You can upload images of any width and height to the gallery. However file sizes above 250 kb may be slow to upload particularly if you are uploading multiple images.  A maximum image size for any individual image must be under 1Mb

If you would like to resize your images, and it can be done with the newer versions of 'Paint' if you have a Windows computer.  A good solution is to resize them to a width of 1024 pixels, leaving the height of the image to sort iself out automatically.  If you don't already have any image editing software on your computer, such as Photoshop or iPhoto, you can use the following free software downloads to change the size of your images:

PIXresizer is a free download for PC's that can be found here.
Google Picasa is a free download for both PC's and Mac's that can be found here.

Both of these free software downloads will allow you to resize your images ready for uploading to the GetWoodworking gallery.

To make an album and add photos to it Click on the “albums link” at the top of page, you will need to be logged in. This will open a new page.

Now click on "Create A Photo Album" This will take you to the option to name your album and add a description if you wish. Then click on “Create Album”

This opens an additional window that will allow you to browse your computer for the picture you wish to insert. Please note only pictures in jpeg (.jpg) format can be uploaded.Repeat for any other photos you might wish to upload.

When you have prepared the pictures for transfer press “Upload Photos”

If the photos are large files this can take a while.....please be patient.

To add photos or pictures to your post.

In the thread where you want to put the photo, click the camera shaped button.

This brings up a list of your albums. If you click one, you should see a list of photos appear in the next column. Click one of those and a thumbnail of it should appear in the right hand column.

Once you've chosen the correct photo, click OK and you are done.

One other thing that would help, please put multiple photos one above the other with a space in between.

(Please note:  If you place a picture(s) in a post on the forum, don't delete the album at a later date as that will remove it from the post as well, as the two are linked.  Sometimes that causes problems)