mm which i would like to use to increase the size of the bed to make things a bit easier for cutting and a bit sturdier.

I have seen various homemade tablesaws on the internet that utilise an old circular saw, which i like the idea of, however, i don't have one and would like to use what i have in the garage.

I was thinking of either dismantling the table saw and fixing the motor and blade onto some mdf and fixing somehow.


recessing a rectangle in the underside of the mdf for the old bed to fit in.

However, i don't want to loose much cutting depth and i would really like to be able to adjust the height of the blade if possible.

Also can a slightly bigger diameter blade be put in instead of what is there (not sure of dimensions, i'm not near the garage)

Can anyone offer any thoughts / ideas / to do's / not to do's

Thank you, Mark


Thread: MDF Wardrobe advice needed please
30/04/2014 11:28:55


I have been building a built in cupboard in our bedroom, which is to be done for as cheep as possible.

I have built the framework out of 1-1/2 square and am going to buy the fronts and doors this weekend.

The woodyard man advised me to use 18mm thick MDF for the fronts and the doors.

Not sure if this seems a bit thick and would be a bit heavy for the doors (biggest being 6'x2'. The OH wants plain wardrobes, ie no framing around.

Can you advise me if 18mm MDF will be ok as stated above or if it could be made with thinner pieces?

Thanks for any responses.

Thread: Small bowl/plater
20/01/2014 15:51:25

Beautiful! - always amazes me what nature can provide, but it takes a good craftsman to show it.

Thread: Cascamite alternative
20/01/2014 12:45:18


I am currently in the process of making a traditional taboggan for my lad, hopefully before it snows.

It has been suggested to me to use cascamite to glue the strips together for the runners.

can anyone suggest another glue (long cure time) that i can possibly get from B&Q? - i have a voucher that i need to use up.

Thread: Sourcing Oak
16/01/2014 16:29:23

In Hull there are 2 companies you can use;

Arnold Laver



Both deal in about a dozen hardwoods, i find burnetts a reasonable price. Hope this helps


Thread: Traditional Taboggan
14/01/2014 08:05:25

Thanks Derek,

I'll have a look at Axminster and Tuffsaws - I have actually just put a new blade on which is from Record Power, so I hope that one is up to the job. I have tried cutting some strips on a 2 foot length of 1 inch softwood and took measurements all the way down and they were all the same. I'm just building the courage up to use the 1.5 inch beech that i got last week - I don't want to ruin it, it costs too much!

A couple of you mentioned to use cascamite for gluing the strips together, does anyone know if you can get this or something similar from B&Q as i have a £10 Christmas voucher that I could use??

Thanks again

13/01/2014 16:26:48

Thanks again for the replys,

Once my garage is tidy again i am looking at making the taboggan, hopefully before it snows!

I have the beech bought and the stainless steel runners are being made for me.

I am going to cut the 3mm strips on my bandsaw (BS250 record power, with new blade) fingers crossed that the blade doesn't try and go its own way - any tips on that one would be useful!!

Thanks again for any advice


Thread: lathe not turning "round"
13/01/2014 16:18:54

Thank you for replying to this problem. My garage at the moment is going through one of those annual tidy up so not using the lathe at the moment. When i am back up and running i will have a try at some of the suggestions and if the problem still occurs i will try taking some photos to explain what is happening.


09/12/2013 12:22:02

Hello, I'm after a bit of help.

I have been wood turning on and off for about 2 years with about a dozen pieces that i am happy with. I was just getting a bit 'confident' with my work when my lathe stopped turning round.

I was turning a 7" sycamore bowl blank and noticed that when i tried getting the blank from a rough cut to a "round" blank it appeared to be oval. what i mean by this is that as i put the tool against the wood to cut it it gets constant contact with the wood, however when i put the tool next the the blank and turn the lathe by hand i notice that it will touch on 2 points but upto 5mm gap on the rest of the blank.

I am using a Record Power DML24 and up and till now with smaller pieces of wood have had no problems, there is no "obvious" movement other than a bit of vibration.

Has anyone come accross this before as i would be very greatful for a solution, thank you in advance.


Thread: Traditional Taboggan
21/10/2013 08:05:56

Thank you for the replys everyone, really appreciate it. I will take some photo's of progress and i think i will go with the laminate strips glued together,

Just another quick question to you all regarding gluing the strips together - How thick would you cut the strips? i was thinking around about 5mm and will these need anything doing to them to help them bend?

Thanks for your time again.

18/10/2013 09:27:15

Hello Everyone,

I have just joined your forum after looking at a few posts and finding the answers very useful.

I am looking at making a traditional taboggan for my 3 year old. One a bit like the picture below:

The Davos Toboggan

I don't think i'll have a problem with the main frame. However, I do have a couple of issues;

1, what wood to use, I was thinking of something like ash or beech or white oak, however cost is a bit of an issue but if i need to spend to get the job write i will, if softwood could be used and withstand the outdoors then that would obviously be better for the pocket.

2, how to make the runners. the 2 ways that i have seen are bending the wood with a steamer (which i don't have) or gluing thin strips together around a former.

could anyone advise on what wood they would suggest and which bending method to use please? if it is gluing strips what glue would you use, wood this seperate in change of temperatures, delaminate and what way would you cut the wood into strips so that they will bend ok and not crack etc.

Thank you very much in advance for any replys.


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