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UK Order Line: 0344 243 9023

US Toll Free: 001-866-647-9191

Our lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday 9:30am to 3:30pm GMT. UK calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge. Overseas calls will cost more.


To write to us please write to your magazine name and then My Time Media Ltd 3 Queensbridge, The Lakes, Northampton, NN4 7BF, stating your full name, address (including post code), and your query. If possible please include your subscription number.


Please use the correct email address for your magazine as listed below:
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Back Issues

If you have a question about a magazine back issues or binders please visit or call 01795 662976.

Digital Subscription Downloads

If you have a technical issue accessing or downloading your digital subscription please email with your subscription details. Please see below for further information regarding digital subscriptions.

Subscriber Benefit Queries

The Online Archive

Q: What is the Online Archive?
A: The Online Archive is an electronic archive containing back issues of your magazine. These are available to view online as part of the Print + Digital and Digital Subscription packages. These issues are not downloadable and are only available for the duration of your subscription. 

Q: Who is entitled to access the Online Archive?
A: The Online Archive is available to all Digital and Print + Digital Subscribers that have signed up directly via our website ( Access to this archive is only available with subscriptions purchased directly via ourselves because we require a subscription number in order to automatically enable your access. If you purchase from a third party seller (e.g. PocketMags, Apple, Google Play, Amazon) you will not have the required subscription number and so will not be able to access the archive. 

Q: How can I access the Online Archive?
A: To access the Online Archive please follow the steps in your digital access confirmation email. If you have not received this email please go to you magazine community site homepage and add ‘/archive’ to the end of the web address for instructions.

Q: I am a Digital / Print + Digital Subscriber but I cannot access the Online Archive, help!
A: The first thing to check in this instance is that all of your details on the community site match those that you subscribed with. You need to use the same email address, and all of the same name/address details. You can alter your details in the My Details area of the community site. If your access still won’t work please email us at the address above stating your name, the subscriber number and the problem.

Q: The design of the community site has changed and I cannot find the Online Archive anymore!
A: To access this, please click on the Log-in link in the top left hand corner of the page. If you haven’t created an account yet please do this. Once you have logged in the links in the top left will change from ‘Register / Log-in’ to read ‘My Magazine / Logout’. Click on ‘My Magazine’ (this will be different depending on what magazine site you are on) which will bring up a screen with a number of links (e.g. My Details, My Profile, etc). Near the bottom of the list there is an option called ‘Online Archive’ – click this link and on the next page click the title of your magazine. This will bring up the library of issues available, click on the issue that you want and read away! Please note that for some sites, when you log in a ribbon will appear across the page with a link to ‘magazines’ – click this link to access your Archive.

Free Gifts

Q: I haven’t received the gift that was part of my subscription offer, what should I do?
A: We try to get all gifts sent out promptly but sometimes there are delays with our suppliers. For this reason, please allow 28 days after the offer closure before enquiring about a gift. If you have not received your gift after this time please call us on the number above (or email us) quoting your subscription number (this can be found on your acknowledgement letter/email or on the plastic wrapping that your magazine comes in every month) and the gift that you have not received. If you cannot find your subscription number then please provide your full postal address.

Q: I do not live in the UK, why can’t I have a free gift?
A: Unfortunately because there is so much variation between costs of postage to different parts of the world, alongside varying costs for gifts of different weights, it is not possible for us to send gifts overseas (although we may occasionally run Overseas specific campaigns – keep an eye out for these!). In our experience we have also found that delivery of overseas gifts is unreliable. Please note that due to restrictions on our systems (we can only hold one address for a magazine recipient) we are also not able to despatch your gift to a UK address.

Print Subscription Queries

Q: I have not received an issue of my magazine, what should I do?
A: UK Magazine copies should be delivered around the on sale date. Overseas deliveries may take up to two weeks from the on sale date. If your issue hasn’t arrived after this time please contact us using the details above, quoting your full address and the issue that you have missed.

Q: I am not sure how many issues of my magazine remain on my subscription, how can I check?
A: Please contact us using the details above and we will confirm how many issues you have remaining.

Digital Subscription Queries MyTime Media Digital Subscriptions

Q: I am interested in your digital subscription offer, but I’m not too sure if the issues are compatible with my device…
A: Our digital downloads are currently compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire devices. We have historically offered access to read offline with a PC as well, however due to Microsoft updates, regretfully, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to read magazines through this channel. It is possible however to access all of your subscription issues through the Online Archive; you simply need to be connected to the internet to do this. If for any reason your digital subscription does not work on your device or computer please contact us using the details above.

Q: I don’t have an iPad/iPhone/Kindle Fire or Android device, is there any way that I can subscribe and download your magazines to read offline?
A: Currently our magazine apps are only compatible with these devices, it is however possible to buy a single issue or a subscription to our digital magazines via (the online shop that belongs to our app developer) and access these on other devices such as Windows or Blackberry devices. You can see which devices that your magazine is available on by visiting and finding your magazine, then check the icons underneath the magazine image (for example Apple iOS, Android, Amazon, Online, Playbook, Windows 8). Please note that you cannot sign up for a Print + Digital Subscription through this site (if you wish to have a print subscription as well as this digital access you will need to take out a Print Subscription directly through us).

Q: I have bought a Digital Subscription, how can I start downloading the issues onto my mobile device?
A: To start downloading issues you will need to follow the instructions appropriate for your device. To view the instructions please select your magazine through through this link.

