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Thread: Subscribing
19/08/2015 10:03:17

Hi Roger,

There are three types of magazine subscription available. All of which will give you access to the online archive on this site including back issues for the duration of your subscription only, a digital subscription will give you the additional benefit of being able to download and keep the magazine for offline reading but only for copies from the start of your subscription.

Here is a LINK to the Subscriptions FAQs page which should answer your question in more detail. Hope this helps.


Thread: Another Home Casting
07/08/2015 21:37:00

Look forward to seeing the pens Derek, I can see that playing with resin has given you a new focus, it’s good to explore the potential of different materials hey.

03/08/2015 18:22:46

Your casting is coming on a treat Derek, the mica looks interesting and seems to flow through the resin nicely, did you add the powder with little or no mixing and are you using a different resin it looks more clear and glass like?

Thread: Lazy Kate x 2 sort of
01/08/2015 18:17:17

That’ a fine solution you have come up with Ray, it can’t be easy getting hold of English Oak over your way, can it?

Thread: teak bowl and trinket box.
01/08/2015 18:12:28

Great work as always Dennis, I particularly like the bowl, the slightly uneven square sets it off nicely, is that naturally worn?

Thread: Bit of a carve up
01/08/2015 18:00:19

“Bit of a carve up” not at all Brian. The two carvings are worlds apart though, you’ve done a fine job with the line drawing presumably you used a pyrography tool?

The second carving, nice shape and the contrast of the outside and the tooled markings on the inside work well, keep going I say.


Thread: yew candle holder
30/07/2015 22:00:28

What a treat Dennis to be working a wood with so much history, the stem flows nicely with the curves of the glass and the figure on the inside of the box is particularly striking.

What finish did you use to compliment the natural oils of the Teak

Thread: Band saw re-tyre
25/07/2015 00:05:02

30 odd years of teaching, but you look so young in your profile picture, I'm coming up to 19 years of teaching and still love every day of it.

Thread: yew candle holder
24/07/2015 23:29:16

Dennis you have worked with the grain beautifully, that's a nice looking candle holder. Just one thing that doesn't work for me is the glass, but that's only my opinion and I understand that it is a traditional form of candle holding.


Thread: Band saw re-tyre
24/07/2015 21:21:21

Julian, The Startrite is a great machine and by far the better of the two, it's about 30 years old I think, with many more to go, but I look after these as part of my job, which is instructor technician in an art dept. of an FE college so It's fair to say the machines get a fair amount of use / abuse. it's done well and still going strong.

Thread: John Boddy Timber
24/07/2015 20:39:37

Not sure of a supplier to match Boddys Brian. I tend to use what I have in stock or whatever I can lay my hands on lately.

Also I’m on the South coast, so not sure what’s available in your area, I use two suppliers mainly.

Timberline in Tonbridge, Sussex are very good, with a good supply of hardwoods, sawn and planed, they are very helpful and knowledgeable but used to specialize mainly in blanks for turning along with associated tools and tooling. I think they have moved on lot so worth checking out.

W L West in Petworth, Sussex are great for locally sourced timber in particular but can supply exotic hardwoods, blanks etc. A friendly and helpful family business of long standing, est 1865.

I’m sure there are many more but most importantly they all need supporting.


24/07/2015 10:29:13

Well It's bad news I'm afraid. It seems that Associated Timber Services went into liquidation soon after acquiring John Boddy who were also in trouble.

Here's a LINK to the news report.

Thread: Hot Shed
22/07/2015 23:14:01

You have it all worked out then Derek, I do much the same but forget the important bit, a leisurely lunch followed by a nap!! Oh and I'm not so good at an early start!

22/07/2015 22:07:25

Here’s the no cost solution Derek. Just imagine that you are somewhere really hot and do what the locals would do. Start pretty early, 6am would be early enough, work until lunchtime remembering to have a cup of tea or two in between, take a leisurely lunch followed by a nap (siesta) and get back into the shed about 4ish for a few hours. You’ve done a full day.

Ryan, it sounds a though you have a good set up coming together, it’s good to hear. I haven’t tried the Airshield pro, the reviews are excellent, must put one on my wish list. Your right as woodworkers we need to protect ourselves from all wood dust and take care of our health.


Thread: Band saw re-tyre
21/07/2015 16:15:12

I recently had to re-tyre two band saws, something I had not done before and a job I have been putting off for a while now, not being sure how to go about it, but it all went smoothly, so thought I would share my findings.

The first I tackled back in April which was a MiniMax S45, the tyres on both wheels had started to crack, they were polyurethane. I couldn’t find a supplier for new tyres and after a lot of telephone calls the best suggestion was to buy new wheels at great expense, I wasn’t going down that route as the wheels were perfectly good. I found Rubberised cork which is made for the job so thought I’d give it a go.

It was pretty straightforward, the band wheels slipped off easily and the old tyres came away with a scraper, no problem, any adhesive residue I removed with acetone. The rubberised cork had to be measured and cut with precision, to include a mitred join, this was stuck onto the wheels with a heat resistant contact adhesive.

The saw runs better than ever and after fairly constant use the new tyres are still as good as new.

The second band saw I fixed this week, a different problem, this time it’s a Startrite 18-S-5 and the rubber tyres were still intact with a good thickness remaining but the blade after many years of use had worn a groove on all three tyres, which meant I could no longer track the blade. I wasn’t sure which way to go with this one as the tyres just needed re-dressing not re-placing. My solution was to mount the wheels onto a lathe using a four jawed chuck, and sanding back to shape, it worked perfectly as the wheels were spinning whilst sanding they stayed true.

Hopefully this helps anyone thinking of tackling what at first seemed like a daunting job.


Thread: Managed to do some more
17/07/2015 23:48:35

Crikey Derek you’ve been busy lately, is this because you’re work is selling so well you are having to keep up with demand, as well as having a bit of fun in the shed?

Nice work as always and what a lovely piece of Walnut you had lurking in your wood pile.

Thread: Sharpening system
17/07/2015 23:37:35

I’m not familiar with this sharpening system either. Any particular reason for your interest in this one Stephen? They still seem to be made and presumably sold, so people are using them, I would also be interested in any views on this.

For me freehand sharpening still works the best. Yes it takes practice and time to learn but so satisfying when you work out the technique.

Regardless of which way you go with sharpening, your tools must be re-ground occasionally to maintain the correct angle for sharpening!!

Thread: Oak Bowl
03/07/2015 20:03:12

I like it Derek, it's a pleasing form and the sanding sealer finish works nicely with the Oak.

Thread: my latest fun
03/07/2015 19:56:54

Nice boxes Robbie the contrasts work nicely, but I am particularly taken by your vase, it's so narrow for the height did you hollow out in sections?

Thread: What forms of woodwork
03/07/2015 19:50:33

I struggle with woodcarving Brian, have tried a few times but I think that the more structured approach to woodworking suits me better.

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