Oakfolk Products

Investing in a Trotec Laser has enabled Yorkshire based joinery manufacturers S. Taylor & Son Ltd. to extend its business and launch sister company The Oak Folk.

A family run business, S. Taylor & Son Ltd. has supplied quality joinery items to consumers and trade customers since 1850. Although they have a selection of CNC engraving machines at their disposal, the addition of a Trotec Speedy 400 Laser engraver has enabled a greater level of detail when engraving wooden items; such as directional signs for county councils and national parks.

The laser has also opened up new business opportunities, with sister company The Oak Folk being founded as a result.

Jake Taylor and the Trotec 400

Jake Taylor, CNC and laser operative for S. Taylor & Son Ltd., said: "Our Trotec Laser has really enhanced our engraving capabilities. The accuracy of the laser allows us to engrave with much more detail than we have previously been able to”.

"We use our CNC machines to cut thicker materials, we then engrave them with our laser engraver. We have also diversified into other areas and set up The Oak Folk to create and sell kitchen accessories, such as chopping boards and wine holders, made with the offcuts from our core business."

Jake said: "Our Speedy Laser has allowed us to expand our range beyond just timber products. We now have the capacity to create even more personalised items and expand our range to include materials such as slate. Our popular slate coasters could not be created without the engraving capabilities of the Speedy Laser”.

"We also now offer a unique personalisation process, adding customer specific details to our products." Alongside the processing capabilities and flexibility of the Speedy 400, Jake gives special mention to the quality of the after-sales support they received.

He said: "The after sales support we received from Trotec and our area manager has been fantastic. Once the machine was installed they spent a full day with us providing training on the laser and software to make sure we were able to hit the ground running.

"When we needed additional help using the laser software, our area manager held a remote screen-sharing session with us, guiding us through a number of functions such as resizing our graphics for production. We can't fault the support we have received from Trotec."

The Speedy 400 is a flatbed laser with a bed size of 1000mm x 610mm, high-speed processing up to 3.55m/sec and a superior product build for dust protection; making it a versatile option for processing materials where lots of debris is produced. Available with a pass-through option for processing larger format materials, the Speedy 400 is capable of cutting and engraving many different substrates.

To find out more about Trotec laser machines, visit the Trotec Website