Q: I am trying to register on an Android/Kindle Fire and the instructions say I have to register with a website called Pocket Mags – why do I need to do this?
A: To ensure that you receive the best possible digital experience we have outsourced the production of our digital download apps to a web developer called Magazine Cloner. The website Pocket Mags is Magazine Cloner’s online shop, where it is possible to purchase our magazines (although if you purchase them through this site you do not receive the same benefits that you get by coming direct to us, such as the Online Archive). Issues bought through this site can also only be read through the ‘Pocket Mags’ app rather than through our Magazine app. Because of the way that Android and Kindle Fire apps are set up, you need to set up a free account on the Pocket Mags website, and link this up with your device so that Magazine Cloner can verify your details against the subscription details that we have for you on our systems (and activate your subscription!).

Q: I have bought a subscription through yourselves and registered for a free Pocket Mags account in order to activate my Subscription. Whilst logged in I noticed that I can read my magazine on my computer through a Microsoft Silverlight reader or a Flash reader. Why haven’t you told me about this before, and what are these?
A: We do not actively promote this method of reading your magazine to avoid confusion with our Online Archive, which is quite similar but is accessed via our community website. These Online readers also require for you to be connected to the internet to read your magazine. The difference between these readers and the Online Archive is that the Online Archive provides access to historic issues of your magazine, as well as the new issues of your subscription whereas these online readers will only allow you to read your digital subscription issues. These readers will however allow you to still read your subscription issues even if your subscription expires, whereas the Online Archive only allows you access whilst you have a valid subscription.

Q: I have just heard about your new digital downloads and I really want to check them out but I can’t seem to get access…
A: This may be because you signed up to our historic ‘Complete Package’ subscription (which gave you free access to the Online Archive). Unfortunately you are not entitled to access the new digital downloads – these downloads can be accessed by upgrading to the Print + Digital Subscription which includes print editions, the digital downloads and access to the Online Archive for the duration of your subscription. If you would like to upgrade please call our Customer Service Team on the number above.

Q: I’m definitely not a Complete Package Subscriber (I have a Digital Subscription, or I have just upgraded to the Print + Digital Subscription) and I still can’t access the downloads…
A: We are sorry to hear that your access isn’t working! If you are definitely a Digital Subscriber, or you have upgraded to our Print + Digital Subscription and you are still having issues accessing the downloads please email and they will help to sort this out for you. If you are having trouble accessing the Online Archive after upgrading please contact us using the details above.

Q: I am a UK Print + Digital Subscriber and usually receive my paper copy around the time that the magazine appears in the shops. When can I expect to be able to download my digital edition?
A: Historically our Digital editions have become available on or just before the magazine goes on sale in the shops. We are now making our digital editions available sooner, with them becoming available on the same day that Print editions are due to arrive with Subscribers (if not before!). If you would like to be notified when your digital edition is available simply agree to receive ‘push notifications’ from our app.

Q: What if I want to upgrade from my current subscription to a Print + Digital Subscription so that I can start to download issues of my magazine to keep and access the Online Archive?
A: No problem! Please contact us using the detail above and we will organise your upgrade.

Q: My app keeps on crashing whilst I’m reading it!
A: We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the app. If the app is repeatedly crashing please try a hard reset. This will help things if the issue is memory related. Once the device reloads please re-launch the app; the issue performance should have improved. If not, please email and advise which magazine and issue that you are having trouble with, and whether the performance problems are consistently happening on the same page(s).

Q: My issues keep displaying pages saying “Pocketmags loading or black pages” and won’t load properly.
A: Black pages often indicates a faulty download or, occasionally, that you could be running low on capacity on your device. You will need to delete and re-download the issue, however please also consider freeing up some space if this could be an issue; sometimes Apple devices will auto-delete to create room. To delete an issue go to your library (the second tab at the top of the app homepage) and click the red cross next to the issue in question, then download again.

Q: I have registered for a Pocket Mags Account and logged into this on my second device, but although it says that I am logged in, the button is still showing a price rather than saying I can download it.
A: Sometimes the page just needs to be refreshed, to do this select the restore purchases option. Wait a few minutes for this change to occur. If this doesn’t fix it then please email with your subscription number, registered email address and a description of the problem.

Q: I have noticed that your Digital Subscription prices are higher than they used to be, why is this?
A: Our historic Digital Subscription pricing was based on the fact that the magazine issues were only available to view for the term of the subscription; they could not be downloaded and kept. With our new model, not only can you download and keep all of the issues in your subscription, you will also have access to the Online Archive, which contains a range of back issues. Our pricing also reflects the quality of the content of our magazines, and the skills and knowledge of the editorial and design teams that ensure that you get your magazine regularly. We hope you enjoy reading your magazine in this great new format!

External Digital Subscription Queries (Apple, Google, Amazon)

Q: I bought my subscription through the app on my mobile device. Do I get any subscriber benefits?
A: Unfortunately as all of our subscriber benefits are driven by your MyTime Media Subscriber Number we are not able to provide any benefits to Apple/Google/Amazon subscribers. If you would like to switch to subscribe directly through us you will need to cancel your subscription with your app store provider and contact our customer services using the details above. Alternatively you can subscribe online through the Subscribe section on of the community website (you can access this by adding ‘/subscribe’ to the website URL).

Q: I have subscribed through Apple but don’t want to continue this subscription as I would like access to the Online Archive. How do I cancel my subscription with Apple?
A: You will need to contact Apple for advice regarding refunds, however we do recommend that you turn off auto-renewals to ensure that your subscription is not accidentally renewed. You can find advice on how to do this on the Apple website.

Q: I just want to buy one back issue of the magazine rather than a subscription, how can I do that?
A: You can buy digital back issues in the Apple, Android and Kindle App Stores. Simply go to the App Store and download the free magazine app, you can then purchase issues within this App. You can also purchase single issues via