BriMarc Veritas Micro-Adjust Wheel Marking Gauge

The Veritas micro-adjustable wheel marking gauge draws on over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality and highly functional tools.

The stainless steel rod features a built-in adjustment mechanism. After setting the approximate projection, you can fine-tune the position of the cutter within a range of just over 6mm. A fine-pitch internal thread allows slow, careful adjustment for a very precise setting. Locking knobs keep the setting from shifting in use.

The offset placement of the rod through the brass faced aluminium body ensures a large reference surface and square registration on the stock. It also prevents the gauge rolling off your bench.

The hardened steel wheel cutter scribes perfectly at any point of its circumference, cutting neat marks even on cross grain. The wheel's single-sided bevel also pulls the gauge face against the stock, helping to maintain accuracy. Its cutting edge is at the extreme end of the rod, allowing you to use the gauge for transferring dimensions such as tenon shoulder and mortice depth.

When not in use the cutter retracts into a countersunk hollow in the gauge face for protection.

See the Brimarc Website for more information and pricing.